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I wrote the following this summer but i feel since there are various new people and this is pretty obscure i wanted to continue and post it again.

Alright here is my take on the demo section of the Gdc conference (based on my opinions and theories, I am just guessing)

Cell Stage:
Mouth Parts are

Siliya ( i know its spell wrong)

Tentacle anneome thing
Munisics? (sounds like what he says)

Now in the game i see three different organisms:
Small Green Pellets
Big Green Pellets
Black Pellets in jelly
Brown formless things

Alright so, when you start you are a simple cell you have basically two optical parts and three movement legs. In the beginning you can only eat the Small Green Pellets. The Brown things chase you and the Black Pellets shock you in defense. When you evolve you may spend your "points" that you have earned on things in the editor. I believe that this is something like how it works the filter lets you eat the Brown things or the muck that you swim in. The clampers (here it gets interesting lets you crunch things with and exoskeleton. Now you may be saying "what exsoskeleton?" Well.... i believe that in a few more generations you will still be in the cell stage but, Your enemies will change. So after a few generations everything is still 2D but there are now "trilobyte" like creatures. So you must evolve to be able to eat them. In the end your specializing on what you eat. The spike lets you eat the little Black Pellets, but soon it wont be strong enough to go through exsoskeleton. So you'll have to purchase the stronger and more exspensive spike on a spring. Or you can just continue to filter food and run away from your predators. Now I think that once you have survived through enough generations the game will convert to a 3D view.

Water stage: (although you dont have to leave it.)

Now something which i think is cool to think about is what does your creature look like when it enters the 3D stage. Obviously Will's was already pretty evolved. I think it will be one of two things either they give you a bit of points and you can make a simple creature or (i like this one better) the creature is based on what parts you used in the cell stage.

Land Or Evolutionary Stage

In this stage you have decided to leave the water and face your destiny . You go around eating creatures or plants and gaining points to evolve. While in this stage there might be some creatures which prey on you or you become the top of the food chain. Probably if you die you start over from the last generation and continue the game. There might be other ways besides eating to gain "Evo Points". Maybe you can discover secret places or kill bigger monsters than you, i dont know. But anyway you keep on going through generations until you can get sentience ( there are three sizes of brain). However since we know evolution will be locked for some time, im sure most people will hang back in the evolution stage until they get the desired creature look, or they feel satisfied ( like me, ill probably spend a large amount of time in the evolution stage because it will be so much fun). One day however all creatures must evolve to a higher order and continue on to the tribal stage.


-Three Jointed
-Two Jointed
-No Jointed


Now i also saw the antenna which i think is sensory parts, the brain which we know what that does, the thing on the top i think are the mouths, and the arrow im pretty sure are the weapons. The thing above that might be wings or misc.

Now in this topic I only want information based on the demo the interview or speculation that seems like it could actually happen. I would appreciate it if everyone who wanted to post here could stay on topic as much as possible.

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