Author Topic: Net Neutrality in danger in the US  (Read 12779 times)

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Re: Net Neutrality in danger in the US
« Reply #75 on: May 12, 2006, 11:15:35 am »
Perhaps. But there are still countries that are doing it worse.
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Re: Net Neutrality in danger in the US
« Reply #76 on: May 12, 2006, 11:29:16 am »
This is me playing Devil's advocate.

Maybe there's so much anti american feeling in the world because America is genuinely doing it wrong. Good and Bad are purely defined by what people think, so if a lot of the world think america is bad then maybe the Governement should stop bitching and listen.
Countries get the stereotypes they deserve... look at Belgium for instance...

And I'm not saying that we're doing everything right. What I am saying, and will continue to say, is that there are countries in this world that are doing far, far worse than we are. There are governments that allow or endorse the routine slaughter of their own people. We are not that bad compared to some, but we get so much attention that everyone else's ****-ups? Nobody cares about them. And I've lived in other countries, I've heard how we're spoken about and how we're presented in the media overseas. The only thing anyone ever hears about us is the bad, never the good. And it's not because we never do anything good; it's because they want to focus on the bad and perpetuate their own negative opinions of us.

Which is why, honestly, I wish we'd just pull out. Pull out of the U.N., pull out of everything. Just let the world go on its merry way. Let China take the lead. Just ... deal with our own crap for a while. We're so busy being involved in everyone else's business -- in some cases by our own choice, in others because the U.N. asked us to be there -- that there are huge problems here at home that aren't being addressed. Maybe that would make people happy. Because getting involved sure as hell isn't. All it does is give them something more to bitch about.

And maybe when we're one day no longer the most powerful country in the world, we'll get a chance to bitch about somebody else. That'll be fun. But who knows? Maybe whichever country takes over, most likely China at this point -- maybe they'll get everything right and people will love them and want to all move there.