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Re: The Core Combine First Contact War
« Reply #45 on: February 22, 2010, 02:24:33 am »
"You heard him!", Shanara said, smiling. "Send a detachment to escort our fellows back to safety!"

//This is Nine Star Admiral Shanara Kazamadariya, speaking.

We're sending in a detachment to escort you out of the thick.

Let's talk about it more once we finish off this installation.

Over and out.//

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Re: The Core Combine First Contact War
« Reply #46 on: February 23, 2010, 07:14:39 pm »
Felron Orbit Dreadnaught Arachnash

That was it… Felron was lost… the Skrall could not feel sadness pity or fear… but they could feel rage… and that was the emotion dominating them right now… they would pay for this… all of them… by the time this war was over the Combine was going to make sure they got a good lick in before this was over… and they did not care how much blood they had to spill… or how many atrocities they needed to commit in order to do it.

Scourge had seen Felron was lost the minute the bombardment started… but still… if the Core Combine got anything from this battle it was data… pure data… now they knew how their enemy fought, now they finally knew what they were dealing with.

//Zaragnan… an enemy commando team infiltrated a minor control complex in the war hall correct? Not a hive network point?//

//Yes Supreme Commander Scourge… the second we detected the unauthorized entry we began to purge our data files…//

//How much did they get?// Weather they got a lot or few the Combine was going to make sure such a breach like this never happened again…

//The Data loss was actually not as bad as we believed at first… we managed to delete most of our files… they have the locations of several colonies as well as the fortress worlds.... blueprints of our most advanced weaponry were saved, as well as the ones of our greatest ships….. But they know the locations of most of our fortress worlds, they also appeared to be very interested in the technology  we use to assimilate other species… those files were deleted…but fragments may have gotten through… though hardly enough to properly reverse engineer it… of course we do not know for certain//

//Hmmm…. Why would they want that?// The Skrall paused for a few moments… technically freeing the slaves already converted was considered theoretically impossible… Core Combine programming was genetic… like an ant…. Even if you removed all the bionics and the slave survived it will still have the need to do its tasks…. And the neurocyte was wired in so deep that removing it would probably kill the subject… but still… technically the Skrall never did experiments to see if reversal was in fact possible… it would likely require heavy surgery, gene modification, and heavy mental rehabilitation to shake off the genetic programming …… but all that did not make it any less worrying

//Did they take any intel on the Ov…// He was interrupted before he even finished

//No… no files on the Overlords or the inner sanctum where touched….// Scourge was relieved at this news…

//And the backup relays?//

//Do you lose faith in the Overlords Scourge?//

//No…. I just like to be sure… inform A27 and Ragaran to be prepared…//

//Yes Supreme Commander Scourge// a slight pause followed as the rest of the Core Combine tuned into the hive network to receive the news…

//Set coordinates for A27…… we will meet with reinforcements there….//

The Core Combine now had a set goal….. vengeance… and little did the enemy know that a Core Combine deep space probe had come across something very interesting in Photos territory…..

//Redirect Vokonar’s battle fleet…. And have the Arachnash join it…. Ragaran will handle affairs at A27//

It was the Core Combines turn to take the fight to the enemy now…

Felron Orbit

The Dreadnaught attempted to try to alter its path, anything, anything to try to stop its seemingly unstoppable decent to the surface, but it was all for naught, it was simply thrown by the massive carrier with too much force, it went spinning down into the surface, completely sealing the final nail on the Core Combines defeat at Felron…

At another part of space however, the lone Photos Dreadnaught and shuttle suddenly became a high priority targets, the remaining Combine ships in the form of multiple frigates and destroyers as well as two battle ships turned their attention to it, they had valuable data and it was going to be a cold day in hell when they would let them get away with it without a fight…
Meanwhile, the bulk of the Combine fleet including the Arachnash managed to get a safe distance away from the enemy and warped out towards their respective destination…

Fortress World A27

More and more fleets where coming towards A27 in order to reinforce the world, of course there was also the possibility that they were actually going to be redirected for a counter attack on the Photos…

Leading the fleet was a Dreadnaught named the Kivir’cor, headed by high warlord Ragaran, who had been studying the data received from the battle of Felron, so far he realized that the enemies battle cruisers where the biggest threat, he began to draft a strategy that would lure the enemy fleet straight into the crosshairs of the Riether fleet waiting in ambush, the Core Combine just needed to keep all attention focused on them… and after which their combined fire power would lure the galactic forces into a meat grinder, hitting them from all sides on their front and their flanks…
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Re: The Core Combine First Contact War
« Reply #47 on: February 24, 2010, 02:10:06 pm »
On the P.S. Hyvez, the crew was scrambling to get power back on.
"Oh man, they're targeting the Commander's dreadnought.....divert all power from auxillary to the weapons!" He said. Fortunately, aux power was supplied by a seperate reactor. Sure, it wouldn't power the railguns or the Antimatter Cannon, but it should power the plasma batteries. They opened fire on the Littany's assailants. It gave the Littany a clear shot out of combat. It activated it's warp drive and shot off out of the combat area.

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Re: The Core Combine First Contact War
« Reply #48 on: March 13, 2010, 09:07:56 am »
(the battle's over, obviously)

Felron had apparently gone quiet. Agnasi was always waiting for an unclaimed planet, especially one that had been formally occupied: the refined resources and technology was allways usefull.

"[Planet 25934<>species: NONE<> derective: CLAIM <> Hostilities: MINIMAL<> Stategy: 18<> Initiate : IN PROCCESS

the huge Iavolg superstructure, Hnangha, a cluster of ship, some melded together, other simply loosely attached, slammed to a halt just outside the system's orbit. a small cluster of carriers and transports emerged from somewhere in the great ship, and sped toward the planet. then, without pause, the  Hnangha primed it's engines and launched back into deeper space.

meanwhile, the small ship traveled, and headed into Felrons' atmosphere. they slipped in, virtually unnoticeable by the remaining warships. one dropship hovered down, just 20 meters from the surface of the scarred world. it's hatch opened, and a dozen soldiers where dropped haphazardly.

the landed in a heap. their soft bones cracked as they hit the surface. the ones who could, stood up, and searched about for anything edible. there was little in the way of food. no-matter though. they had been modified to eat anything. with half of them injured, this small group was useless for any practical use. but that was irrelevant. in another days time, they would be replaced by their many, many offspring.

spread and consume.
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