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[NC] The Anterons
« on: July 16, 2009, 09:38:53 pm »
Here is my second and final creation for the NC: The Anterons. They are insectoid creatures with three strains: Anteron,Worker Anteron, and Guardian Anteron. The Anterons as a species use a system of sounds, body language and pheramones to communicate with one another. For example, the worker Anterons at the entrance to a nest would read any incoming Anteron's pheramones to tell if it were a member of that nest or not, and take appropriate action. There may be as many as 500,000 to 800,000 Anterons to a single nest. The "Command Structure" of a nest is in it's three Guardian Anterons;Two males and one female,the queen. During the mating season, the two males will fight each other, hitting eachother with their massive head crests. The loser goes off to lick his wounds for the next season, and the victor mates with the queen. The queen has an interesting heat cycle: There are a certain number of factors involved, including her size, and the size of the nest. If there are too many Anterons in the nest, she will become temporarily sterile, passing up heat alltogether. The amount of eggs she lays depends on her size and age: A medium sized queen about 250 years old (a queen's prime) will lay about 1,000 eggs. Anterons and Worker Anterons are not very durable, so they rely on numbers in combat. Worker Anterons guard the nest and take care of it, including it's inhabitant Anterons. Anterons are omniverous creatures, and both hunt and gather almost equally.There tend's to be more of one or the other, depending on what's avaible. The general intelligence and personality of a nest differ from nest to nest. Some are in space, some are still dumb animals,so to speak.
Phew! I'll have pics up later!