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Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
« on: October 08, 2009, 12:04:11 pm »

On May 25, 2004, A giant spacecraft approached the earth. Silent, it hovered ominously over the world and began and to release great clouds of spores into the upper atmosphere. Rapidly multiplying, the spores soon darkened the skies, and before long obsured the sun completely. In later days, this period would be known as the *Twilight*.

The Spores, having reached critical mass in the skies, began to rain down. Over the course of several days, they began to clog streets and bodies of water, smothering people in their homes and burying animals in the wild. During the *Nightfall* as it came to be called, most of the higher lifeforms on earth were wiped out.

During the Twilight, all human responses were futile. Choosing caution over aggression, the governments of the world didn't realize how quickly the end could come, and were buried alongside those that they governed. A few, however, did survive, sealed in underground bases with stocks of food and oxygen. After several weeks, the spores seemed to have disintegrated , Decomposing and settling in to the soil. The world seemed safe again, for a time. Many of the surviving humans banded together and named themselves the Council Of Earth

Rushing down a flight of stone cold steel steps two men were hurrying barely stopping to breathe. One was middle age with brown graying hair, The other was short with glass's and brown curly hair.

The adviser attempting to adjust his glasses nearly dropped them in the commotion.

Adviser: Congratulations on receiving the title of commander sir.

Wolf: Thank you, I just didn't expect to be thrown in so quickly.

Adviser: I  apologize for giving such short notice but the situation is getting more dire by the second, People are getting scared and resources low, UFOS have been spotted more frequently and we have reports of some sort of monsters roaming the streets. I must brief you immediately.

Wolf: You have no need to apologize, I understand completely

After cutting many sharp corners and darting through a long hallway the two men arrive in large room filled with many computers, in the center of the room lies a machine with many diffrent buttons and gizmos, Connected to it is a large screen that appears to have an image of the earth upon it.

Adviser: Some of the satellites in space are still online, We have here a satellite image of our planet and we have set up some interface options as well as a tactical map

Wolf: Excellent

Wolf seemed somewhat intrigued by seeing an image of earth again, After the Spores decomposed nobody really expected to see earth in its former self. You could see  Wolfs mouth twitch slightly, As though he nearly almost cracked a smile of relief.

Moving to the machine the adviser messed with a few buttons and zoomed the image in.

Adviser: We have set up a rough estimate of where we have the biggest influence indicated by the blue area, Inside this influence we predict being able to easily transport supplies during missions and its very likely that the people not currently with our cause could rise up to aid us since we are able to provide aid, food, and shelter in the area.

Adviser: the icons you see here represent our bases, the target represents military bases, Its where we will launch our squads from as well as where our aircraft and weapons are stored, the Cog represents an engineering facility, That is where development of equipment and technology take place. The Nuclear symbol represents our research facility where our scientists come up with solutions and technology to further our cause,

Wolf: I see..we do not currently have a research base.

Advisor: Unfortunately no we do not, If i may suggest that acquiring one be a high priority. Each base only really has enough room for the equipment and staff suited to one type, Therefore we can move equipment in and out if you would like to switch one base to another type, we could. However each base can only provide one function at a time.

Wolf: I understand, we will have to make due with what we have for the time being.

Adviser:The Council Of Earth has entrusted you with making the majority of the decisions for our conflict. They have also agreed that they will attempt to send you the most qualified soldiers for your Phoenix squad. It is at your discretion what missions you wish them to engage, The Council Of Earth will attempt any outstanding missions that your squad does not take.

With a few more button presses the adviser brought up an image of three soldiers, two male and one female.

Adviser: These three are the first set of soldiers The Council Of Earth has deemed acceptable for your squad.

Wolf: They do not look like they are the most qualified.

Adviser: Understand that the pool of people willing to fight is quite low, These soldiers scored higher on their combat tests then the majority of those tested.

Wolf began to look over the soldiers profiles wondering to himself if they were really combat ready.

Wolf Began reading aloud each soldiers report written by the Councils examiners.

Wolf: Malcolm Badger Man McLean, Scored high in the hand gun operation test and first aid training, Due to his age he was unable to carry heavy loads and his eyes are not the best, Its also possible that his bones may be brittle due to his age. However he showed great leadership quality's, Used to serve in the navy, Interesting

Wolf: Brian Grazony Rowley, Scored high in launcher and sniper tests, He failed first aid testing, They report that Grazony would have trouble applying a band aid. He displayed a large amount of physical strength able to carry a large load and handle a rocket launcher with relative ease, He also seems to be quite resistant to pain, Grazony displays a very caring demeanor and constantly volunteered his assistance in his stay at our facility.

Wolf: Florence Serenity Plant,  Scored average in most tests however displayed a great amount dexterity and awareness, It is unlikely that she would ever be caught off guard, She is not physically strong and is doubtful that she has a very high pain tolerance. She is French but speaks English, She has a demeanor not suited to that of soldier.

Wolf: What the heck does that mean?...

Adviser: Would you like to meet your squad? They are waiting for you in the armory.

Wolf: Of course i will go to greet them immediately.

On his way to the armory Wolf could not shake an errie feeling, He was going to go meet his squad, People he would be sending on missions that they might not return from, People that likely don't even belong here, How many soldiers would he lose?, For a moment he had second thoughts about meeting them, He thought that losing a blank face would be easier then losing someone he would be acquainted to. He shook it off and kept walking.

When he arrived in the armory his squad was standing in line waiting for him, they all three immediately threw their hands up to salute him. He noticed that Badger mans was uniform was perfectly clean and situated, His boots were polished to a mirror shine and he stood up straight,

Grazonys uniform on the other hand was wrinkled and his shirt was only half tucked in, He had mud on his boots and some sort of stain on his pants, He slightly slouched.

He noticed that Serenity had make up and earrings on and he could faintly smell perfume, He wondered how the hell she found such stuff rather then why she was wearing it.

Wolf: Now now, put your hands down, there is no need for those sort of formalities around here

All three: YES SIR

Wolf first approached Badger man and extended his hand,

Wolf: Thank you for your service Badger Man.

Badger Man shook Wolfs hand in an almost professional manner.

Badger Man: It is an honor to server under you sir

Wolf then extended his hand to Grazony,

Wolf: Grazony, Thank you for you joining Phoenix Company

Grazony shook wolfs hand quite fast, Shaking it up and down,

Grazony: Yer welcome Sarge, Nice to meet cha

Wolf: Sarge? I'm not a..never mind

And finally he extended his hand to Serenity

Wolf: Thank you for joining Phoenix squad

When Serenity softly shook wolfs hand, he noticed her nails were painted,

Serenity: zit iz no problem zir, zit will be an honor to zerve under you

Wolf stepped back facing the group and all of sudden looked stern.

Wolf: You all are here because the council felt you were the most qualified to join Phoenix Company, Phoenix Company is supposed to consist of the best of the best, you will undertake the most difficult and dangerous missions, The chance of death is high and some of you may die in my service, After hearing that do you still wish to remain under my command!

All Three: YES SIR

Wolf was slightly taken aback, He thought for sure that his speech would shake them, that perhaps the council made a mistake, But Wolf realized, no matter who they are or why they are here. They are willing to fight to the death if need be. Wolf felt suddenly guilty for having second thoughts about his squad but he didn't let it show.

Wolf: Our armory is fairly empty but we did secure a small batch of firearms, Grenades, Medikits and even some Body armor, Go pick your load outs and return to your quarters and rest up, You have a terminal in your quarters that you may use to write what ever you wish, The egg heads think it would be best for your mental well being if you typed out your thoughts in your spare time. Now move out!

All three: YES SIR.

Wolf returned to his own quarters thinking about the day, He thought about what he had told his squad about keeping a diary, He glanced over at his terminal, he thought it was silly but he had nothing better to do, There was no way he could sleep right now.

Enter password

Date January 1st 2005

Welcome Commander

Commander Wolf Private logs

Today the council recognized my ability and past experience of being in command and have made me commander of most of the operation. The Council controls its own squads and votes on things but in the end the final decision on missions or otherwise lies with me. With in 15 minutes of being inaugurated i was rushed down to the control room for a briefing and then i met the first three members of Phoenix squad

At first glance i thought for sure sending them on any mission would guarantee them coming back in body bags, But they displayed a lot of heart, I may be able to make them in to real soldiers yet. Badger Man seems the most mature, Its very possible that i will make him squad leader for the time being.

There is something odd about Grazony, But you can see in his eyes that he means the best..i just hope he doesn't shoot a hole in his foot or something.

Serenity on the other hand looked like she just came from a beauty parlor, Where did she manage to get all of those beauty products?, Even more concerning is why did she bother putting them on? I think i am starting to understand what her report meant.

For now i guess its time for me to try and get some rest. Hopefully i can get some sleep.

Log ended

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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Date January 1st 2005
time 17:32

Welcome  Florence Serenity Plant

Florence Serenity Plant's private logs

Today i was assigned to Phoenix squad. We were told we are the best of the best. I am, well was, a museum tour guide, how can i be the best soldier? Best looking perhaps but best qualified? I guess all those shooting practices that my father made me take really will help me protect myself. Badger Man kinda reminds me of him, mon pere. Every day he told me how beautiful i was and how much he loved me. I miss him.

I wonder if any of them noticed...... I work hard to look this good and believe me its a lot of work. After the nightfall and it was safe to come out of the bunkers, I went to the nearest department store and grabbed all the beauty supplies I could. Perfume and makeup to last for as long as it could. If I ever get to see mon pere again I want to look my best. I hope i do get see him again. I was in D.C.
delivering some french paintings to the museum with the curator when the spacecraft first came. My father being a french diplomat had me taken to an underground base while he went home to take care of the rest of my family. I hope he made it.

Well back to what happend today. BadgerMan looks like someone who has been through alot more then just this. Where Grazony reminds me of my brother Pierre, simple but sweet. When I entered the room where our briefing with Commander Wolf was to take place Grazony,
and BadgerMan looked startled to see me, maybe because I'm a woman or maybe because of my beauty. I don't know. I didn't get much of a chance to find out though because Commander Wolf entered and began our introduction and then sent us on our way.

I am worried about the upcoming missions but only time will tell if we are the best of the best.
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Date January 1, 2005
Time: 22:30

Welcome: Brian Grazony Rowley

Brian Grazony Rowley private logs

Today my constant volunteering has paid off. I am now in the Phoenix squad which is the best of the best! Wonder why they chose me? I mean yeah I scored high in launcher and sniper tests, but I failed first aid testing. I think I heard one of them saying that I would have trouble applying a band aid. Jerks. Anyway, I meant Commander Wolf today. Seems like a good man, I'll be proud to serve under him. Also meant two others, Malcolm McLean a.k.a. Badger Man and Florence Plant a.k.a. Serenity, they seem like nice folks. Plus Plant look real pretty today. Wonder if she is meeting' someone? Did you know that McLean reminds me of my grandfather, only with more hair.

The day has come and gone, but tomorrow is another day though. A day of possbile death and destruction. Stupid spacemen coming down to our planet. I really don't remember how I survived. All I remember is me and my family trying to get to safety and the next I'm waken up with complete strangers. They told me that I was the only one running toward the base entrance. I think they were lying. No, I know they were lying, I was just the fastest one.

I don't have anything to live for. My family is gone, my friends are dead, and my dog is probably been crushed to death by those 'spores'. I may seem to be a simple and caring guy, but I feel empty when I am alone in my bed. I can still hear my cousins yelling at me to wake up and come get some breakfast. I just hope that whatever missions we have in the Phoenix squad, that my squad will help me find something to live for or die trying. Hopefully the former....

Wow, look at the time. Its already midnight. I better try and catch some sleep. Night.

Private log ended.
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Date: 01/01/05
Time: 19:25

Welcome Malcolm.

Private Log:

Upon this day I was chosen to be part of the Phoenix Squad. This squad is supposedly the best of the best but I have my doubts. The commanding officer of Phoenix squad is Wolf and I meet him along with the other members of this squad. The other two members, Mr. Rowley and Ms. Plant respectively. I believe that Ms. Plant may amount to something in our upcoming missions but I am not as certain about Mr. Rowley.

Our squad was supposedly created to combat an otherworldly presence. The E.T.'s have little or no information on them and all we know is that they want us dead. I remember when the 'Twilight' began. I thought it was just an eclipse. I was wrong. In the course of a few days a black substance fell from the sky. I ran to the local underground shelter as soon as it began. I remember the face of those who had only made it in time for themselves, leaving their children and family to die. As the 'spores', as they were called, had disintegrated in the following weeks and when I stepped outside the shelter I saw what was once a great town turned into ruins. It was odd that the corpses we found were few and far between. I went to the location where my home once stood and all I found was a crushed heap of wood and fabric.

I hope that Mr. Rowley will be able to disprove my thoughts from before. And I wonder if he was as surprised as I was when I discovered that there would be a young woman in our squad.

End log
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Chapter One: Man Beasts Part 1

The following morning had arose and Wolf had awaken abruptly from a nightmare, nightmares plagued the little bit of sleep he was granted. Only a day and a few hours in to his new job and his eyes were already red and puffy and he had bags underneath. Wolf grabbed a blanket and wiped away his cold sweat, He took one last deep breath and exited his quarters, today would be his first real day as commander.

After grabbing a bite to eat he headed in to the control room and was met by his adviser:

Adviser: Good Morning Commander, I hope you slept well.

Wolf: As well as i could expect to i suppose.

Adviser: More UFOs has been spotted over the night, Many flew not to far from our very location.

The adviser hands Wolf a report and he quickly reads over it.

Wolf: The wrench jockeys at our engineering base near Florida think they can remodel the satellite dishes to detect these things on radar?.

Adviser: Indeed, it would be short range but its better then spotting them with our eyes alone, If we can detect them on radar we may be able to send  our aircraft to engage them. They are just waiting on your go ahead to start development.

Wolf: Give them my permission at once

The adviser scurries over to a control panel presumably contacting the engineers. Wolf walks over to map of the globe and notices many red triangles on the map that were not present yesterday. The adviser after finishing his order walks beside Wolf and answers him before he asks.

Adviser: Those are trouble spots commander, It is up to you to decide what one requires phoenix company attention.

Wolfs expression quickly changed to almost grieving look, And he let out a large sigh

Wolf: I just met them yesterday and already i am to send them off.

Adviser: It is what they signed up for commander.

Wolf glances over the trouble spots reading the details of each one, A mission near Washington catches his attention, the report reads that the Council has been trying to establish a safe route to the area in an attempt to extend the Councils influence to the area as their seems to big a large amount of survivors present. However the area is a hot zone. Strange creatures have been sighted and many corpses found by council scouts sport gun shot wound and burns, Even what appears to be stab wounds.

Its obvious to Wolf that this area need to be cleared out or many innocent survivors will die.

Wolf: Let the council know that my squad will be taking the mission near Washington, Brief Phoenix company on the situation and send Badger Man to my office

Adviser: Right away Commander

Wolf returned to his office with a lump in his throat, Terrified of what the outcome of this mission could be.

Wolf stared out the window in a small daze, he wondered if life could ever go back to the way it was, he noticed some small potted plants outside, they were well cultivated and beautiful, they were bright green and the sunlight shined off their leaves. For an instant Wolf smiled, It reminded him of the plant life before the twilight and the fall. He remembered what grass felt like between his toes, he remembered the way mornings smelled when the leaves were still wet from the morning dew, he remembered flowers, lily's and violets and roses. Roses Rose

Wolf stopped smiling, he remembered his ex wife Rose, he remembered how after the divorce they never really stayed in contact, he remembered how he never stopped loving her, and now shes likely dead, he will never get the chance to try and work things out, Wolf looked at the plants again, The warm feeling he felt before changed to a cold dark feeling of regret.

And then a knock at the door, Wolf quickly snapped out of it and turned to face the door.

Wolf: Come in

Badger Man: You wanted to see me sir?

Wolf: I assume you have been briefed on your upcoming engagement?.

Badger Man: Yes sir i have

Wolf: I feel you are the most qualified leader figure in your squad at this present time, I am promoting you to Squad leader of the first branch of Phoenix squad.

Badger Man: Yes...yes sir

Wolf: Is something wrong? Oh and cut the sir crap this is not the navy, the army, the marines or any branch of military that you used to know

Badger Man: Yes si...sorry, are you positive about this? Its not to say that i am not honored but..

Wolf: I read your profile and your test scores, I am confident that at this present time you are most fit to be squad leader.

Wolf: Badger Man from what you know of your squad mates do you think ether of them are qualified to hold that responsibility?

Badger Man: ........

Wolf: I thought so, Take your squad to the armory and get outfitted and ready for your mission. Good luck

Badger Man: Right away commander

Badger man met up with his squad in the armory, badger man took a Colt 45, light armor and helmet and some smoke grenades, Badger man noticed Grazony was walking a bit strange and looked kind of tired.

Badger Man: Grazony are you alright?

Grazony: You betcha

Grazony was carrying a pump action shot gun and was decked out and light armor and a helmet, badger could see grenades on his belt as well, But Grazony still didn't look right.

Badger man: Hold on a second Grazony.

Badger Man: grabbed Grazony and unzipped his back pack to reveal a medikit,

Badger Man: Are mad Grazony? That thing weighs 20 kilos and you were already carrying a lot of weight, Didn't you fail your first aid training anyway?

Grazony: Yup i did, But i figured i could carry it around fer ya, That way if any of us gets in a jiffy you can fix us up real nice like.

Badger Man: Are you sure you can handle that much weight?

Grazony:  Aww shucks, thanks fer askin but this is nothing, ill be fine don'tcha worry bout me none

Badger Man: Alright but don't over due it

Badger Man felt a lot better about Grazony after that conversation, Grazony was hurting himself to lug that medikit around for the team.

Mean while Serenity was busy attempting to pick her load out, She couldn't decide between a Colt 45 or an Uzi, She even practiced different poses with each gun in the mirror. Badger Man did not seem to care to much for that sort of behavior, However Grazony seemed quite amused.

In the end she chose an Uzi, flares, light armor and a helmet.

All three of them sat on a bench in the armory awaiting the signal light to head to the helicopter.

Badger Man sat cleaning his Colt 45, Serenity was putting eye shadow on and Grazony was making shadow puppets.

Grazony: Hey guys check it out i can make bat.

Serenity: Zhat does not look Zike a Zat.

Grazony: Well den what do you think it looks like?

Serenity: Your hands

Grazony: Okie dokey, How bout now?

Serenity: Look Graz zi do not want to take part in your childzish games

Grazony: Doo doo dee dee doo da

Serenity: You are not going to do zat on the zhelicopter ride zre you?

Grazony: Geez what gots you so cranky missy?

Serenity: Don't zall me missy, And zi am not cranky

Badger Man: Cut it out you two, We leave soon, are you guys sure you are ready?

Serenity: Zah i just need to finish my lipstick and i zill be good to go

Badger Man looked away to hide his grimace at that comment

Badger Man: oh boy...this is going to be an interesting first mission
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Chapter 1: Man Beasts Part 2

The alarm sounded and the light came on, The helicopter was prepped and ready to, The time had come for Phoenix squad to take on their first mission. The three soldiers ran to the helipad and hopped in the helicopter, Badger Man was the last one to enter and took a long look back at the base before entering. As the helicopter took off Serenity soon looked ill

Badger Man: Are you okay.?

Serenity: I don't like elicopter rides zo much.

Badger Man: Have you ever flew on a plane before?

Serenity: Yez planes do not bother me.

Badger Man: Helicopters are a bit rockier but you are still in the air with ether one.

Serenity: My favorite aunt died in a elicopter crash, I waz 8 when it happened i zaw the whole zhing.

Badger Man: Oh i am sorry i didn't know

Serenity: Iz okay, me and my brother Pierre were with her getting ice cream. All of a zudden zhe grabbed her chest and collapsed to the ground, zhe cashier called zhe paramedics, our town did not ave the best ospital so zhe was to be flighted by elicopter to one nearby.

Serenity: Az they loaded her up one of the paramedics going aboard with er promised me zhe would be okay, when the elicopter attempted to take off it had some sort of malfunction, It crashed not 50 meters form where it left, the pilot, my aunt, and both paramedics on board were killed.

Badger Man: That's terrible, I am sorry

Serenity: I had nightmares for helps slightly to talk about it..besides it keeps my mind off what we could encounter up here..

Grazony had not noticed the conversation, He was having way to much fun riding in the helicopter and had his face glued to the window, He would often make comments about the things he seen down below, But nobody really noticed

Meanwhile back at Headquarters Wolf stood in the control room , staring at the screen watching the new icon that indicated the helicopter slowly moving to its destination.

No one disturbed Wolf, even though after a time they became worried, he stood there eyes fixed on the helicopter.
When the helicopter arrived at its destination Wolf remained slight transfixed on the map, but he did go around the go control room and offered his assistance to those working there.

Badger Man: Okay team we move together slowly, We have no idea what we are up against out here.

Grazony: Do you think well see any monsters out here?

Serenity: Zhis iz not a trip to the zoo Graz.

The squad did not have to move very far before encountering their first enemy.

Serenity: Wha..what is zhat thing?

Badger Man: Shoot now ask later

Badger Man took a few shots with his Colt but his hands were shaking and he missed. Before he had a chance to take another a second beast a appeared.

Serenity: Oh my god, Zhose are human torsos zticking out of the bottom.

Serenity began trembling she starting slowly back pedaling in fear, Grazony stepped in front of her ShotGun at the ready, Grazony seemed unphased.


Still trembling she aimed her Uzi and took a burst at one of the creatures, She hit it and it showed obvious signs of pain.

Badger Man moved to a truck and Grazony towards another car opposite of it.

Badger man took fire at the same creature Serenity was shooting it and downed it, Grazony had went after the other one, He ran straight up to it and blasted it point blank blowing it apart.

Grazony: Kinda reminds me of dem really big skeeters at my grannys.

Serenity: Yer..Yer joking?.

The team began moving up the street slightly, Being taking caution, Serenity was beginning to look green, She looked as though she might throw up.

Serenity: make ups running

Grazony: Aww don't worry missy, you still look real purdy

Serenity: ZHUT UP.

Badger Man: Another one behind us!

Serenity: And in front of uz!

Grazony: a zombie?

Serenity: zts olding a gun!

Grazony: Zombies cant sho.....

Before Grazony could finish that sentence the strange creature took a shot at him, The bullet whizzing right by his head.

Badger Man had back tracked slightly grabbing the attention of the flying creature.

The monster charged him, Badger Man readied his gun. Unloading a few well placed shot in to the beast.

The monster squealed and collapsed to the ground.

Mean while Serenity opened fire on the Man like Beast before it could get off another shot. She was too late, The monster had shot her in the chest. Though she downed the monster.

Grazony: Serenity!

Serenity: I..i am fine, zhe armor stopped zhe bullet.

Badger man ran to the edge of a car while Grazony went to the corner of a building.

Grazony: Oh dang monster with gun!

A creature had turned the corner meeting Grazony head on.

Grazony made short work of the creature.

Grazony: Hoo boy juss like shooting coons back home.

Serenity: Back ome did the racoons zry zo eat your face?

Grazony: Sometimes....

Badger Man cracked a smile.

The team moved up and met with another monster, This time holding a strange weapon.

The team took cover behind a car, And not a moment too soon as the creature took a shot. The projectile made a loud buzzing sound as it flew over head and hit just behind the team engulfing the area in flames.

Badger Man: Blast..some sort of napalm. Do not let it take a another shot, Open fire.

The Gang opened fire one the creature but Serenity had trouble aiming, The smoke was choking her and her making her eyes water. None the less the combined fire dropped the creature

The team stopped to catch their breath, They haven't made it far from the drop zone and already they have been fighting tooth and nail.

Badger Man: The creatures must have been attracted to the sound of a the helicopter.

Serenity: I ave got monster blood all over me.

Grazony glanced over at Serenity raising an eyebrow, due to the nature of the shot gun Grazony was covered head to toe in green monster blood.

Grazony: Hey look a human!, Hey there buddy were here to rescue you!

A second human had appeared with first one. Grazony was standing up straight waving his hand wildly in the air.

The first human quickly raised his gun shooting Grazony in the shoulder and knocking him to the ground.

Serenity: Graz!

Badger Man: What the hell!

Grazony was bleeding but seemed okay, He got up and darted to the corner of the building.

Badger Man followed and Serenity ran to the nearby bus

Serenity stepped out of cover and instantly downed one of the hostile humans.

Serenity started after the second one but he took off running

Grazony all of sudden stepped out of cover

Badger Man: Grazony what are you doing?

Grazony: Gettin payback!.

Grazony stepped out in a perfect position to get the fleeing human, The blast from Grazonys shot gun leveled the enemy, knocking him off his feet killing him instantly.

Grazony: Thats what ya get fer shootin me ya rat b*****d

Badger Man: Jesus Christ..over kill Grazony

Serenity: Hey zhis one iz not dead, He haz a pulze

Serenity: I say we zhoot em and finizh em off.

Badger Man: Nah they could interrogate him at head quarters, Figure out why they attacked us. We need to carry him to the pick up zone and pop a smoke.

Grazony: Guess ill carry him.

Badger Man: Grazony you have a lot of weight already, You sure?

Grazony: Yep

Grazony: Gee wiz this fella is a bit heavier then i thought. I wouldn't say no to back rub Serenity when we get back.

Serenity: Zhat iz not going zo appen.

Grazony: Can't blame a guy fer tryin.

When they returned to the pick zone and popped a smoke signal, They sat around and chatted for a bit, The entire time Grazony sat on the prisoner. He used the excuse that it was to stop him from running away, But Badger Man figured he was still angry about getting shot.

When the squad returned Wolf was already waiting on the landing pad to greet them. They had radioed in their success ahead of time!.

Wolf: Fantastic job!, That's what i want to see!.

Wolf shook all of their hands and ordered security to take away the prisoner, he sent the squad to the med bay to patch up what wounds they had.

Everyone noticed that Wolf was in a much happier mood that night, Wolf felt a great deal of relief that the squads first mission was a success.


Enter Password

Date January 2nd 2005

Welcome Commander

My Squad returned from their first mission and it was a success, No friendly deaths. When Badger Man radioed in i felt so relieved. They encountered a sort of flying monster that had a human torso attached to the bottom, And some sort of zombie, the disturbing part is both creatures could handle a gun. The eggheads are trying to sort things out even at this very moment.

The team also encountered hostile humans and even took one prisoner. I am sure the council is having a field day interrogating him.

Serenity has some chest bruising and Grazony took a shot to the shoulder but both should recover fine.

I think tonight i may actually sleep well

Log ended

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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Date: 01/02/05
Time: 23:45

Welcome Back Malcolm.

Private Log:

As per guidelines Mr. Rowley shall be referred to as Grazony and Ms. Plant as Serenity.

Grazony proved all my previous suspicions to be false as soon as I learned that he was carrying a heavy load so that I may heal their wounds if necessary. He reminds me of a younger me, naive but willing to risk his life to do what he think is right. And of all things possible Grazony made me laugh.

Serenity proved me wrong too. I expected her to be able to handle her gun. She worried about her make-up in a battle.

Wolf assigned me assigned me as squad leader but I doubt my ability to be a good leader. Every squad I ever led failed and everyone but me died. I should've died. Dammit, half the men I led jumped in front of the bullet to save me. Save ME. And now I am stuck in the same position. AGAIN. I hope Grazony doesn't save me by getting himself killed. I am a frail old man. Useless to the world and I somehow became leader. God, why did Wolf choose me?

End log
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Date: 01/02/05
Time: 22:30

Welcome Florence

I was so scared. The most I shot at before this was a standing target or a clay disk. Nothing alive ,..... or kinda alive. Like I said in my previous log my dad had me taken to an underground bunker the moment the UFOs showed up, so this was the first time my life had actually been in danger. The only thing I could think to say was my makeup was running,... je suis tres stupide. Well better they think I'm vain rather than chicken.

When we were getting ready I was so nervous that reapplied my eyeshadow three times. I tried to seem calm by saying I only needed to apply my lipstick to be ready. Truthfully my makeup had been ready since four this morning. I couldn't sleep so I spent all night brushing my hair and doing my nails, not that anybody could see them under the light armor. Doing my makeup and taking care of myself is the only way I can stay calm. Graz was making shadow puppets in the armory, at any other time i would have laughed but i was so nervous. I'm afraid I'm too mean to him but Ive just been so stressed that i snap so easily.

I don't mean to seem so stuck up but thing are serous now, and I don't have any room to make a mistake like that again.
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Chapter 2: Days Past Due Part 1

Only a mere few days have passed since Phoenix squads first mission and already many things have happened.
Wolf has been repeatedly appealing to the council for more recruits, Wolf used the reasoning that a three man squad is not sufficient, it gives his men very little downtime to rest or to recover from injury's, Not mention the obvious danger of sending only three people against god knows what.

The Council has replied multiple times that they have not found anybody sufficiently skilled to join Phoenix company at the present time.

In the mean time the engineers have finished rigging the satellite dishes to track UFOs, At the present time the engineers have nothing left to do so Wolf ordered them to switch the engineering base to a research base for the time being. In addition Phoenix squad completed two more missions and the Council had made progress on their own. Unfortunately Grazony was injured during one of the battles, But he made a full recovery in the med bay.

Wolf sitting at his desk wonders whether or not the council has been holding out on him regarding his appeal for more troops, They cant possibly expect Phoenix squad to consist of a mere three soldiers for much longer.

Wolf hears a tap at door and quickly tells whoever is on the other side to come in.

Adviser: Afternoon Commander, I have a number reports that require your attention.

Wolf: Of course, let me see them.

Adviser: First and foremost Grazony made a full recovery from his injury's and is combat ready.

Wolf: Glad to hear it.

Adviser: The council scientists have made a few discovery's. The monsters that our troops have been encountering are not aliens. They are former earth life forms, some human some animal. They call them Transgenants. So far we have discovered 4 types, The zombie like creatures your team encountered have been named Morelmen.

Adviser: The flying creature your team encountered has been named DangleFly, The Council teams have encountered two other types one is long legged dog like beast, they named it Chomper.

Adviser: They also encountered a slug like monster that spit an acid like slime, It was named Slime Thrower.

Wolf: Those eggheads are a creative bunch aren't they?

Adviser: Your squad has already been briefed with what little we know about each of those Transgenats.  Your scientists are ready to study them more, as i said before those monsters are not aliens, However the councils teams have sparsely encountered a couple aliens on the ground, Most of the squad members involved were killed. The few survivors described them as large headed and grey, they were named Grays by the councils scientists.

Wolf: The originality just continues to flow!.

Adviser: I believe you will be interested in this next report, The weapon that injured Grazony.

Wolf went from a slight slouch and bored look to sitting straight and looking intent and concerned.

Adviser: We believe it to be an alien weapon, though it was a Morelman that hit Grazony with it. More disturbing we believe..we believe that it has something to do with the mind.

Wolf: What do you mean?

Adviser: Have you ever heard the terms telekinesis and pyrokinesis?.

Wolf: Yes telekinisis is the ability to move objects with your mind, and pyrokinesis is the ability to start fires with your mind. But that's myth and folklore.

Adviser: We thought so to...but we are having second thoughts. We believe the Grays may possess some sort psionic mind power and that this weapon may be an amplifier. In specific we believe this one to amplifys pyrokinisis, that would explain why Grazony burst in to flames when the Moralman attacked with the weapon.

Wolf: If that were the case how could the Transgenant use it?

Adviser: They are exploring that question as we speak. They are unsure if we can use these weapons but they are willing to give it a shot. Badger Man took a particular interest in this phenomenon. And asked to under go psionic training, They trained him based on their theory's. They tried hypnotism and other psychology related activity's.

The adviser hands wolf a report:

Adviser: That is the weapon, They named it Psi Burner.

Wolf: The aliens could be more dangerous then we ever imagined...

Adviser: Which is why we must give ourselves every advantage we possibly can, That brings me to the next report The former engineering base has finished preparations to transform in to a research facility. Our scientists forwarded me a few different research options, They are waiting on your order before beginning research on any of them. Have a look over these and be sure to let them know where their priority's should be.

The adviser hands Wolf a report prepared by his scientists.

Wolf: I will have to consider this such i can not make a decision as of yet. Do you have anymore to report?

Advisor: Serenity showed interest in scout training, She completed it successfully.

Wolf: Good to hear.

Adviser: Oh one more thing...that human that your team captured...they were not able to squeeze any information out of him.

Wolf: Why not?

Adviser: He killed himself.

Wolf: WHAT?

Adviser: We aren't sure why but he killed himself shortly after being placed in his cell, We found nothing on him other then some sort necklace that was a circle with an eye in the center.

Wolf: Thank you for the reports, If you do not mind i have a lot to think about right now.

Adviser: Of course Commander.

Wolf sat pondering, But he couldn't get the suicide prisoner out of his head. He could not figure out why he killed himself, Would a scared survivor i such a thing?. Or perhaps he was a raider of some kind, Even so imagining the necklace in his mind gave him the creeps.

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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Chapter 2: Days Past Due Part 2

Serenity and Grazony were sitting at a table in the mess hall, As usual Serenity was doing her make up, Grazony was busy licking his plate clean, Badger Man had stumbled in clasping the wall for support, Then he collapsed to the ground, Both Grazony and Serenity rushed to his side and lifted him up.

Serenity: Are you okay?.

Still trying to stay on his feet Badger Man had to use Grazony as support.

Badger Man: I..i am fine, My psionic training sessions is just taking a lot out of me...i just need something to eat.

Grazony helped him to the table while Serenity grabbed him a bowl of what it is they call food around here.

Grazony: Gee why are ya so interested in that mind mumbo jumbo anyway?

Badger Man didn't answer, He looked as though that question pained him.

Serenity: If zhe zraining is zaking zuch a zoll on you zhen perhaps you should stop?.

Again Badger man said nothing, He looked as though this topic made him very uncomfortable..

A few Hours later the three of them were paged with the order to report to the control room right away.
When they arrived Wolf was awaiting them.

Wolf: Grazony i am glad to see you up and well.

Grazony: Thanks Sarge!.

Wolf: I am not particularly fond of having to send you guys out again so quickly. But we have a situation. Over the past few days monster sightings have increased near our research base, And i deeply regret to inform you that with in the last hour a research team of 7 were attacked, Their were no survivors..

Wolf: We have no armed forces near the area except for a few officials that basically function as police officers, I am sending you guys to investigate the area and eliminate any hostiles encountered. Go get prepared immediately, You leave in 15 minutes.

Phoenix Squad: YES SIR.

Wolf looked over the map of the globe, The efforts of his squad and the council were starting to slowly pay off. His techies had outlined a few areas where they expect to have influence over soon. If they could find or build a find more bases they would control most of the United States. Wolf still hoped that the council would send him more troops soon.

Badger Man: Ready squad?

Grazony: Yep

Serenity: Why doez zhe Commander keep sending us alone?, We are not zuper zoilders.

Badger Man: The Commander has been working hard to get us more men but the council keeps rejecting his proposals.

Serenity: But why?

Badger Man: They say they have not found any one skilled enough, Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. I think they are just holding out on him.

Badger Man: Move forward nice and slowly squad

Grazony: This place brings back a lot of memory's...

Serenity: Zhis place? Zhis is just a bunch of treez.

Grazony: Me and my Pa always went huntin in the woods...

Serenity: Oh...i zee.

Badger Man: Heads up! Hostile dead ahead!.

BadgerMan: must be one of them chompers they told us about.

Grazony: Biggest dawg i have ever seen, Look its got a friend!

Serenity: MorelMen too!

BadgerMan: Those aren't MorelMen...they look different.

Grazony: Another overgrown pup over here!.

BadgerMan: Christ, theirs to many of them...

BadgerMan started to lose focus, Old memory's were surfacing, He saw blood, he saw his teammates dead and he was the only one left standing.

Serenity: Zir?....Zir? What are your orderz zir?

BadgerMan came back to reality, but the horde of monsters were still closing in.

BadgerMan: Serenity to the right, Grazony to the left, Ready your aim and let them come to us!.

Grazony: Uglie with a gun over here!.

Serenity: DangleFly here!

BadgerMan: Dam!

Snarling and snapping one of the dog like monsters had charged in the left side towards Grazony.

Grazony: Say bye bye pooch!

Grazony took aim and blasted the beast with his pump action dropping it on the spot.

More Monsters began closing in, BadgerMan looked uneasy, He was not sure any of them would survive this, Both Grazony and Serenity stood firm and ready.

Serenity Opened fire on the DangleFly killing it.

But she failed to notice a new monster approaching her until it was right upon her. Serenity screamed and opened fire on impulse.

The new monster exploded when the bullets connected with its jello like body, Knocking Serenity down and covering her in acid. Serenity screamed out in pain tearing off the acid soaked parts of her armor, However a few parts of her skin were burnt.

BadgerMan: Serenity!!

Grazony: Here take the MedKit and patch her up!

Grazony threw the MedKit at BadgerMans feet, Grazony now without that extra 20 kilos of weight was much faster, He started up a hill towards some more monsters.

BadgerMan struggling to lift the MedKit cant help but wonder how the heck Grazony managed to keep the thing in his back pack, BadgerMan began to patch up the burns on Serenity's arms

Serenity Opened fire on another monster as she was being patched up killing it.

On his way up the hill Grazony was struck by a bullet from a monster he didn't see before. Grazony was not phased by the attack.

One of The Chompers watering at the mouth began to bear down on Grazony.

Grazony blasted it with his shotgun splattering its blood but the beast did not stop, It closed in on Grazony opening its jaws ready to chomp down on Grazonys flesh.

The beast opened its maw and lunged at him Grazony shoved the barrel of the gun in to the monsters decaying mouth and pulled the trigger, The monster collapsed like a 2 ton weight.

Grazony: Hows that taste? hooboy!

BadgerMan And Serenity moved in after the monster with a gun and opened fire, The monster fired back again striking Serenity, Serenity let out another shriek of pain but the gun fire took the creature down.

Another creature also had a gun and shot serenity from the side, Badger Man took a few shots at it.

Grazony continued up the hill to meet another monster.

Grazony: Hey Uglie say good bye!

Grazony pulled the trigger but something was wrong, The gun did not shoot, It jammed. The monster was still approaching Grazony who was now smacking his gun trying to unjam it. The monster was getting closer by the second.

Grazony Pulled the trigger again.

The gun still refused to fire, The monster was now only feet away from him, perhaps any other soldier would of ran in this position. But Grazony stood there, transfixed on the creature, The side of his mouth tightened..almost in to a sort of smirk.

Grazony flipped his gun around and was now holding it by the barrel, With all of his might he swung and struck the creature unbalancing it, The impact knocked the gun out of his hand.

The monster groaned and lunged forward grabbing Grazony by the chest and throat, Grazony began throwing punches at the beast but it was futile the beast didn't even acknowledge it.

Grazony was beginning to black out, the world around him became blurry, Grazony accepted his death maybe he would see his family again, maybe his dog would be waiting for him ready to great him with its wet tongue.

He started to remembered all his time volunteering, All the meals he helped prepare for the sick children at base before he joined phoenix squad. The time he would spend sitting with the elderly listening to their story's. he remembered all the hopes people had, the wishful thinking about what they would do if the earth returned to normal.

He seen Wolf, BadgerMan and Serenity standing there in his mind, All of a sudden words began pounding through his head a like drum. Phoenix Squad is supposed to consist of the best of the best.

His Commander was counting on him, His squad was counting on him. mankind was counting on Phoenix squad and Grazony was part of it.

The blurriness quickly disappeared  and again he was staring at the monster in what deformed face it had. The monsters hand still wrapped around his throat. Grazony slammed his fist down on the monsters arm. No good, He did it again and again and again. One last time he slammed his fists on the beasts arm and it let go groaning in pain.

Grazony collapsed on all fours gasping for air, That time was cut short as the monster lunged again. While still crouching Grazony caught one arm around the beasts legs and the other on its chest, in an impressive display of power Grazony lifted the monster straight above his head.

With a roar Grazony push forward and slammed the monster up against a nearby tree making a deafening crunch.

The monster laid motionless on the ground, of course Grazony gave it a good kick ...just to be sure thought you had me der didint ya ugly...think again

Grazony went to pick up his shotgun meanwhile Serenity was wounded badly and losing a lot of blood.

BadgerMan: Serenity STAY PUT!

BadgerMan went after the creature that shot her.

BadgerMan downed it with ease.

Serenity limped forward and fired at another creature, But she was weak and missed and she could no longer hold her gun up.

BadgerMan Ran to her side and finished it off.

BadgerMan helped Serenity walk to the pickup zone, Grazony was already waiting on them.

Grazony: Serenity are you okay?

Serenity: Zt....urts..

Grazony: Cantcha fix her up Badger?

BadgerMan: I slowed down the bleeding but she needs better medical care then i can give her with a medikit

Serenity lost consciousness on the helicopter ride back to base, When they arrived Wolf was waiting and rushed to her as she was being carried on a strechter.

Wolf:  Dammit! Dammit! will she be okay??

Paramedic: We don't know yet we will do the best we can.

Hours passed with Wolf Badger And Grazony in the waiting room, Grazony didn't tell them happened with him and the monster, He figured it was unimportant and who would believe him anyway. Finally a M,D came with the news.

MD: She is stable but she will have to remain in the medbay for a few days before she will be even close to being combat ready again.

Wolf: Keep her as long as you need to to benefit her recovery.

Wolf was angry, The council would listen to him this time, He will force them too. He almost lost a soldier today. three soldiers in a zone like that is insane. He needs more soldiers, he is the commander and he will demand them.
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Date January 9, 2005
Time 21:59

Welcome: Brian Grazony Rowley

Brian Grazony Rowley private logs

Today was crazy. I just got back from the waiting room in the medbay. Miss Plant lost a lot of blood. If we didn't have that medikit.... I don't even want to think about it. We need more soldiers or else one of us is going to die during are next mission. Wolf looks pissed about it too.

Stupid gun get jammed like that in the middle of a battle. I nearly died today because of that little problem. Stupid monster nearly killing me. Stupid me for nearly letting that thing do it. But I think I might have something to live for now. My squad, those sick kids that I helped by preparing them meals, those old folks telling me stories about their families and experiences, and finally for the rest of my planet. Even if it means my death I will try and protect them.

I wonder if anyone will ask me what happened with that monster after my gun got jammed. I hope they don't. They'll think I'm either crazy or scary as hell. I don't want either. Anyway, I going to get some sleep I tired as hell today, but before I go to sleep. I know my dog was the best dog ever, but I wonder if its weird that I actually want a pet chomper? Must be because I'm tired. Night.

Private log ended.

You'll never know why.
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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Chapter 3: The Rookie and the Loud Mouth Part 1

A few more days have passed, Serenity was released from the medbay but not yet cleared for active duty and Wolf ordered his scientists to figure out how the Psi Weapons work, The missions that Phoenix company completed left much of the Councils army free to launch a major offensive sweep of the north. The Council acquired 3 bases in the offensive and with the bases caches of weaponry.

The Council Of The Earth now has 5 bases 2 research 2 military and 1 engineering.

After Serenitys injury Wolf had went to the other leaders of the council this time filled with vigor, He warned them that if they did not give him more troops immediately that he keep Phoenix Company grounded.

Phoenix squads newest recruits are en route.

Adviser: Here are your new recruits reports commander.

The adviser brought up their profiles on the giant screen.

Wolf was half excited half fearful to look at the profiles.

He began to read them out loud.

Wolf: Zinatul *Gorman* Lugin scored decently in most regards but excelled in hand training, Stealth exercises, And sprint times, Gorman also seemed adept at patching up the wounded. He could not carry much equipment and have difficulty lifting a rocket launcher. He agreed to under go Psioinc testing but failed flat, The Hypnotist at one point actually made him think he was a cow grazing in a grass field. They also report that Gorman is a fine soldier but he lacks any sort of confidence in his own ability's.

Wolf: Clint *Kid Soldier* Wood, Excelled in many tests including handguns, launchers, pain tolerance, Throwing accuracy, Sprint Time and stealth, he is not the greatest with rifles and his psionic training was disastrous, Kid Soldier insisted that he could use the PSI Burner despite the fact that we have not yet figured them out. They report that when he attempted to use it he himself burst in to flames, He recovered but an entire filling room was lost. Note: he is quite found of war paint.

Wolf: Interesting..i will go meet them at once

Wolf arrived in the armory with both men waiting on him. Kid Soldier was smirking at him while Gorman was noticeably shaking and was very pale. Wolf felt slightly ill looking at Gorman, He reminded him of his own son.

Wolf: Hello gentlemen welcome to Phoenix Company

Gorman: he...he..hello sir

Gorman was sweating profusely

Kid Soldier: Don't worry mate now that I'm here ill be taking care of everything, You have nothing to worry about commander!.

Wolf: I admire your confidence Kid, But arrogance leads to disaster on the battlefield remember that.

Kid Soldier: Arrogant? Nah you don't have to worry about that, I assume you have seen my impressive test scores?

Wolf: Indeed i have and you are a welcome addition to the team.

Gorman was now rocking back and forth and he looked as though as though he may pass out.

Wolf: Hey are you going to be okay, Explain yourself Gorman.

Gorman: So...Sorry sir i am just a bit nervous.

Wolf: I seen your test results as well. You are a welcome part of the team also.

Gorman: I have no combat fact i never even held a gun before i started testing, I have no idea how i scored so high.

Wolf: Why did you join up.

Gorman looked even worse then before, His teeth were beginning to chatter.

Gorman: I...i don't know sir

Wolf saw through the obvious lie but did not question him further.

Wolf: Don't worry will be fine ill send the rest of the team in so you guys can get to know each other....oh and Kid Soldier...stay away from the Psi burners until we figure them out.

Kid Soldier simply laughed.

As Wolf usher the rest of the squad in to meet the newbies he was still thinking about Gorman, Or rather his own son. His own son was a few years younger then Gorman, He lived with his mother Rose.....Wolf had been missing them both lately..holding on to a shred of hope that somewhere they are still alive.

Kid Soldier immediately walked up to the rest of the squad and very loudly introduced himself.

Kid Soldier Hello there Kid Soldiers the name you guys ever hear that name before?

Serenity: Nope

Kid Soldier: Before the fall i was practically a super star! Most recently i dove in a lake and wrestled a crocodile out of there with my bare hands!, If only i still have the video tapes i could show ya.

Serenity and Badger Man both listened to Kid Soldier with eye brows raised, Grazony on the other handing listened intently as if he was a child being read an exciting adventure. Meanwhile Gorman was off standing in the nearby corner alone, It seemed like he was trying to avoid the crowd.

Grazony noticed this and walked over to him, leaving Badger Man and Serenity to listen the rest of Kid Soldiers Story.

Grazony: Hey there names Grazony nice to meetcha

Grazony extended his hand

Gorman slowly reached and shook his hand.

Gorman: Code name...Go..Gorman

Grazony: I guess that means were buddys now, Being in the same squad an all.

Gorman: Su..sure

Grazony: Your nervous arentcha?

Gorman swallowed hard and nodded.

Grazony: heheh i have just the thing.

Grazony pulled out a small metal flask from his belt and handed it to Gorman.

Grazony: Here ya go drink this, You'll feel better.

Gorman took a drink and started gagging and coughing profusely, This caught the rest of the squad attention.

Gorman: Holy hell....strong stuff:

Grazony: Hahaha the way whiskeys supposed to be.

The rest of the squad had walked over.

Serenity: Zi code name iiz Zerenity, Nice to meet you can Gorman.

Gorman stared blankly for a moment until Grazony nudged him and told him to close his mouth.

Gorman: Nice to you Serenity.

Badger Man: I am your squad leader Badger man, Welcome to the force

Gorman: Thank you

Kid Soldier: Aw come on don't be so nervous mate, I wont let nothing happen to ya, Yer safe as long as I'm around. i once saved a kid much like you who was trapped in a burning car, Ripped the door right off its hinges i did and yanked the right out, Got a medal for it and everything.

Serenity: You yanked a car door off of its hinges?, What color waz the car?

Kid Soldier: Red! it was blue..maybe greenish blue, Hey it was a long time ago okay!.

Serenity: Riiiigghhht

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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Access Granted

Gormans logs

Welcome Gorman

Today i was transferred to Phoenix Company, The spear head unit, The squad that everyone looks to when they need a problem solved. The best of the best, when i started testing i had no idea i would end up with Phoenix company, i had never even held a gun before i signed up, i believe i only made it to the squad because the pool of soldiers is so low.

I met my commander and my other squad mates too, Badger Man seems okay, Grazony gave me some whiskey..that was nice, Serenity looked like she was ready for a beauty pageant, you know those girls that walk by that you drool over and never even think about speaking to because odds are they would just shoot you down?.

Yeah i had no idea i would end up fighting along side one. I am scared, I don't want to die and i don't want to let my squad mates down, i don't want to put them in danger to cover for my incompetence. I better get some sleep.

Log Ended

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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Chapter 3: The Rookie and the Loud Mouth Part 2

A few more days passed and Serenity made a full recovery as well as finishing her Sniper training, Like wise Grazony finished his Soldier training and Kid Soldier his grenadier training.

Adviser: Commander come quickly!

Wolf: Yes yes i am coming what it is it?

Adviser: Look!.

The Adviser pointed to large screen that now displayed a message from the Council Of The Earth

Wolf: The egg heads think Area 51 exists?...with everything that's happened i would not be too surprised.

Adviser: Indeed hopefully they find its location soon, It could yield valuable information.

Just a few hours passed and Area 51s Location was discovered, Wolf sent Phoenix squad to get suited up and ready to go. Even more disturbing is human survivors were spotted in the vicinity, They were hostile and the scouting teams took them out. They were all wearing necklaces like the one that Phoenix squad had captured.

Wolf was concerned about this, But they had no evidence to make any assumptions about who they are or what the necklaces mean.

Gorman: Area 51 is not supposed to exist!, this is crazy.

Badger Man: Rookie, we were attacked by aliens, monsters are roaming our planet and we found a weapon that when used causes your mind to light things on fire. So what exactly is so far fetched about it?.

Gorman: Its just scary to believe that the government hid the existence of aliens. What else could they have been hiding?

Badger Man: Who knows..its irrelevant now anyway.

Badger Man: Hey rookie what load out are you rolling out with?

Gorman: I think....i could handle a desert eagle..ill also take some light armor.

Badger Man: Hey loud mouth? What about you?.

Kid Soldier: Loud mouth? I take offensive to that mate!, Anyway ill take an RPG a Decker grenades and light armor.

Serenity: I am zaking the Remington Zniper rifle

Grazony: Grabbed that Neostead boomstick

Badger Man: Sounds great squad.

The alarm rang and off they went to investigate area 51.

Badger Man: Look alive people and keep your heads down

Soldier Kid: Yes sir oh fear less leader!

Badger Man: Little less sarcasm little more shut up, Now move out.

The squad began making their way to the gates of Area 51

Badger Man: Serenity cut away from us and keep watch.

Serenity: Yez Zir!

Gorman was shaking again and beginning to sweat.

Serenity: Dam look out hoztile enemy zighted!

A new enemy had appeared beyond the gate and took a shot at Serenity, The shot was not that of a bullet but something more dangerous

Kid Soldier: Was the hell...a beam of light?
Badger Man: Its a gosh dam laser!, Serenity take it out, squad get in to position!.

Grazony: So is that what an alien looks like?

Serenity opened fire on the alien but took a laser hit, She shrieked but her armor absorbed the brunt of it, However the laser burnt portions of her armor.

Serenity: Zomthings iz wrong, Zome of my bullets are being deflected, IT haz zome kind of zhield

Serenity was right, Some kind of force field was blocking some of her bullets. A second alien appeared and began fire throw the chain link fence at the squad.

The squad took cover behind the guard shack except Serenity that was still back, firing at the gray. Gorman slammed his back up against the wall. Hands clasped around his desert eagle squeezing it tight, His heart was beating fast and he was sweating profusely. He wanted to help but he was terrified.

He began thinking how much he didn't want to let his squad down, And then Serenity was hit again, Her scream piercing Gormans ears, He took a deep breath and stepped out of cover gun pointed at the gray who now focused his attention on Gorman, A second Gray had also appeared behind that one, Gorman closed his eyes and began rapidly pulling the trigger.

When he opened his eyes the gray was dead, He had killed it.

Gorman: I killed one i killed one!!!.

Gorman was thrilled, Half surprised at what he just did.

Badger Man: What do you want a medal rookie? THATS what we do now get your head down!.

Gorman nearly paid for his absent mindedness as the second gray took a pop at his head missing by a mere few inches.

Serenity Promptly took it down with a head shot.

Meanwhile Badger Man and Kid Soldier both stepped out and fired at the gray behind the fence killing it

Kid Soldier: Did you see that my beautiful kill? Fantastic.

Badger Man: We were both shooting it.

Kid Soldier: Yeah but i took the killing shot.

Badger Man: You cant possibly know that, And this is not a competition.

Kid Soldier: Oh yeah! Hey Grazony lets see who can kill the most squshies before this missions over with huh?.

Grazony: Yer on!

Badger Man: Looks clear for the time being, Hey Grazony give the rookie the medikit so he can patch everyone up while i keep watch.

Grazony: You got it, Here Gorman!

Grazony throws the medikit and while Gorman attempted to catch it he greatly underestimated its weight and it knocked him down.

Grazony: Oh sorry little buddy, I been carryin it around so long i forgot how heavy the sucker was.
Gorman: Its..its okay

Gorman was winded, But he began patching everybody up.

Two more Grays appeared behind the fence, Kid Soldier and Badger Man opened fire on one and Badger Man instructed Grazony to head around while they cover him

The combined fire from the two downed one of them but the other gray hid behind the guard shack.

Kid Soldier: Hey Grazony that makes two for me!

Badger Man: You don't know...ah never mind.

Kid Soldier: Don't worry old man i am sure you will bag one before this is over.

Badger Man turned a bright shade of red at that comment.

Grazony made it around to ambush the gray hiding behind the guard shack.

Grazony: Hey alien!

Grazony dropped the gray in a single shot

Grazony: Hey Kid Soldier i gots me one!

Grazony: looks clear fellas c'mon lets go!

The squad moves up and finds the entrance to area 51, Its underground and the team has to take an elevator.

Gorman: that thing safe?

Badger Man: Only one way to find out

Gorman: Ill..i will stay here and stand guard.

Badger Man: It will be fine rookie.

Kid Soldier: Kinda reminds me of the time this lady got trapped in an elevator, I pryied the doors open with my bare hands and lifted her out out of it.

Serenity: You are a real work of art...

Kid Soldier: I know right! Just look at these biceps!

Serenity: Zat iz not what I meant

Badger Man: Enough you guys..lets go

The squad entered the the cramped little elevater and began to ride it down.

Kid Soldier: Ugh who makes an elevator so small! Honestly!, I mean i know were all like family now but their is way to much sausage in my personal bubble, Hyr Serenity ill just scoot beside you.

Serenity: If you come any closer i will zhoot you in zhe leg!

Kid Soldier: Geez don't get your pantys in a bunch sweet heart.

The elevator reached its destination.

Badger Man: Alright split up, Grazony and Serenity take the right corridor, Newbies your with me.

Badger man and the newbies arrived in a strange room with operating tables and other gadgets.

Gorman was looking green and was sweating again.

Kid Soldier: This remind me of the time i was kidnapped, Being a super star and all they took me hostage for ransom, had me strapped to a table like this one they did, I chewed through the straps and knocked out my capters, Got a medal for it an everything.

Badger Man: You talk to much, Get moving.

Meanwhile Grazony and Serenity were moving from room to room Grazony was peeking around corners to make sure everything was clear.

Grazony: No aliens so far

Serenity: Good newz to me.

Grazony: But i can't beat Kid Soldier if i don't find any aliens ta squish.

Serenity: You are actually going to keep track?

Grazony: Sure am.

Badger Man: Still no signs of Grays

Kid Soldier: Aww man i got a take a wicked piss.

Badger Man: Thank you for the report, It has been duly noted.....sigh

Kid Soldier:  Oh a dunny! Awesome

Kid Soldier went in to a stall to do his business.

Badger Man: You have got to be kidding me!.

Kid Soldier: Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Badger Man: Hey Loudmouth, We are in the middle of area 51 with aliens nippin at our heels and you decide to take a piss in the middle of a mission inside  the area 51 complex???

Kid Soldier: What? Would you of rather me pissed on the floor?

Badger Man: Christ....

Serenity and Grazony made their way inside a large room with long shelf's everywhere containing files computers and other important looking things.

Serenity: I think we zhould look keep an eye out for anything important looking in zhis room.

Grazony: You got it missy

Serenity: I told you before not to call me zhat!

Grazony: Sorry

Walking through another hallway Badger Man and the team discovered another gray.

Kid Soldier: Gorman count of three with both pop out and blast the thing.

Gorman swallowed hard and nodded.

Kid Soldier: One....Two....THREE

They downed the gray with combined fire.

Kid Soldier: Three for me


Badger Man: Let it go rookie.

They stepped in to another hall only to have laser fly by Kid Soldiers head

Kid Soldier: Sneaky blighter!

Gorman and Kid Soldier took cover behind a shelf and opened fire. Meanwhile Badger Man flanked around.

Kid Soldier: Dam..Sorry mate but my ammo's dry, And my RPG  ain't much use in here.

Gorman: I..i cant get a shot off, He has me pinned down.

Badger Man had made it all the way around and met the alien head on, Both he and the alien raised their guns but Badger Man was the quicker draw and blasted the gray in the face.

Kid Soldier: Hey i told you that you would get one old timer!

Badger Man: One more age crack and i will make a request to the commander to put you on janitor duty.

Badger Man and the newbies began searching through various shelves for anything important.

Gorman: Wait a second..i found..a password..but it looks incomplete..hang on let me use that terminal..the lights above us are still on so this place still has power.

Badger Man: What are you doing?


Badger Man: You know how to do that?

Gorman: Yes...i am a major techie..surprised they didn't mention that in my file..anyway i am already in..i cant decode this stuff..even that's beyond my hands, But i can download it to this terminal to and we can return to base with it.

Badger Man: Fantastic job Rookie!

Gorman: All set

Badger man radioed in their findings to Grazony and Serenity and gave them their coordinates so they could meet up.

Serenity and Grazony started on their way to Badger mans location but got ambushed by a gray.

Serenity: Careful he haz a strange looking weapon

Serenity: Graz..ill run to that shelf over Zhere you take my spot ere, No offense but you are to slow to make it acrozz without taking a hit.

Grazony: Okie dokey

Serenity and Grazony moved in to position but the alien attacked Grazony, It launched some sort of orbs of energy. One grazed Grazonys legged.

They opened fire on the gray killing it.

They moved and met up with the rest of squad.

Badger Man: Who wants to carry the terminal?

Kid Soldier: Just put it in my backpack mate.

The squad began making their trek back to the entrance, Gorman was looking worse and by the time they reached the end of the hall the stress of battle finally got to Gorman.

Gorman: Wait..wait..i use the bathroom.

Gorman ran to the bathroom nearly falling down on the way in.

Badger Man: Christ not you too guys are more drinks before missions.

Badger Man soon learned that Gormans problem differed from Kid Soldiers as the whole team..and possibly any nearby aliens heard Gorman throwing up.

Gorman Finally emerged from the bathroom

Kid Soldier: You okay mate?

Gorman nodded

Gorman: Sorry.for holding you guys up

Badger Man: Don't worry about it rookie.

They continued towards the exit when they discovered one of the Grays was not dead, But trying to crawl to his gun, The entire team raised their guns but Badger Man signaled them to stop.

Badger Man walked up to the Gray and kicked in its head and ordered Grazony to take it with them.

The squad returned to base and and Wolf ordered them to the medbay and security detained the captured alien.

Kid Soldier: Hey Graz how many squishes did ya kill.

Grazony: One.... well actually....Serenity can i have the one we killed together.

Serenity: Sure......

Grazony: Two aliens i gots two aliens.

Kid Soldier: I win i killed three.

Badger Man: One lived, We captured him remember?.

Kid Soldier: Oh come on that one counts!

The following day the adviser woke Wolf up and brought him to the control room to give him more reports.

Adviser: First and fore most a Council team captured an engineering base in Mexico, Here are the changes in to or territory.

Adviser: The council of earth also sent you a message regarding the captured aliens.

Adviser: We believe the project dreamland files that your team recovered from area 51 contains information on how to detain these aliens. We have not yet figured out how to decode the files yet however, In the mean time they finished researching Psi Weapon Operation.

Adviser: While they attempt to decode the project dreamland files would you like them to research something else?.

Wolf: Yes...Twilight And The Fall.

Adviser: the development team has been examining the alien weapons your squad encountered, They want you to choose what one to focus one.

Wolf: Both of those affect the troops, I will have to consult my squad before making that decision.

Adviser: Of course commander.

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Re: Lets play UFO AfterMath Story Thread
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Date: 01/14/05
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Welcome Florence

I cant believe I'm saying this but compared to Gorman I look like a seasoned vet! I was so afraid of looking chicken my first mission but this poor kid pucked in the toilet of the base. He is a very good medic and a pretty good shot. I don't think he knows it but he saved my life. If he had not stepped up and got the attention of those 2 greys I would have been dead. Maybe Ill tell him that later...

I can't stand that pompous bullheaded cochon KidSoldier! A superstar huh?! Ive never heard of him before now and I wish I could go my whole life without seeing him again! I am so glad BadgerMan put me with Graz instead of him. Compared to Kid, Graz looks like a gentelman. I know there is probably more there then meets the eye but I swear if he calls me sweet heart or if I have to hear another story about how he shot a cigar out of a kidnappers mouth again I will shoot him in the âne! I can tell Kid is getting on BadgerMans nerves too.

I heard a rumor that we were getting another recruit. I hope its another woman if not he cant be any worse than Kid! I have already made it though both training courses so now I can only get better. I bet mon pere would be proud. I have made it a long way since that first mission..... but I am in no way perfect well, other then in my looks of course, and we have a long way to go before the hell is over and we can go back to the way it was before. Hopefully we can cross the ocean soon. I need to know if my family survived, I miss them so much.

Well I have to get to bed soon, tomarrow  Ill check on Gorman in the med bay. Maybe Ill tell him how I owe him my life. We shall see....

Log ended.
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