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A Certain Kingdom of Light
« on: March 25, 2010, 12:12:35 am »

Long ago, the worlds were simply one, showered with warmth brought about by the great light...

People, wanting reprieve from their sorrows, gravely sought after it's presence, eventually becoming a part of the light itself...

Some of them, however, asked for more than what the light could rightfully give them...

Embittered, they turned themselves away from the light, opening their hearts to darkness...

In an act of vengeance, they struck down the inhabitants of light...

The world descended into darkness, almost everyone lost their way...

But one last sliver of hope did remain, deep within the hearts of those who believed fervently in the light...

Countless battles were waged between light and dark, the light slowly pushing the darkness back...

The light proved victorious, but at such a great cost...

The world was shattered far beyond mending, the darkness unable to be truly vanquished...

Gathering what remained, they sought refuge in many places, rebuilding the fallen world.

These new worlds, however, were no longer united, distanced from each other by walls of guardian light...

Because the great light was still buried deep within the belly of darkness...

-Records of King Hudor, Royal Archives, Grand Library of Acropolis, Acropolis, Europa

I've been experiencing conflicting thoughts recently...

Is this a nightmare?

Or just another dream?

I enter this world, this ocean, descending into darkness...

Oddly, I never seem to drown, nor am I hindered by any burden...

Eventually, I make my way deeper and deeper into the abyss...


Light from below, it shines with a faint mark...

As I reach closer and closer towards it, I could finally make out what it was...

A large circular pedestal, bearing faces I find familiar, yet impossibly hard to distinguish...

As my feet land softly against the stained glass floor...

I instinctively turn my head to the vastness that surrounds my station...

Another one, a tower appeared, with a road of precious stones appearing before the gap...

I walk, driven by my need to find out...

Arriving at the other end, I find nothing which varied from my previous station...

That is, until I look beneath my feet, to witness the image that rests below me...

It was a young man, clad in the purest white...

Sleeping amongst the clouds, it grasped with it's hand a rather vague looking weapon...

A key...

However, as I travel towards the edge to gain a finer look...

My shadow lengthens, slowly becoming longer...

Until so much so as it began to spring to life...

Turning towards the center, I could barely believe my eyes...

A lumbering colossus, clad in the darkest of ebony...

Born from the shadow, of no one but my own...

Quickly, I drew my sword, bearing it against the monster...

I collected my fleeting courage, prepared for a desperate fight...

To my horror, it dawned upon me, my struggle was never meant to be...

My weapon suddenly fades, as if wanting to let me die...

I collapse onto the ground, losing all my strength...

All I could do now was wait for the demon to seal my fate...

As my body drowns in it's fervent darkness...

I hear a voice, from all directions...

Assuring me, of a certain of hope...

"Remember...", it said with certainty. "You are the one who will open... The door..."

To the light...

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2010, 03:49:42 am »

The sun rose sluggishly above the horizon as the clouds sprang to life and the land was showered with light yet again.

On the ground below, the echo of a dozen horns can be heard across the sea of tents and trees. One by one, people woke up from their slumber and greeted the morning air.

Not long after, everyone was going about. Some gathered around a ragtag kitchen and started cooking breakfast. Another group left the encampment to gather much needed firewood. Still, others went about cleaning their armor, sharpening their blades and generally maintaining the base.

Everyone else went to their own separate businesses, as the remaining men who were not preoccupied with anything else began jogging towards the surrounding forest.

The night guards let out a sigh of relief and exhaustion as the time finally came for them to turn in.

These were the fine men of the Acropolitan Armed Forces. And amongst these warriors were none other than the only son of his royal highness himself.

"Good morning, your majesty!", an evening shift said as he passed one of the tents.

The greeting did not return, however, and the man eventually went his way.

Behind the small slit that served as it's entrance, a young man still lied, rolling across the wooden mat that served as his small bed.

"What a nightmare...", he half-consciously spat as his hands pressed against the floor. Rising from his place, he groped for his watch using his left as he rubbed his eyes intensely with the other.

"What... time is it?", he yawned, struggling to focus his eyes on the dials.

A passing man almost dropped the logs he was carrying as the young man burst out of his tent and his shoulder met the passerby's side.

"Terribly, terribly sorry!", he begged while helping the person regain his balance.

"You seem rather energetic today... Prince Cyrus...", replied the man. "Try to be more careful next time. These things are quite heavy, you know."

"Yes, thank you!", Cyrus said before continuing on his way.

However, before he could get far, the man called out to him, eliciting his attention. "Your highness! If you are searching for the General, he is at the spring!"

"Thank you very much!", the prince answered back, never bothering to slow down or even turn his head. He didn't have time to. He was terribly, terribly late.

Making his way up the nearby hill, his mind travels back to earlier that morning.

That dream...

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2010, 09:39:04 pm »
Reaching the nearby spring, Cyrus bent to his knees and panted at the top of his lungs.


Showered in sweat and very exhausted, he sat on one of the nearby rocks as he stared at the small pond and scanned the surrounding bushes.

"Whew!", he whistled, cleaning the large beads of sweat flowing form the top of his face. "Seems... I wasn't... late yet."

After some time, his strength finally came back to him and he wandered around the spring's perimeter, waiting for his teacher.

"He sure is taking his time...", the prince looked at his watch.

Putting it back into one of his bags, he settled down just beside the path to the camp.

Oblivious to the young man, an unknown eye was already viewing him from behind his back.

Pitiful..., a deep, cold voice said from within Cyrus' mind.

A sudden gust of wind hurdles past the prince as he began to take notice of his clandestine companion.

Grasping his sheathed sword and turning towards the figure, he saw the enigmatic figure face to face.

"Who are you?", he said to the cloaked persona. "You don't seem to hail from these parts."

Having a rudimentary knowledge of the elements, Cyrus quickly sensed the large disturbance of energy emanating from the being in front of him.

I have come to visit an old friend from this world., he projected his thoughts towards the prince. The gears have finally spun into motion.

"I'm afraid I don't understand your words...", he tightens his grip on his weapon, unsheathing it ever so slightly.

Connected to the darkness... The people of the worlds shall be completely eclipsed.

"You haven't answered my question yet.", Cyrus stood up and prepared himself for a fight. "What are these worlds you're talking about and who exactly are you?"

You are yet oblivious to what lies beyond these walls.

"What?", he could not make anything of the mysterious figure's words. Darkness? Worlds? Walls? None of this made sense to him.

There is much to learn. Your understanding is so little.

Just as Cyrus was about to take action, the cloaked entity raised it's left hand and pointed at the prince. The young man suddenly found it difficult, if not impossible, to move as much as his eyes, let alone his body.

I... can't... move!

"A meaningless effort.", it finally said with it's own voice. "One who knows nothing, can understand nothing..."

Before vanishing in the blink of an eye.

From the rocks near the spring that the being once occluded, Cyrus briefly saw a previously absent object. At first glance, it seemed to be some sort of chest. However, before he could take a better look at it, he felt a very strong tap on his left shoulder.

He suddenly snapped out of his trance and quickly faced the person behind. As he expected, it was none other than General Praxiphotios.

"What seems to be the matter, lad?", he asked the still confused prince.

Taking a quick look back at the spring, Cyrus notices that the chest disappeared as fast as it first revealed itself.

"Nothing.", he replied to his teacher. "It was nothing."


"Why did you ask me to come up here, teacher?", Cyrus asked the general.

"As you already know, we were sent here to investigate the sudden disappearance of several Acropolitan and Neropolitan trade fleets as of late.", he answered. "Well, Neropolis decided to send out their own forces to investigate the matter."

"Yes?", Cyrus listened.

"I'd like you to also meet the leader of the task force, as you have probably met him previously...", the general continued, walking to the side.

In the distance, the shape of a man could be made out. As the figure got closer, Cyrus could finally make out who it was.

"Hey, Cyrus!", he waved at the young prince.

"Hydros!", Cyrus exclaimed, running towards him. "Long time since I last saw you!"

"Same here!", he said, shaking Cyrus' hand.

"So you two do know each other.", the general said to the two princes. "Well then, lets talk about the mission first, shall we?"

"Yes.", their voices in tandem.


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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2010, 05:52:16 am »
It was evening, and a number of General Praxiphotios' men were riding a ship towards an island not far from the main encampment. Earlier that day, they heard from an informant of a peculiarity which might hold clues to the nature of the events surrounding the sudden disappearances.

And so, in accordance with General Praxiphotios' orders, Cyrus was included into the group sent to verify the information.

Inside one of the ship's poorly lit quarters, Cyrus lied on his bunk, thinking about his recent conversation with Hydros.

"Hydro sure has changed...", he said to himself. "Last time I saw him, he was just entering military school..."

But now... He's a successful general...

Cyrus sighed, thinking of how much catching up he had to do to equal his old friend.

Looking at the weak, flickering lamp that swung from the low ceiling, he imagined himself as the fire, with Hydros being the sun.

Relenting, Cyrus chose to spend the time resting his mind, rather than worrying about things which he couldn't readily change.

Several hours have passed and storm clouds have begun to form in the moonless evening sky. The waters were becoming more turbulent and the winds picking up their pace.

Deep below deck, Cyrus was awoken by a sudden crackle of thunder, and the increasing trickle of rain.

A storm?, he asked himself as he slowly regained consciousness. Rising from his bed, he shuffled through the other still sleeping occupants. He wanted to have a check at the conditions above deck.

However, as he fought the vessel's incessant shaking and made his way to the upper deck, a sudden disaster befell the lone ship.

"We're under attack!", Cyrus heard, amongst other things, as he was halfway through the lower hall.

Without a second thought, the alerted prince quickly sprang into action.

The other soldiers quickly followed suit as they made their way up.

Pushing the open the large wooden door that separated them and the men above, the men pulled out their weapons as they heard the rallies of the fighters above.

"All units to your stations!"

Pulling his sword out, Cyrus dashed into the fray and entered a combative stance.

Not everything, however, was what it seemed, and Cyrus was in for a horrible revelation as he took a passing look at one of his nearest adversaries.


On the deck, they stood before him, an army of living shadows, straight from his darkest dreams.

As Cyrus tried to take it all in, the battle ceaselessly raged on around him.

The men fought to their best, taking down several of the dark beings. However, as one creature fell to their strikes, two would soon replace the fallen. Defeat was practically inevitable.

The storm soon picked up strength as it began to pound the vessel more and more. This proved difficult for the men as the intruders began to increase in power.

"We're getting overrun!", one of the men said as he struck a nearby show with a blade infused with fire.

"Where are these things coming from?!", said another as he vanquished his adversary with a spear full of lightning.

As the battle continued and the enemies became stronger, one by one, the soldiers began to fall and promptly fade into nothingness. Realizing that the fight was lost, everyone began to abandon ship. Unfortunately, the enemy would not even allow them a hurried retreat. As everyone loaded into their boats, a large impact suddenly shook the ship, spilling several men into the turbulent ocean. But that was not the worst of it all.

The ship began to take in water as the violent pounding ensued. Cyrus took down several more of the beings before springing towards the last boat. To his dismay, the boat ran loose from the ship as a rogue shadow swiftly cut the ropes.

With nowhere left to go, Cyrus tightened his grip on his dagger, his sword long shattered by the monsters. He quickly turned to face the nightmares of his dream, but not before catching in the corner of his eye the largest one of them all.

"No... Just, no..."

The colossus.

With a pounding of it's fist, the dark colossus crushed the ship in half, hurling Cyrus into the mercy of the turbulent sea.

Cyrus tried his best to preserve his remaining strength, but to no avail. He collapsed in exhaustion and gave in to the savage waters

"Wake up...




Wake up..."

The prince heard whispers as he fell into the blackness. It was just like in the dream, falling into the depths but never drowning.

And then he remembered.

"Remember...", whispered the voice. "You are the one who will open... The door..."

Regaining his consciousness, Cyrus groped his surroundings, trying to find out exactly where he was.

"Sand...", he said with feeble strength. Slowly, he pushed his way up, realizing he washed up on the shore.

Opening his eyes, he noticed the storm was still raging on, and that the dark beings were starting to appear all around him.

feeling his clothes, he realizes he was now completely weaponless. Struggling to rise up from his state, he realized that he was right back in the island occupied by the main encampment.

"Hydros! General!", he ran to the camp as fast as he can.

Alas, as Cyrus reached his destination, the camp was completely no more.

Falling on his knees, the prince looked around him, the destruction caused by the dark beings.




The prince walked through the ruined settlement, watching as the shadows slowly creeped towards him. However, just as he was about to lose all hope amidst the devastation, he spots someone in the very corner of his eye.

It was Hydros.

"Hydros!", Cyrus yelled at him as he ran towards his direction. But just before he can reach him, a very unsettling feeling enters his mind. The same thing he felt from the strange figure mere hours before.


"Hydros...", Cyrus said, stopping in his tracks as he felt the malevolent presence emanating from his friend. "Where's the general? He was, supposed to be with you..."

"The walls have fallen...", Hydros replied, turning towards Cyrus and stretching his hand towards him.


"The gates have opened, Cyrus! Now nothing can stop us from sailing beyond the walls!", suddenly, thoughts flashed into Cyrus' mind. Thoughts from the last time they met. But before it could linger, his senses overcame him. He didn't have time for this, they had to find the general.

"What?!", Cyrus exclaimed. "Hydros, we have to find the general, now!"

"The general's coming with us!", he answered back, offering his hand to Cyrus more than ever. "Once we pass through the gates, we might not make it back. We may never see our world, our kingdoms, our families, ever again."

"But there's no turning back...", Hydros added, begging his friend to take his hand. "This may be the only chance we have! We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!"


Darkness began to swallow the ground around them, restraining Cyrus' legs as it began to suck him underneath. In vain, he tries to reach for his friends hand. Just as they were about to be completely sink into the shadows, they finally touch hands.




As the voice echoed in his mind, Cyrus felt a great warmth suddenly envelop his body.

And then, a flash of light.

As the light faded away, Hydros had vanished.

Cyrus felt the presence of an object wrapped in his right hand. As he looked at his hand to inspect what had happened, he could not believe what was present before his eyes.

The key.

The key from his dreams.


Of the Sky...

Of Light..."

Soon, the darkness sprang from the ground once again.

But now he was prepared.

Swinging his weapon into position, he taunted the swarm of shadows. He'd never let the others' fate also happen to him.

Vanquishing them one by one, Cyrus noticed something which struck him odd as he took down his assailants. His strength, it was nothing like he ever experienced before, it was as if the weapon itself was amplifying his abilities.

As he began to take notice, a great flash of light suddenly took his attention. As he set his eyes on the source, he saw a massive pillar of brightness piercing through the clouds.

It was emanating the hilltop spring.

"The spring!", Cyrus exclaimed as he raced towards the source of the light.


Reaching the spring, Cyrus was greeted by a giant veil of light.

As he walked past through the stream, an ominous presence greeted his arrival.

The chest...

The chest from last morning. It wasn't just another hallucination. Still, that wasn't what truly shook the prince.

It was the fact, that it was open.

And from within it stood no one else, but General Praxiphotios.

Running towards him as he called out the general's name, Cyrus heard no reply, just a cold blank stare as the old man stared at his direction.

Stretching out his hand, he tries to grab on to the general. But as their hands touched each other's, the princes mind suddenly fell to a halt. As his mind returned mere seconds later, the general simply vanished in front of his eyes. And in his place, was a powerful gust of upward wind.

In a feeble attempt to escape the sudden updraft, Cyrus quickly held on to the side of the chest, grasping it with all of his newly found strength.

But even that was not enough, as Cyrus lost his grip and was finally swept away to the turbulent skies above.

Drifting through the clouds, Cyrus was at the end of his power.

Around him, he saw that the shadows themselves, even the colossi, were being carried away as well.

With the last of his waking strength, he stares towards the clouds above. He notices a massive disk of darkness consuming everything around it.

It quickly dawned upon him that he, and everything around him, was eventually headed towards it.

The prince took one last, deep breath before finally being sucked into the darkness.

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2010, 05:01:26 am »

"Another one.", a voice whispered as a small dot in the sky slowly began to vanish from the early morning sky.

"Time is of the essence."

Where... am I?

Cyrus, still weary from what had happened, felt a strong thump from the top of his head.

"What's this?", he said as he felt a large weight bear down on his skull. Wondering what it was, he reached for the apparent object, his eyes still shut from fatigue.

Feels like a shell...

Plate-like with lots of protrusions...

And, claws?


"Crab!", he slighted as he hastily removed the shelled creature and hurled it into the distance.

Resuming his composure, the prince looks at his surroundings, and promptly realizes, that he wasn't in the darkness any longer.

Still, he wasn't relieved as much as he expected, once he took a second look at the architecture of the back alleys surrounding him.

"This... Frankly doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before...", he wondered. "Oh, dear."

Turning right at a nearby opening, he left the alleyways and entered the major roadways.

It was then that it finally dawned upon him.

"I have a very strong feeling that I'm not in Europa anymore..."

As Cyrus slowly wandered through the general vicinity, he was finally able to create a rough idea of where he was.

Still, he needed further information. He knows that asking random people won't help much in this situation. So he went towards the best source of pertinent information.

The city hall.

"Wanderer's Haven City Hall...", Cyrus spelled out his thoughts. "Time to find out what exactly is going on here."

Walking towards the stall conveniently titled "information station", he rang the bell, hoping to get an answer to his problematic situation.

"Gud murnen', how mey E hel-", the relations officer said before stopping mid-sentence. "Dun't tell me, yer frum enuther wurld, now er ye?"

"Wait, wha- how did you know?!", Cyrus was surprised.

The officer crossed to the other side of the table, offering the prince to walk to the adjacent lounge.

"Ye meght wunna hev e set.", he urged, pointing towards a nearby couch. "Thes es gunne tek e whele..."

"So, this really isn't Europa, huh?", Cyrus wanted to make sure.

"Sure enough, et en't.", the officer confirmed.

"I see...", the prince agreed, rising from his seat. "Thank you for the information.", he bowed to the man before facing the door.

"I better get going. I still have to find them...", the words slipped from his mouth.

Before Cyrus could step out of the building, the officer called out to him, apparently wanting to give him some kind of advice.

"Young men, e wurd ef edvece...", he stressed.


"Ever sence uther wurlders hev urreved here, there huv ben sum strenge heppenens en the fourth destrect, es well es the outskerts. Tred weth cuteon..."

"Thank you."

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2010, 11:37:25 am »
"Excuse me, who might you be?," a young man with moplike hair asked Cyrus. The asker's name was Kannae Napar. He had no memory of where he came from, but had been wandering since childhood. Kannae then decided to slip some info.
"You know, just back there, I saw some weird shadowy things. They decided to chase me, but I was too fast for those greenhorns! I don't know if they're important or not, but they stalled about 5 miles northwest of here. I'll lead you there, if you want."
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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2010, 09:29:00 pm »
Cyrus was slightly surprised by what Napar said, though he tried to hide it.

Shadowy things...

"Please do, sir!", he begged the young man.


The strange beings were the only clues Cyrus had in finding his two companions. His mind was set.

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #7 on: April 05, 2010, 04:45:35 pm »
Kannae replied, "Then follow me!", after which he ran off to the northwest. The path he planned on taking wound through city streets, alleys, and a few small meadows.
"Come on, we don't have much time! Some poor sap just headed that way unarmed!"
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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #8 on: April 06, 2010, 07:48:42 am »

"WHAT?!", Cyrus spat as he caught up with the young man.

Crossing paths with those things without sufficient protection, let alone a weapon. It was utterly insane, Cyrus thought.

As the two passed through the meadows, the prince remembered something which completely slipped his mind.

"I believe... I haven't... introduced myself yet...", he said in between breaths. "Cyrus..."

Cyrus warmed up his hands, readying himself for battle using his new found weapon.


The air grew thick from the darkness spewed out by the dark beings as they nonchalantly fell from the patchwork rooftops.

Behind the dark mist emanating from the fallen shadows, a vaguely human figure could be made out as it made it's way through the junk-ridden streets below.

Raising what seemed to be a weapon in it's right hand, it's head turns to the direction of the sea. Towards Wanderer's Haven.

"Could that be..."

"Almost there...", Cyrus whispered, ready to summon his weapon.

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #9 on: April 09, 2010, 04:52:40 pm »
Kannae arrived at the spot where he had seen the creatures, only to find a young man slain in the grass. The creatures from before had appeared there, along with more of their kind. Kannae was surrounded.
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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #10 on: April 10, 2010, 12:27:14 am »
"Too late...", Cyrus said, catching up to Kannae and dashing towards his side.

As the two looked around themselves, they saw the fallen man slowly fade into nothingness, leaving behind a small sphere of light which drifted through the air before suddenly turning black and transforming into one of the enemies. "Just like that night...", the prince whispered.

"Looks like we'll have to take on all of them.", he alerted his companion. Lifting his cape with his left, he placed the fabric between himself and the shadows. He then pressed his feet firmly against the ground, and with an open hand, called forth his new weapon.

A sudden rod of light appeared in his right hand. As it dissipated, it revealed the presence of the key-like blade.

The dark beings were slightly put aback by the sword's sudden appearance. Regaining their composure, they began to circle around the pair as both parties prepared for battle.

Finally, one of the enemies quickly began to lunge at Cyrus. However, the prince quickly dodge the strike and hammered the assailant with his blade. As this was happening, one of the enemies were already sneaking up from behind Kannae's back. However, with a timely swing of his blade, Cyrus was able to parry the beast's attack.

As the enemies fell one by one, the prince began to siphon a portion of his inner strength. The air around his weapon began to twist and churn, picking up speed as time went on. As the last of the adversaries began a wild charge towards him and Kannae, he raised the weapon's point directly at the mass of attackers. With a single tumultuous gust, the air around the blade flew straight towards the enemies, ripping them to shreds as the aerial missile promptly made impact.


"I think that's all of them...", Cyrus said to Kannae as he scanned the surroundings before finally dismissing his weapon. He was proven wrong, however, when he spotted one of them not far from where they were. But before Cyrus could summon his sword again, he noticed something odd.

It wasn't headed for them, it was actually going away from them. Upon closer inspection, the prince realized that the lone shadow was headed towards the sea, to an odd-looking island not far from where they were.

"I'm going to that island.", Cyrus said as he stared intently at the landmass which looked more like a mountain of junk. "Do you happen to know how I could cross to that island?", he asked Kannae as he pointed at the odd formation. "And before anything else... Sir, if it's fine with you, could I please ask your name?"

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #11 on: April 10, 2010, 05:26:17 pm »
Kannae hesitated, then answered cheerfully.
"My name is Kannae Napar. I've been here in Wanderer's Haven for a couple of years now. Ever since I lost my family, I've been travelling by myself. I wish I could have fought those things with you, they might have tasted pretty good roasted in a pot. Anyway, there's a dock nearby. The owner is a friend of mine, one of the few I have. He can get us a boat, and it's smooth sailing to the island." Kannae then began to walk in the direction of the dock.
"Well, what are you waiting for, Cyrus? If we're chasing that thing, we'd better move!"
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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #12 on: April 10, 2010, 07:22:06 pm »
"Yes.", cyrus replied as he caught up with Kannae.

In the patchwork island's rugged interior.

"It's getting closer, the feeling...", a voice said as it slowly walked towards the shore.

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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #13 on: April 10, 2010, 10:10:05 pm »
Deep within the Patchwork island the darkness gathered, but within it a man walked, or at least it looked like a man...

Inside this darkness, surrounded by the shadow like creatures, any other person would be scared stiff, but not him, he had no need to fear it, he had torn the things that bound him to the light off long ago...

all that remained was the darkness...

As the prince moved closer to the island he could feel a chill, something dark, evil, was gathering here...


The figure in the darkness simply stood there, stood there as the area became darker and darker, soon... soon this worlds fate would be the same as so many others...

One of the shadow creatures approached the man simply staring at him.

"Oh? Interesting..." he replied almost as if it spoke and he understood it.

"That blade... could it be?"
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Re: A Certain Kingdom of Light
« Reply #14 on: April 12, 2010, 10:25:28 am »
Ranos gasped for air as his head broke the water's surface. To each side he saw an island, the closer of the two looking more like a landfill than anything, but an island means coasts and coasts lead to land, even if the land is a pile of junk. He began to swim towards the pile of garbage, hoping that someone could help him upon his arrival.
DEATH TO DAESH! In solidarity with Rojava!
Oh come now, Lurk.

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