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Author Topic: Behold! The Blargbells!  (Read 27605 times)

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Re: Behold! The Blargbells!
« Reply #165 on: April 01, 2008, 04:37:18 pm »
Colonized Planets

The Blargbell, though there are now many throughout the galaxy, only have two planets that are designated as colonies. They are both in the Inner Rim, in places so dark, horrifying, and barbaric only the brave or insane have gotten there ,come back, and lived.


New Blargellia
This planet, the only habitable planet in its solar system, is mostly comprised of jungles, primeval forests, deserts, and vast landscaped filled with canyons and crags, holding creatures so terrifying that very few have dared attepting to pass through the area.

This planet, bing the first that the Blargbells discovered themselves, was named New Blargbellia, in honor of its colonist's home planet. Interestingly, almost all of the Bells in the first fleet of ships were criminals. The Empire is full of crime, and they needed somewhere to dump the degenerates, so they chose this unfortunate planet as their "jail."
The Bells dropped on the planet were given very little. Some tents, a little bit of canned food to get them started, and some primitive laser technology. No space-faring technology, obviously, for fear that they would COME BACK to Blargbellia to take revenge on their jailers.

These early settlers were on their own after that. Only the occasional ship came by, and always to drop off more of the same lot that came in the first fleet. And so, the thousands of Blargbells made the best of it. Hundreds died. Not that it was a problem, with them multiplying with every death. Soon, little villages popped up, and basic governments with them. The most common of these governments was anarchism. In other words, every "man" for himself. The ones that were strong enough to take what they wanted it, usually got it. These bullies became the first "kings." A portion (usually a large one) of everything that the "villagers" produced was given to these rulers. This was always livestock and food, since actual money hadn't been established, and all transactions were made by trading.

After a few years, a surprising discovery was made. The early rumors of flitting shadows, hairy creatures darting here and there just to dissapear a moment later, and monsters that would carry off livestock and foodstuffs... they were all true. As it turned out, there was more than ONE intellignet species on the planet!
They were fattish, and tallish, and hairy. They wore only rags that were crudely sewn together, or simply draped over them like capes. They only feature that was anything interesting was the fact that they all wore tall, pointed, cone hats, that seemed to be exquisately made, as if all that these creatures ever "researched" was the making of these caps. The "New" Blargbells grabbed at the chance to take over this new creature, taking their idea and knowledge of the surrounding forests which had for so long threatened the Bells with its fury.

This move, though horrible and very wrong, was still "smart." With their newfound knowledge of what to eat, what to hunt, when to hide and where, they were soon no longer the slave of the forest, but its master. With these "Munchkin's" (as some of the Bells were calling them) instincts and the Bell's superior technology (even if it WAS in short supply) they were quickly able to build up towns, and even cities! The Munchkins were being captured left and right for breeding and training, and the ones in the litters that were abnormal, were quickly cast aside to the feral Speedwurms (descendants of the first that came) that roamed the outskirts of the cities.

Despite all these trials, or possibly because of them, the New Blargbells bagan to flourish. Technology was developed, means of travel, like the automobiles of Earth, soon were made. The laser, the only tool which was left to them by their ancestors, was developed and expanded on so that it was now unique from the first that were given to them of Huckbuckian design.
They even began to gain their own culture. Life revolved around the Munchkin, rather than the Wurm, and while the government on Blargbellian was trusted and idolized, the government and its "associates" were mistrusted and hated by most on New Blargbellia. And while the buildings of older times were like all the others, four sided and narrowing as it got higher, the newer ones were all cones, like the hats that sat on the Munchkin's head.

Unfortunately, the New Blargellians did not learn from their ancestor's mistakes. All "officials" were simply at the top because they brutalized all the others that got in their way. If it was possible, this new culture was even more barbaric and brutal than the first. And unfortunately for the ones that left them here to defend themselves, soon these new Munchbells (as they call themselves) will rise up into space to take revenge on their predecessors...

((And finally, a picture!))

((Next planet soon.))
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Re: Behold! The Blargbells!
« Reply #166 on: April 30, 2010, 06:51:09 am »

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Re: Behold! The Blargbells!
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No.  Bad Yuu.
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Re: Behold! The Blargbells!
« Reply #169 on: May 03, 2010, 11:23:19 am »
This may just be the most cool creature on this site. AWESOME!