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DS Games Summaries thread
« on: January 11, 2010, 12:00:15 am »
This thread's purpose is twofold: To 1) display a list of all the DS games you've owned/played and 2) give a quick opinion on each for those looking to buy a new title.  You can do whatever, a 1 to 10 scale or a five star system or a letter grade, just something that says how worthwhile you think it is.  In the end, we'll have a comprehensive list of what to and not to get on the DS.

Anyways, I'll start.


Age of Empires: The Age of Kings: 9/10.  There's a lot of turn based strategy titles for the DS, but this one feels a cut above the rest.  It's essentially a turn-based version of Warcraft III or the like.  Plus, this one is REALLY cheap, you can easily get it for five bucks new.


Battleship/Connect Four/Sorry/Trouble: 4/10.  Yet another hasbro collection, this one is plagued with many of the failures of it's predecessors.  It's got bad music, lacks any form of tutorial to show you where all the options are, and you can't use it for multiplayer without everyone else having a copy.  Unless you REALLY love these games and don't care if they lack the part with social interaction, don't even bother with this one.

Battles of Prince of Persia: 7/10.  This game, essentially Warhammer with cards, starts out great.  However, the slow interface for deckbuilding and the need to do it from scratch every other campaign mission make the fun stop rather quickly.  Good if you can get past the tedium.

Bleach: The Blade of Fate: 3/10.  This game is barely playable.  The instructions are cryptic, the dialog is impossible to understand and the story mode will have you literally playing the same fights over and over again even if you win them, to this day I still don't know why.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: 9/10.  One of the best games I've played on the DS.  The control scheme can be quirky at times (like ducking randomly while you're trying to move or activating the scope mode because you try to fire two shots too closely to eachother) which is why it lost a point.  I also don't like the lack of subtitles, making it impossible to tell what anyone is saying if you're in public without a set of buds.

Cartoon Network Racing: 1/10.  No.  Just no.

Chrono Trigger: 10/10.  If only all JRPGs took a lesson from this NES gem.  Perfect audio, seamless combat and an intriguing story that actually makes sense sets this apart from the stereotype.  It's a true masterpiece.

Civilization Revolution: 9/10.  It's a bit basic mind you, but I look at it in a good way.  It means you can actually finish a game within an hour.  It gets a little repetitive after a while, but what do you expect from a civ game?


Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2: 9/10.  This game is great.  It's fast-paced, it's challenging even to veterans, and the singleplayer options are rather vast with a good 50-60 hours worth of play.  However, without a buddy to go toe to toe with you'll never touch it after that.  Kaizer and I used to play this against each other all day during school, believe me when I say that it makes for some pretty good times.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker: 10/10.  Like Pokemon, but it has a good deal more strategy and you won't get laughed at by your peers for playing Pokemon.

Drawn To Life: 5/10.  For something based on creativity, it doesn't really allow for much of it.  It's way too kiddy and the platforming isn't exactly anything new.  It's bad enough that the game is filled with poorly drawn stylus sketchings, but when it's matched up to the premade sprites it just looks flat out ugly.  I've still logged a few hours into it, the unlockable minigames and such can provide a small amount of enjoyment.  It might be worth it if you can nab it on the cheap.


Elite Beat Agents: 8/10.  Think DDR on crack.  The song choice by far isn't the best, but that never stopped me from getting my first DS addiction out on this game.

Endwar: 8/10.  It's pretty average for a turn based game, it's unique in that you and your opponent submit their orders at the same time so you don't know what they're going to do and you have to plan far in advance.


Final Fantasy III: 8/10.  Doesn't really bring anything new to the table.  The opening cinematic is ps2 quality graphics, but it just disappoints you when you find out that the rest of the game looks nothing like it.

Final Fantasy IV: 9/10.  Like the last one, only they made some better looking cutscenes and did voiceovers for most all of it.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift: 10/10.  There's a lot of TBT games on my list, but this one takes the top.  It's perfect in every respect and I love it.  One of the few games I've ever put more than 50 hours in. (about 90 something, to be exact).

Front Mission: 7/10.  What is it with F and Square Enix?  Anyways, this game is kind of cool.  It's a TBT mech game where every robot is fully customizable, however they're also easily breakable.  There are two separate campaigns as well, so you get to see the story from both perspectives.  However, the game tends not to add anything new to the mix and you'll find yourself tiring of the game rather fast.

Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Card Game: 5/10.  Horrible story, lack of a decent tutorial, a horrible deckbuilding interface and a few other factors take away from what is otherwise a pretty cool card game.  I really like the "fantasy mode" which allows you to build a deck from a pool of every card in the game, meaning you can play with your dream deck without spending 30 hours in a grueling campaign mode for cards.


Geometry Wars: Galaxies: 10/10.  It's Geom, where can you go wrong?  Includes full campaign, arcade mode and an online leaderboard.

Guitar Hero: On Tour: 7.5/10.  I spent a lot of time on this one too, perhaps as much time as I spent in FFTA2.  However, the trade up to DSi meant that I stopped playing this one.  It has a pretty cool system for dueling and has an entire campaign just for that, however you'll find that it isn't exactly portable and you might as well play GH on a home console if you're there.  It's still nice to have for long trips.


Jam Sessions: 6/10.  Not really a game, this is more of a guitar tutor minus the guitar.  Pretty interesting, but unless you're using a pick instead of the stylus it's nothing like the real thing.  Still cool for recording songs, but unfortunately you can't export them anywhere.


Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days: 10/10.  It's a PS2 game ported perfectly to the DS.  This is one amazing title, even if you don't know what it's all about you should still give this one a go.

Korg DS-10: 6/10.  It's Jam Sessions on a keyboard.  A little more versatility, but good luck making it sound natural.  Also, only being able to hit one note at a time effectively defeats the purpose of using a piano.


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga: 7/10.  They stripped a lot out to fit all six movies onto one cart, but it's still kinda enjoyable.

Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie Barbeque: 9/10.  Ignore the name.  Ignore the plot.  Who cares about any of it?  This is one amazing shooter.  Good graphics for a DS game, a varaiety of enemies and some tough boss fights are here waiting provided you can get past the gorribly corny zombie jokes.  Yes, they're as bad as that one.

Lock's Quest: 10/10.  If you like TD games, RTS games, or pretty much anything made in flash then you'll definitely enjoy this one.

Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor: 6/10.  Elite Beat Agents with classical music.  Half the songs, half the difficulty and poor attempts at show tie-ins make this one low on my list compared to EBA.  Still great for nostalgia though.

Lost Magic: 6/10.  This is what I like to call the world's first JRTS.  It has all the things that make JRPGs JRPGs, only you have a small army to boss around.


Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier: 8/10.  It's a pretty good strategy game, but it has a few flaws.  You can only play in the campaign, no free play, and you can't replay past missions.  In other words, if you're stuck somewhere, there's nothing you can possibly do to change that.

Mariokart DS: 10/10.  Great singleplayer, great multiplayer, all around great kart experience.  LOVE the Waluigi Pinball course.

Metroid Prime Hunters: 9/10.  Classic FPS, suffers from the control scheme for Samus's alt form in the sidescroller sections.

Monster Bomber: 6/10.  It's a cross between Bubble Bobble and Whack a Mole.  Cool game, but it's way too short.

Mysims: 7/10.  Kinda like Animal Crossing, except without online support.  I still gotta give it credit for the ability to make your own clothing and furniture.

Myst: 4/10.  It's portable, that's pretty much the only difference.


N+: 9/10.  Just like N on the PC.  Knocked down for limited custom level slots and uncooperative options menus.

New Super Mario Brothers: 9/10.  Good, but a bit on the easy side.


Orcs & Elves: 7/10.  It's good for an outdated phone game, I'll give it that.  The difficulty modes have way too much of a difference, the top mode is literally impossible.  It's also a rather short game, but cool for what it is.


Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End: 4/10.  Poor attempt at an action title on the DS, especially after releases like 358/2 days.

Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl: 8/10.  You either like pokemon or you don't, for me it's something to use when my fingers hurt to move and yet I still want to play something.  The grind's the same as always...

Populous DS: 8/10.  Was a good strategy game, still is.  May be a little outdated, but a new tutorial, awesome god power animations and a campaign mode make it feel more at home in this generation.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: 10/10.  The best platformer on the DS, hands down.

Puzzle Kingdoms: 8/10.  Bejeweled + Advance Wars = Win.  Too bad there's nothing for replayability.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords: 9/10.  Bejeweled + Final Fantasy = even better win.  Again, it still lacks replayability.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix: 7/10.  Bejeweled + Star Trek Armada = almost win.  Has a little more replayability, but the grind from the campaign is so heavy that it's doubtful you'll ever experience the ending.


Rythm Heaven: 10/10.  It's Warioware with music and it's frickin awesome.


Scribblenauts: 6/10.  A lot of people like it, but it's just way too easy when the game literally lets you do anything.

SNK VS CAPCOM: Card Fighters DS: 4/10.  Horrible translations are REALLY horrible.  At least this game is good for a laugh.  The battles themselves are suprisingly complex, but the campaign mode literally forces you to grind through a good 100-200 games every few floors or so.  The grind is worse than playing Pokemon, but at least Pokemon has a fanbase.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood: 9/10.  Woulda been perfect if it wasn't for the EBA style menu controls.  I like to keep my J-pop and my J-rpg separate, thank you very much.

Sonic Rush Adventure: 6/10.  Crappy dialog, which would be excusable if it weren't for the pushover gameplay.  It's laughably easy.

Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll: 6/10.  Frustrating.  Really frustrating.  Rewarding if you're good enough, but I guess I just don't have enough knowledge in the field of monkey balls.


Theme Park: 7/10.  An okay sim game, It harkens back to the Bullfrog title by the same name.  Ironically, this game was made by EA.

U: Ultimate Mortal Kombat: 8/10. It's pretty good, Puzzle combat is really fun but all you need to do is look at the roster for MK: Armageddon and you'll be weeping.


Wario: Master of Disguise: 7/10.  It's a near release game, a pretty bland platformer.  Nothing too special, but it was good when there wasn't much else on the system.

Warioware Touched: 9/10.  Good, but shorter than the other versions.

Wiffleball: 2/10.  It came with a free wiffle bat, ok?

Worms 2: Open Warfare: 10/10.  Classic worms action with tons of unlockable content.


Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds: Stardust Accelerator: 5/10. Okay, I always say for a port system you need at least one YGO game.  Why?  Replayability.  I've logged over 300 hours into WC07 and that's sheerly from 10-15 minute spurts spread out over the course of three years.  However, this game isn't the one to get.  The story mode is horridly translated and the motorcycles are completely pointless, yet all of the games free play options can only be unlocked through accomplishments in story mode.  It's really a waste of time.

Yu-Gi-Oh: World Championship 2007: 10/10.  This IS the game to get.  All of the free play options are unlocked from you guessed it, freeplay options!  Get tired of 1v1 or think it's too easy?  Try some brain teaser "duel puzzles" or play in LP survival mode where you go as long as you can without your hp resetting.  Get tired of the AI decks?  Go online, download copies of the top ranked decks in the world or play other people across the globe.  Not to mention you can run in "ghost mode" and let your opponent use any of the decklists you've saved so you can play against your own decks.  Did I mention that you can save 120 different decklists?  Yeah, this is the most you'll ever get out of a DS game.
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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2010, 12:35:41 am »
Yeah I'll add to this.

Animal Crossing Wild World: Great addictive game it does get boring a bit after a while with not as much to do but you do find yourself coming back to perfect your town pay off your house collect decorations. If your mum bought a DS get this game for her.

Animal Paradise: Got this from my sister one Christmas it's shovel-ware in every sense of the word not much to see here play boring mini games with various animals (using the stylus to brush and feed them etc) until you earn a prize of photos of baby animals. Stay away from it.

Diddy Kong racing DS: Mostly just a straight remake still holds out on the DS not much has been changed speed boosts of the start line are down by reving up the engine with the touch screen which isn't too bad of an idea although the hover craft is reved by blowing into the microphone which brings the standed issue of you looking like tool on the train. Oh also there is a track building feature it's not much as you can build anything to complicated just a rainbow road looking track. Only if you loved it on the N64 or you were too young to have played it then (otherwise just get Mario Kart DS)

GTA: Chinatown wars: It's GTA set in the GTA 4 world with basically same map but with top down view giving classic GTA feel. Story isn't too much at all but makes some interesting use of touch screen for brief mini games although having to jump start cars does get a tad annoying pretty soon. Still it adds some good immersion to the game.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom hourglass: The running consensus of this game is having to go into the Ocean temple again and again is awfully annoying and they aren't far wrong but the rest of the game is plenty of fun riding the boat around isn't super great but it's not too bad the dungeons are pretty clever and aren't too long.

Meteos: Addictive puzzle game pretty original uses a match 3 system by dragging blocks vertically but what happens then is the blocks then become rockets lifting all the blocks above them up and off the screen to clear them larger combos produce longer burns lifting the blocks higher clearing more blocks more points. A game where you will see falling blocks every time you close your eyes.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explores of Darkness/Time: From what I hear the differences aren't really worth mentioning not as good as the main series of games but decent there doesn't seem to be a way to evolve Pokemon so if you want and advanced version of a Pokemon you have to go out find and catch it. It's a dungeon crawling game can get rather repetitive though and has a lot of grind.

Yoshi's Island 2: Purely a nostalgia game it they did a good enough job honoring the original form the SNES it's not as good as that was but decent enough. Said to be pretty hard but if you played and finished the SNES version there isn't too much in this game that will have you crying for mercy.

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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2010, 12:01:50 pm »

Knights in the nightmare

I meant to get that one, at the time I opted for Puzzle Kingdoms over it.  I'll have to see if I can find a copy.

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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2010, 02:21:46 pm »
alright, here it is:


-new super mario bros(7)
what can i say...its mario, the new powerups are sort of lame though

-mario 64(8 )
well, if you've never played mario 64 before, get this.
if you did, the new levels and characters arnt really worth it,
unless if you are feeling nostalgic right before vacation :3

-soul bubbles(8.5)
you never heard of this game, and if you would see it you would say
that is was some kind of lame 'casual' game, but its not.
this really is a great and origonal platforming game wich has you
blow a bubble around. (without the mic, dont worry)
it has all sorts of fun stuff like carrying around liquids or gasses in the bubble.

-yoshi's island DS(8 )
not as good as the origonal, but still allot of fun

-kirby superstar sega(7.5)
apparantly its a remake of the SNES version, wich i never played
it has multiple little stories with diffrent levels and themes, and great music >.>

-kirby squeek squad(7)
its nothing special, but if you like kirby you should check it out

-Kirby canvas curse(7)
this game is pretty hard, its fun though

-henry hatsworth(7.5)
this game has you constantly switching between platforming and bejeweled...
its hectic and fun but at the later levels it can get seriously frustrating

its like the flash game, wich you can play right now, for free.
all new levels though, and its portable.


-metroid prime hunters(8 )
its allot difrent from the other prime games and allot more shooterish.
its still allot of fun though, and the online multiplayer works great.

-zelda phantom hourglass(8 )
this might just be the worst zelda game...but that doesnt mean its bad
its just a tad bland, and the goddamn hourglass temple thing is pretty stupid >.>

-zelda spirit tracks(9.5)
this might just be one of the best zelda games...and its great
it starts of pretty slow and lame until you beat the 1st dungeon, then it builds up
in quality and never stops.

-bangai-o spirits(8 )
this game is crazy, its sort of like a schmup, but you have a gundamish robot thing.
and you roam the levels freely, shooting stuff...oh and theres like a billion bullets flying everywhere
just watch a youtube video...

-tetsui death label(8 )(japanese game)
this is a bullet hell game, that means that its a schmup where its more about avoiding a screen filled with
bullets more than shooting the crap out of stuff(you still do that though)
there are allot of dificulties and each time it gets more and more crazy with awesome bullet paterns,
you really feel like god when you avoid all of it.

-metal slug 7(7.5)
its metal slug, its great, but way too short.

-contra 4 (8.5)
its contra, its great.

-ninja gaiden(7.5)
its ninja gaiden, its great, but its way too easy

-castlevania: portrait of ruin(8 )
in this one you can switch between a more clasic hero dude(whip and all) or a magic girl.
other than that you arnt just stuck in a castle, you go into paintings to difrent mario >.>
nothing special if you played a billion castlevania games already though.

-castlevania: order of ecclesia(9)
this one is pretty awesome, it looks great, sounds great, plays great.

-space invaders extreme(8 )
its space invaders...EXTREEEEEEEEME!
what makes it so difrent is that everything that happens makes a beat wich sort of generates a cool song.
its also updated gameplay wise and hard as hell.

-glory days(8 )
HA! another game you never heard of!
this one is pretty darn origonal, and fun. you control a helicopter or plane on a 2d battlefield.
there are 2 sides constantly spouting out tanks and soldiers(later you can choose what to spout out on your side yourself)
trying to get to the other sides base, as a helicopter you can pick up civilians and bring them back to base for money,
allowing for more units, or take soldiers to and paradrop them around the battlefield.
as a plane you generaly just fly back and forth, bombing the crap out of everything and restocking(its fun)
couple that with enemy planes and heli's and multiplayer, and you got some real crazy stuff going on.

-GTA chinatown(8.5)
its like GTA2, but portable...and with MINIGAMES!

-JUMP ultimate stars(7.5)(japan only)
its like smash bros, with anime...hmm
theres a translation patch on the internet somewhere by the way.

-geometry wars(7)
pew pew pew!


-mario & luigi: partners in time(6.5)
the areas and the story is pretty bland but its worth
a try if you like the mario & luigi games.

-mario & luigi: bowsers inside story(9)
this game is fantastic, its everything thats good about the mario n luigi rpgs and more.
and it has bowser as the main star...sort of.

-tingle's rosy rupee land(8 )(europe/japan only? i dont know)
i heard something about this game not being released in the usa, not sure about australia.
its a great game though, with tingle as the main star(yknow, from zelda? dont you just LOVE that guy?)
in this game, rupees are your life, your currency and your weapon. allot of times you have to barter your way
through the plot or the dungeons, and if you give too much you lose money, too few and you might get in trouble.
it also has allot of crafting, exploring, and resource gathering to get more cash(kind of like harvest moon)

-lock's quest(8 )
this is sort of more like a strategy game...but not really.
you build walls and towers to protect something each level, while running around fighting monsters yourself,
and repairing your constructions. pretty addictive

-chrono trigger(9)

-puzzle quest(galactic too)(7)
its bejeweled on steroid with some crazy rpg stuff going on, and the pc is a cheating bitch.
decide wich one you want on what you like more, sci fi or fantasy.

-the world ends with you(7)
the title is pretty misleading, its crazy jrpg modern pop stuff fighting monster things in tokyo.
its fun though.

-Knights in the nightmare(8 )
this game is really hard to explain...its more a puzzle game than an rpg, but it drowns in RPG stats and items and stuff
it has a billion tutorials and hints and whatever to get you started, and it takes a while to get what is going on
but its a really intuitive system and its pretty damn fun.

-etrian odyssey 1,2(8 )
if you like exploring, then get these.
you assemble a party of whatever you want and go into a huge ****ing dungeon.
its really hard though, but its good stuff.

cant really rate on this since i didnt get that far.
from what ive played though, its pretty solid.

-final fantasy 3(5)
only if you like to die allot >.>
this game didnt age well...

-final fantasy 4(8 )
the story is pretty basic, but its told in a fun way.
the combat is done perfectly and the bosses are great.
and **** yes the music is awesome.


-fire emblem(9)
its fire emblem dude, go get it now!
its a turn based strategy game(like advanced wars)
but all your units die...forever, so you keep those guys healthy.

-advance wars: dual strike(9)
so much stuff! its fun, its challanging, its awesome.

-advance wars: days of ruin/dark conflict(8.5)
this one is so much harded oh god its hard...the story is also very dark(wich isnt really a bad thing)

-final fantasy tactics 2(7.5)
its a turn based strategy and its very in depth and stuff, lots of stats.
but it builds up very very slowly.


-tetris DS(8 )
its tetris holy ****
and it has old 8bit tunes holy crap

-might and magic: clash of heroes(8 )
fun and adictive, sort of like an RTS but then not... its hard to explain.

-profesor layton 1,2(9)
its classic riddles and puzzles tied together with a great(but cartoony)story.


its a bit awkward at times, but fun to play.

-trauma center(8 )
crazy operations have you shoot bioweapon sharks with lasers in someones spleen, fantastic.

-Rythm heaven(8 )
you should probably buy this if you like fun times.

point and click(ish)

-phoenix wright trilogy(****ing 10 thats right)
i love these, they are hilarious and you just have to know what happens next.
it has crazy plots and characters that all lead to many laughs.

-apollo justice(10)
same as above, but it stands on its own, so maybe its a better place to start.

-hotel dusk(8.5)
this is what i think of when i think interactive story, its like a point and clicker, but it plays out
more like a book, its not crazy wacky stuff, just a great story.

-broken sword(7)
fun clasic point n click adventure, but the plot ends with allot of unawnsered questions.


-mario kart(8.5)
this is allot like mariokart 64, maybe even better.
its great.

-harvest moon games(8 )
well, if you played one before dont bother, if not then try one out
they are fun times.

-elite beat agents(8 )
great rythm game! with great songs!(mostly)
and crrraaazy presentation.

-osu! tatakae! ouendan 1,2 (9)(japan only)
same as the elite beat agents but with difrent songs and characters(ofcource its just japanese songs)
i like the 2nd one more though, the songs are way better.

-retro game challange(9.5)
this has you being zapped back into the 80's where you play fictional games from that period.
its basicly a collection of old school nes games that dont exsists, all the games borrow from real games though.

its allot of fun to mess around with, but trying to beat the missions can be really annoying.

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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2010, 06:02:07 pm »
Starfox Command: Ah....well. I ain't gonna sugar coat it. Speech has major shortcuts taken, lack of the ever-notoriuous cutscenes that the Starfox series does oh-so well, crap controls, a somewhat weak story, sencelessly high number of enemies, retarded Great Fox redesign that looks like something outta Starfox 2,weak story endings,characters (like Katt) randomly appearing, inflexible HUD for bombs and such,irritating time limit...the list goes on and on and on. 2/10, and that's only because A) I'm a Starfox fan, and B) though random, they did have diverse characters.

Phantom Hourglass;Legend of Zelda::Eh, good and bad. The story was absolutly spectacular and controls were decent. Bosses were modestly difficult, the only thing killing it is the stupid Ocean Temple and the Ghost Ship, with the stupid one hit kill-style attacks of the Phantoms and those ghost enemies on the ship(forgot their names). Shoulda made em like Darknuts. Powerful, but not irritatingly overpowered. And the first part of the boss battle with Bellium had too high a reliablilty on arrows, with the lack of extras, I personally would keep running out. Had to try...what was it...16 or so times before I FINALLY scored it right, with one arrow left, I might add. So, overall,7.5/10.

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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
« Reply #5 on: February 21, 2010, 11:23:26 am »
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky


These games make an excellent sequel to the first two, with a gripping storyline, strategic gameplay, challenging boss fights, and amazing little easter eggs for comic relief. Also, the game makes you work to evolve, instead of being able to just spam Bidoofs and get to Monferno before you reach Sandgem. (I did ths once on an emulator.) What else is there to say except PLAY THIS GAME!
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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2010, 11:04:00 am »
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky


These games make an excellent sequel to the first two, with a gripping storyline, strategic gameplay, challenging boss fights, and amazing little easter eggs for comic relief. Also, the game makes you work to evolve, instead of being able to just spam Bidoofs and get to Monferno before you reach Sandgem. (I did ths once on an emulator.) What else is there to say except PLAY THIS GAME!
OOh, yeah! I forgot I played that! They have great storylines. Gripping storyline, indeed! Though, I never thought I'd say that about a POKEMON game.

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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
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Theme Park: 7/10.  An okay sim game, It harkens back to the Bullfrog title by the same name.  Ironically, this game was made by EA.

correction, the game was MADE by Bullfrog, (which as far as I can tell no longer exists) I used to play this game on the pc nonstop in the 90's
but this version of this game, (which is worse in my opinion) was simply published by EA, which makes since considering EA is a game publisher and not really a game company, (they are now the largest game publisher, by far, but thats besides the point)
some changes in the game include the main character (the theme park director is completely different, the old one was better,.. the intro to the game is different,.. again,. the old one was better,... there are a few different rides, I can't remember off the top of my head which are different, but I remember there being differences, so I agree with your 7/10, where I would give the original, (a MS-DOS title) a 8 or 9

as far as rating other ds games, by ds is dead and I can't find the power supply, so I can't turn it on to view the list of games i have on it, (over 200 or so) once I do though, I'll review a good portion of them.

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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
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I'm currently playing devils survivor. Any tip or cheats maybe?  :)

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Re: DS Games Summaries thread
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There are some basic "cheats" here.

Otherwise pop on over to the "FAQ" tab for in-depth help. That site should have codes and tips for just about every game out there. ;)