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Episode 28 Posted
« on: December 05, 2005, 06:40:18 pm »
This week's episode is a "super special episode" as I cover the worldwide launch of the Xbox 360 at Best Buy in Midtown Manhattan. If you think you're a hardcore gamer wait until you meet these guys. They waited in the freezing cold and rain, many for upwards of 20+ hours, just so that they could buy an Xbox 360 12:01 AM Tuesday morning. Check it out:

Gaming Steve Episode 28 Program
  • 00:02:50  Talking with the guys waiting in line.
  • 00:16:15  Chatting it up with the Best Buy Geek Squad.
  • 00:20:18  The pre-sale employee "psych up" meeting.
  • 00:21:35  The doors open, and the madness begins.
  • 00:29:23  Wrap up of the big event, time to get some sleep..

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