Author Topic: the consumers (planing and sighnups)  (Read 1348 times)

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the consumers (planing and sighnups)
« on: October 24, 2009, 12:16:03 am »
this is my first RP with thuli, in my attempt to make it less of a omniscient being and more of an inquisitive idiot (though still actually smart. more like having a moderately severe case of autism)

usual sighnups/ your character can represents your race, or can just an individual involved (in my case, my character has to unusual quality of being the entire race). as usual with my RP's, I don't expect anyone to join

gender: (if it has one)

thuli decided it wanted to get something to eat, but it realized it didn't have a stomach. so it made one, and called it the shilopherous. unfortunately, thuli couldn't control it for long. so it spread out, and started eating.  as of this game, it is reaching the established universe.

"oh dear..." thuli thought. this was quite a cuffufle. "well, I made them, so I should be able to unmake them"

by now, the shilo's where entering inhabited space. just little bits of them, but still enough. thuli quickly scrabbled together a collection of old technological pieces into a makeshift communicator.

"this is thulithotlus. it seems my stomach just burst, and I think it wants to eat...everything. just, try not to get devoured. I'm certain I'll think of something before too long. I made them myself, actually. any feedback on them is welcome. constructive criticisms only though, please"
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