Author Topic: The Wrath of Trogdor  (Read 1065 times)

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The Wrath of Trogdor
« on: May 20, 2009, 10:45:22 pm »
---Incoming Transmission from the Podwalker Ship "S.S. Jooper"--

--Start transmission--
If anyone's getting this, be.. be warned...

A month ago, a few of our spaceships came across a galaxy filled with green dragon like creatures, each with only a single arm.
They kept appearing on every planet.

We thought it was nothing, but soon after that, the planets were filled with nothing but these green dragons. They were appearing constantly, and worst of all, they started becoming epics randomly.

A few days ago, we were sent to one of the planets that didnt have alot of epics of the dragon creatures. We took one aboard to study it.
We found nothing too strange, but... yesterday, it became epic while we were in space.

Our ship tore apart, but luckily we were wearing space suits with oxygen tanks, in case of the ship breaking in space.

We crash landed on this planet, and saw the epic dragon creatures start to glow red.

They suddenly blasted into space, and... they didnt die.
They sucesfully breathed in space.

Be warned... If these creatures start appearing on other planets, soon the entire galaxy will be infested...
-end transmission-