Author Topic: Multimedia Fusion 2 and other Clickteam products  (Read 1970 times)

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Multimedia Fusion 2 and other Clickteam products
« on: August 03, 2009, 09:36:18 pm »
I was searching around for one of these topics and couldn't find one, so here it is...

For those of you who do not know, Multimedia Fusion, The Games Factory, and Klik n' Play are three product lines designed for game creation.  Now, I'm not talking the typical 2d crap that others like it make, this thing is used to make commercial games.  I use multiple scripting languages often, but rely on my MMF2 Dev edition for game creation.  Why?  Think of it like flash, but meant just for games.

The tool is an entire coding language in itself, but is much faster than typical methods.  Basically, You give it the psuedocode and it translates the whole thing into VB.  That one little trick is the gem that makes MMF perfect:  Even though the software already can do whatever you want it to, anyone with VB can make an 'extension' onto it, or create an object to be loaded into MMF.  It literally can do anything.

The original engine is made for 2d, yes.  However, I've seen the source code, there's even a guy out there who remade the entire original Wolfenstien 3D in TGF.  No matter what you want to make, it's there.

MMF also has a built in gfx editor and sprite creator, although it's also possible to import premade files.  MMF also comes with a huge library of premade objects and a large sound library, although you're better off using your own.  It can layer up to 33 sound files at once, and keep up to 10,000 objects onscreen while running through your infinite amount of code once every .002 seconds and maintain a constant framerate.  This thing is GOOD.

I recommend it to anybody, and if you ever played a game and thought "they should have made it like this" it's definitely worth checking out.  In fact, the program is also a great creator for presentations, like a more code-focused version of MS Powerpoint.

Does anyone else here use one of these programs?  Just curious.