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Little Piece I Wrote
« on: November 02, 2009, 03:44:10 pm »
In a motion, just as quick as an eye closing and reopening again, he drew his ancient sabre to present his furiousity and will to defend his honour. Hassan knew that his only chance to keep his honour and prestige was if he killed his oppenent, who blatantly insulted his kin, who was much younger and a better athlete, and finally who was a shame to the province, if he used his long earned experience in swordfight. A quick bluff, a strong jab at the head and the youngster would be gone for good. He who attacked fiercly the long and glorious lineage of the sheikh and the empire who cared for no tradition, even if it was of ancient descent. His sabre, which was formed by a master in the field of smithing, which was composed of gold, finest stell, rubies and sapphires, would crush the skull of the offender of the crown. Who was he anyway to disturb our ancient stability? Who was he, dressed in the rags of a commoner, who clamed the king to be an obsolete placeholder, a figure in a breaking chessboard? What was his purpose in the great enchanting work of the Almighty One? He was just nothing more but a nuisance to the princes and governors, to the kings, and the caliphs. A reason why an example had to be stated. The nuisance had to be removed by the king himself.
So a king, a sabre, and a charismatic commoner stood in the hall of the palace, and just as quick as he, the once almighty king, drew his sword, the moment was over, and as Karim lifted his sword from the breathing corpse, the palace fell to dust and the glory became a filthy mass of disgusstingly smelling bodies of unknown liquids. The king was dead and Karim was gone.
Twenty days later, fourthousand miles to the west, in a billage on the edge of a cliff, there stood a strange figurine, hooded in a silky dress in black. If anyone would have been asked, noone would have seen the figure, as he stood so still that he seemed to be unexistent.
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OK, both of you die and let us know what happens.