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Spore Halloween Adventure Challenge
« on: October 15, 2009, 06:17:32 am »
SO! The challenge has been issued here to form into a team and create the scariest adventure you can muster. I've spent two days (or however long) farting about trying to find a team for this on the Sporum and it's just turning into a clustermuck of sending pms, getting pms, not getting responses, and so forth. Cut short i'm pretty much never going to get to do anything for this challenge if I rely on that.

So i'm tossing it out here - we need to assemble a team of three (or multiple teams of three, maybe you like internal competition? It's all valid I guess) and create a scary adventure before the deadline on 11:00am PDT Oct 27th 2009. I'm not looking to mess around with organisation here - i'm looking to start working on the actual adventure as soon as possible. The contest seems to be fairly open about who does what, so once a team is formed I suppose we can confer from there who does what, what the adventure will be, and so forth.

I personally am good at creating creatures and adventures. I'm hoping to tag up with someone who is good at buildings, since that's not my forte. If you want examples of my work, my profile is here, and my best adventure (especially for horror) is probably The Fog.