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« on: March 04, 2010, 05:08:44 pm »

I know Hydro might be crazy about this. But I'm also happy to see that there is soon to be a film adaption of the graphic novel Bone. The film will be made with mo-cap, presumably on just human characters. Animal Logic will be making the 3D characters, which did the Matrix, Happy Feet, and 300. It will be published by Warner Bros. Jeff Smith, which is the creator of Bone, will be executive producer.

Now I really enjoyed the book, and it was a long one. The story was almost like Lord of the Rings. I would suggest you guys read this if you can. One of the best graphic novels you could read.

Though like most book-to-movie adaptations, studios tend to make subtle changes to the original story, which is expected. So I will have some reservations. But for the benefit of the doubt, I think the movie will be great.

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Re: Bone
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Awesome! And Gec is right, the whole series (3 trilogies, plus some prequels) are the best American graphic novels out there. The storylines are awesome and characters are very loveable. Comparing it to Lord of the Rings is no understatement. In fact I like Bone better than LotR. I hope they can pull off an awesome movie (unlike say the last air bender which had an awesome cartoon series but awful movie).