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Dawn of Worlds - C.V.P.T
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Centipedes, Vampires, Pheonixes, and Turtles!

Dawn of Worlds is an RPG based entirely around worldbuilding. The players are "Gods" raising and constructing land, mountains and rivers, growing the great forests, filling cities with followers and finally managing civilizations diplomacy and war on a worldwide scale. Details on this pen and paper game system can be found in the following PDF: linky

In summary, we use the rules to create the geography of the world, then populate that map with our races. Races have three key components to their civilization. Orders are the organizations that listen and receive their objectives from the player. Orders can create Cities, the second attribute of a race and an important center of learning and the sources of armies. Finally, an individual from a Race can be promoted to an Avatar, empowered by the player to lead the civilization to glory.

This is the account of the first world we are creating together using this system. The Founding year of Cities is in *Year* ABC, ABC standing for After the Beginning of Creation. Morality is a measurement of how good or evil a species is. If negative, they are evil, if positive, they are good. If it is unlisted, it means that city or race is neutral.

Yokto "Grogarothga" Races and Civilizations-

[Yuzkaryn] Created 1000 ABC
A race of wyrm like creatures that gets more arms with age. There skin is like molten metal in appearance and they fly though magical means. They slow to reproduce however. Very slow.
They are the masters of Divination magic.
--Elders of Yuzkaryn  
--Guardians of Yuzkaryn

-Izola - Created 2000 ABC
    War Magic
--4 Armies of Yuzkaryn  
-Azogath - Founded 2500 ABC
-Ozan - Founded 3200 ABC
-Golz - Founded 3500 ABC
--Taken over by a Schlubb and Tort barbarians in 3700 ABC
--1 Schubb Army
--1 Tort Army

"Qylgezir, Great Prophet of Grogarothga" Born 1500 ABC

[Zorqual] Created 1500 ABC
These are magical golems of varying size, not particularly smart or self willed. They were created by the Yuzkaryn as laborers in the construction and maintenance of cities.

-Morgaz - Founded 2500 ABC
--Morality -1
-Groza - Founded 3200 ABC
--Morality -1


[Zarquil] Created 3100 ABC
These are magical golems of varying size, smarter and more autonomous than their simpleminded kin. As the population of Golems increased past the population of Yuzkaryn, the Zarquil were created to manage them in place of a Yuzkaryn overseer.

They are masters of Metallurgy
They are masters of Engineering

--Task Masters
-Nzeri - Founded 3200 ABC
--Morality -2
--3 Zorquil Armies
--Mobile: This city has been mechanized and is able to crawl
-Mezir - Founded 3500 ABC
--Morality -1

"Zilrixa the Overlord" Born 3300 ABC

[Nightstalkers] Created 3600 ABC
Hybrids of Golems and Nightmen, they are half metal and half living flesh.
They are the most adaptable race to hardships.

The Engineers Guild (Nightmen)

-Niuza Kress Founded 3700 ABC
--Destroyed by three Nightmen Armies in 3700 ABC

"The Crax Dynasty"

Orders in Other Player's Races:
  The Engineers Guild

KrakowSam's Races and Civilizations-

[Night Men] Created 3000 ABC
Morality -1

Long-eared desert men who are active at night. Somewhat reptilian aside from their smooth skin and warm blood
they have large, dark eyes.
They are the world's foremost archers.

--The Night Kabal
The default government of the Night Men, formed from a council of the oldest and wisest.
--The Nightwing (Sen Aefir)
A sect of Sen Aefir who follow the Nightman culture and philosophy
--The Twilurts (Torts)
A sect of the Turts who follow Nightman culture and Philosophy

-Kreed - Founded 3000 ABC
-- Morality -1
-- Advanced Literacy and Learning
-- 3 Nightmen Armies
-Rak - Founded 3100 ABC
--Morality -1
-Falx (Sen Aefir) - Founded 3300 ABC
--Morality +1
--Home to the Greatest Spies
-Stok - Founded 3400 ABC

"The Nightstrider" Began 3200 ABC
An inherited position held by one Nightman at a time, the Nightstrider is their foremost hero. He wanders to distant lands to explore, and in doing so learns much to strengthen his race.
-Defeated an army of Nightstalkers occupying Kreed, and performed the Racial Cleansing of the Nightstalker race from the city of Kreed in the year 3600 ABC
-Destroyed the Nightstalker settlement of Niuza Kress in 3700 ABC

[Shlubbs] Created 3400 ABC
The Shlubbs Chiefdom
Hairyface's Hard Men (Torts)
An order of barbaric Turts who live their life to the ideals of the Shlubbs and their leader, Hairyface.

-Dirt - Founded 3500 ABC

"Hairyface" Born 3500 ABC
The largest, longest lived, strongest and hairiest Shlubb

Neoadept's Races and Civilizations-

[Aefir] Created 3000 ABC
The Aefir are avians who arose on the Swirling Isle, with bright plumage that tends to be a single color.  Carnivorous, they snatch their prey from the eternal whirl pool around the Swirling Isle.

Their nest building has given them an innate sense of architecture, none are their betters in that regard.

-Sky's Messengers

-Aesinger (ruled by Sen Aefir): Founded 3000 ABC
--a city of glorious towers and arches that stand firm despite their delicate appearance.  Even should a land walker somehow reach the isle, the city is almost impossible to navigate without the gift of flight.
--Morality +1

[Sen Aefir] Created 3100 ABC
Then the Sen Aefir, bigger, stronger, smarter Aefir with brilliant and multicolored plumage.  In their vanity, their first action was to seize control from their forefathers, reducing the Aefir to mere servants.  Their great wings gave them the endurance to reach the mainland.

-The Pheonix Court

-Aehenar: Founded 3200 ABC
--The Sen Aefir here live in the vast caves embedded in the high cliffs, delicate looking structures built out from the cliff walls and the occasional high tower the only clues to their presence.
--Mastery over weapon smithing
--1 Army of Aefir

-Aecanis: Founded 3300 ABC
--High wooden towers hold the Sen Aefir above the fetid swamp below, the structures bending gently in the breeze.
--Mastery over alchemy
--1 Army of Aefir
--1 Army of Sen Aefir

-Aeshavi: Founded 3500 ABC
--Wide low buildings of white marble slope down the mountainside, a vast network of aqueducts carrying the constant rains to the valley below.
--Mastery over weather magic
--The Safir population
--1 army of Aefir
--1 army of Safir

"The Pheonix King" Born 3200 ABC
-Leader of the Sen Aefir

"The Storm Lord"
-Greatest of the Storm Wizards of Aeshavi
-Creator of the Safir

[Ran Aefir] Created 3400 ABC
Largest and most ferocious of the Aefir, these dully colored bird men lack civility of their brothers.  While vain, they take pride in strength over beauty.  Lacking the endurance of the Sen, they strike close to home, seizing horses from the fertile plains below for their meals.
They are masters of close combat

The Cloud of Fury

-Aetekal - Founded 3400 ABC
--Built like a gigantic sprawling nest, the city is little more than a vast camp encircled by high walls composed of intersecting arches.  Surrounded by herds of the best horses in the world (if only because the constant hunt of the Ran have culled the slow and weak), creatures prized by land walkers are mere foodstock here.
--2 armies of Ran Aefir
-Aebaren Founded 3700 ABC
--1 Ran Aefir Army

"The Harbinger": Born 3600 ABC
-War Master of the Ran Aefir

Orders in other races:
-The Daymen

[Safir] Created 3600 ABC
They are squids made of water

-Safir Organizers



Mr. Wizard's Races and Civilizations-

[Torts] Created 3000 ABC
The Torts are a race of intelligent upright turtles. They have hard shells of various colors, and their faces vary from sharp beaks to fleshy lips. They tend to favor spears as their primary form of protection. They are at home in wet environments, but are able to venture into dry climates when necessary.
Torts are the Masters of Fortification
Morality -2

-Civility of Torts
-Tortal Power (Shlubbs)

-Shrooms: Founded 3000 ABC
--The Worlds Greatest Civil Engineering.
--1 Army of Tort Troopers
-Azzip: Founded 3200 ABC
--The Worlds Center for Transmutation

"Reswob the Prophet" Born 3100 ABC

"The Wizard Leafar" Born 3200 ABC
-Founded Azzip
-Created the Tarts

Orders in other races:
-Tortal Power (Shlubbs)

[Tarts] Created by Leafar in 3400 ABC
The purple shelled Tarts, created by the Wizard Leafar to be strong and loyal. Their greatest difference from Torts is the bird wings stuck out of the shells incongruously, allowing them a primitive hovering and limited flight.
The Tarts offer the best military training in the world.
Morality -1

-Civility of Tarts

-Inoreppep - Founded 3400 ABC
--1 Tort Army
--1 Tart Army
-Raddech - Founded 3600 ABC

"Olleta Nod of the Iron Shell" Born 3400 ABC
-Founded Inoreppep

"Odra'Noel the Warrior" Born 3600 ABC
-Founded Raddech

[Terrorpins] Created 3700 ABC
The blue shelled Terrorpins are a proud and noble race descended from Tort race. They shun the cruel hedonism of their cousins, and survive apart from them among the frozen craggy mountains and thick forests of the Radlands.
Morality +1

The Diamondback Council

-Radikull Founded 3700 ABC

"Oleg Nalekim, the Most Rad" Born 3700 ABC

Here is the world at the end of our latest play session, in the year 3700 ABC.

White: rocky land with a few hills, short grasses and small, unimportant tributaries. The boring land.
Light green: verdant, long grass fields
Dark green: dark, dank swamplands.
Yellow: Desert
Pink: Dessicated dry lands
Gray Land with Brown lines: Burnt forested wasteland.
Deltas/ Upside down V's: Mountains
Shallow U's: Craters.
White Vortex: Water Whirlpool
Small light blue lines doing a vortex: Strong winds
Dark Blue Lines: Rivers
Little Green Lines: Trees

Symbols are the places where the first version of a race was created.

The V with a little dragon over it is the birthplace of the Yuzkaryn
The Eyeball is the Birthplace of the Nightmen
The Whirlpool is the birthplace of the Aefir (no symbol yet)
The Koopa Troopa is the birthplace of the Torts
The stick figure Yeti is the birthplace of the Shlubbs

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