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[NC] Kyrgernio Faction
« on: July 20, 2009, 08:25:00 am »
Kyrgernio Faction Soldier

Articles 12 and 21 of the Sapient Being Act 187303 forbid the augmentation of sapient beings, either with cybernetics or biologcal manipulaton within the Has'ri Protectorate. Article 7 allows the individual to be prosectuted anywhere in the galaxy.

Needless to say, there were those who disagreed with this. One of these individuals was a male of some affulance, Kyrgernio. After fighting the Bill all the way through, when it was passed he began a huge underground movement, giving out augs to all those that requested it. Despite the state freezing his assests, he was never captured and remained rich off of giving out augs.

When he heard of an experiment that allowed travel between galaxies, he wanted a piece of the action. In what became the largest hostage situation in Has'ri history, Kygernio and nearly one billion followers escaped the the Novus Cluster, where they could live without fear.

The Kyrgernio Faction have now had enough time to settle in the Novus Cluster and are beginning to explore their new home.

I give out information in a 'Ask, And You Shall Recieve' kind of way.
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