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Bioshock RP
« on: March 18, 2010, 05:28:19 pm » of water! Come, see what we have to offer! Come to a place where religion no longer controls decision. Riches and fame await you in the newly renovated subaquatic paradise of Rapture!

     Michael laughed to himself. Riches and fame. He got about two days into Rapture before being sucked up and being turned into a Knuckler. True, it was better than it was for other types of Big Daddies, being able to retain most of his free will. Still, he found himself unable to keep from safeguarding the Little Sisters. It was almost a compulsive need. He was walking along a long hallway to a Little Sister Vent. He pounded on the metallic vent with the back end of his Rivet-saw. The Little Sister came to the opening, and gasped with excitement.
"Mister Bubbles! You're back again!"
"Yes, yes, little one. It's time to get the ADAM again." Michael said, his voice coming out a deep bass tone through the vocoder. He patted the Little Sister on the shoulder affectionatly, and picked her up, setting her on his shoulders.
"Smell the ADAM, Mister Bubbles?" She asked excitedly.
"I can't smell anything. My head's in a helmet, remember?"
"Oh,yeah!" She giggled. The pair trudged along. They got to the end of the hallway.
"That way!" She pointed with her ADAM extractor. They walked along through a lit hallway, several people waving to the Little Sister and Michael as they walked. The pair were very popular around this part of Rapture, and the people regarded them as cleaners, because after Elise, Michael's Little Sister, finished extracting the ADAM from a corpse, Michael would pick up the corpse and personally take it to the morgue, which was conviently at the end of the pair's rounds. This prevented a buildup of corpses, which weren't cleaned up NEAR frequently enough by the morgue itself, due to the few morgue employees. They came to a corpse in a corner of a stairway landing. He let Elise down, and she began extracting the ADAM from the corpse. She finished, and drank from the container.
"Eugh...I don't know how you girls drink that swill." Michael admitted.
"Eh, to be perfectly honest, it really has no taste, Mister B." Elise said. She was older than most Little Sisters, 10, but she was mature for ten. However, she still had the sence of humor of a 6 year old. He picked her back up, and she continued to drink as she rid on his shoulders, much as one would drink something while riding in a car. He picked up the corpse, and they began to walk. They passed one of Michael's few friends, Dave,who caught up with them.
"So, how are the rounds going today, big guy?" He asked with a grin.
"Well, not too well today. We're almost to the morgue, the end of our rounds, and only one body so far. I guess people are getting to be more careful these days." He said, his voice deep through the vocoder.
"Probably. Oh, by the way, I have something for you, Elise." He said, turning his attention to the little girl on Michael's shoulders.
"Oh, a present, a present! I don't get many of those, except on Christmas. And my birthday." She said.
"Here it comes..." Dave said, pulling a choclate bar out of his shoulder bar. "I thought you guys might be through here soon, I just bought that. Nice and cold." He said. The Little Sister unwrapped it greedily and attacked it, scarfing it down.
"Mmmmm. Thank you, Mister Dave!" She said.
"Anytime. Hey, here's the morgue. Anway, I have some errands to run, after you guys finish your runs, why don't you head over to that McDonald's south of the morgue, I should be done by then, and you should be done too. My treat." He said, walking away. Two entered the morgue about 15 minutes later and dropped off the singular body, walking out. They headed south down the street to the McDonalds, where they met up with Dave. They ordered. When their order came, they started to eat without Michael, who took a few minutes to get his helmet off. He finally got the blasted thing off, and took a breath of fresh air.
"Aah, another reason I'm glad to be a Knuckler. At least I can take my helmet off!" He grinned, picking up his burger. The pair talked and ate and talked some more.