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The Prototype OOC and Planning
« on: March 24, 2010, 05:50:11 pm »
The planet Orjune. A Photos instalation on the planet was researching the mutagen virus used to produce psysics. They had succeded in their goal-create a strain of the virus that would mutate the mind to the proper psysic ability to use the Weapon Nodes developed by the Shadow. However, a month ago, the base lost contact. The Photos came to their allies in the GPA for assistance in getting to the belly of the base, extending almost five miles into the ground. Retrieving this strain of the virus would be crucial to the war effort. Given the scatter mutation serums scattered through the base, the team would all be given inhibitors so they could mutate themselves safely. It was just time to wait for vouleneers. They would need to be steel hearted to survive the hoards of "zombies" inside the base...

Lieutennate Ky'orn
Weapons: Plasma Carbine, Plasma Sword, Pyroknesis
Height: 6 Feet tall
Weight: 200 Lbs, with armour.
Age: 30
Bio: A brave soul, Ky'orn voulentered to venture into the base and retrieve the serum. He was already experienced in the use of the other serums, as he had been injected with the Pyroknesis serum at a young age. He would lead the squad into the belly of the behemoth, against any horror thrown against them.
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