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Re: The Station
« Reply #30 on: April 06, 2010, 03:13:54 pm »
"I do have something to say." Val'ones said. He turned to the Core Combine representative. "Tell your leaders that, just because we've come to negotiations, that you're free to navigate. Tell em' the Photos Empire is keeping an eye on you all. And we will invade, with or without GPA backing, if you start any funny buisness again. Just remember that." He said.

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Re: The Station
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"Agreed. I would caution against wandering in our sectors", said Kurheac
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Re: The Station
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//Continuing hostilities is not in our favor...// His eye stalks then stared intently at the Photos commander //Nor would it be in yours...//

His attention then shifted towards the Graid

//We are now aware of galactic borders, and we will respect them...//

//It appears that now that our terms our set, I am no longer needed here....// with no more words than that the Core diplomat proceeded out the door and back to his shuttle...

Sometime later in neutral space

The Combine had indeed kept their word, ships began to pour out into neutral space, bearing numerous organisms that had once been enslaved in the bio-factories or sent to fight on battlefields or locked away in stasis until they could be converted.

When awoken from their stasis pods by GPA personnel they bombarded them with questions “Where am i?” “What… what is this?!” “Am I dead?” Some even reacted with fear or where basically traumatized unable to grasp the reality of the situation, others reacted violently “NO! NO YOU’RE NOT TURNING ME INTO ONE OF THOSE THINGS!” Some screamed when awakened, and then occasionally you find the all too calm one who was actually able to keep his or her head.

But even worse off where the former slaves… they were in the worst state imaginable. The Core’s genetic programming had screwed up their minds damn good; with their bionics removed they could barely function. Some simply stood dumbly as if waiting for orders; others simply laid down; not knowing what to do with themselves… But perhaps deep down inside some part of their previous selves remained, granted it would take an enormous amount of therapy but these people maybe just maybe may not be completely lost…

Where these species where going to go was completely unknown, most of their empires where completely annihilated by the Core Combine, and the Core did not really plan that far ahead, they basically just dumped them into the GPA’s arms and let them do what they want with them.

The Core had agreed to these terms because they saw them as the lowest cost possible, sure the loss of their slave stock was something of an annoyance, but losing nothing but their first generation slaves was not as costly as some would imagine, thanks to this the delays would be minimal, mostly on worlds that used first generation slaves and not cause the Core to become permanently weakened.

A good deal in their eyes
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