Author Topic: Arank Industrial- Not a Story or Rp, but an Organisation  (Read 1126 times)

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Arank Industrial- Not a Story or Rp, but an Organisation
« on: March 13, 2010, 06:09:33 pm »
Bio: Arank Industrial is an indepentant Photos company specialising in custom-building the warmachines used by forces like Xylanis Waratica. Focus is on larger classes, from Medium-Assault. Prices for weapons and equipment are as follows:
Light Plasma Lance: 1500 GC
Plasma Lance: 3000 GC
Heavy Plasma Lance: 4500 GC
Long Range Missile/5 Missile: 2000 GC
LRM/10: 3000
LRM/20: 4000
LRM/30: 5000
Short Range Missile 5/: 1500 GC
SRM/10: 2500
SRM/20: 3500
SRM/30: 4500
Light Autocannon: 4000 GC
Autocannon: 6000 GC
Heavy Autocannon: 8000 GC
Superheavy Plasma Lance: 6000 GC
Superheavy Autocannon: 10000 GC
Light Rotary Autocannon: 20000 GC
Rotary Autocannon: 25000 GC
Heavy Rotary Autocannon: 35000 GC
Plasma Strike Cannon: 450 GC

Scanner Drone Launcher: 1000 GC
Small Reactor: 5000 GC
Reactor: 10000 GC
Large Reactor: 15000 GC
Anti-Missile Turret: 1000 GC
Jump Jets: 1500 GC Per Jet, 1 Jet= 40 foot jump
Basic Sensor Suite: 1000 GC
Intermediate Sensor Suite: 3000 GC
Advanced Sensor Suite: 5000 GC

Please provide more intricate requests with your order, along with the loadout. Weapons/equipment outside of the list above will carry a 1500 GC mounting fee. Order now!