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Insani's Completely Custom Universe Project
« on: February 14, 2009, 06:58:45 pm »
These are creatures from my completely uninternet'd game.

I have recently hit the 400 creature milestone, and in celebration, am posting my creaures here (yes i do have  topics of where i hit 300, but i got a screwed up game so i had to restart =( )

I am posting my best creations here:

Arborus Mobilus

There it is. Waiting. There it is. Watching.
The mobile Plant waits for you, as you walk into it's waiting claws, hoping for a bite of plant.
But as you walk into it, you realize... This is no ordinary tree.
What a shame! Our 32nd warrior has fallen for the trap!


Devilord; The feared creature known by all.
With it's powerful claws, it kills even the mightiest warriors, then writes the story on the wall, with a new red 'paint.'
Known by many as the spawn of hell, many brave warriors have attempted to kill it.


Old and wise, It watches.
This old creature looks down in sorrow as it remembers it's past as an evil monster.
Now it's grown old, and fat.
However, it still flies around, looking for food, hoping to catch a tasty snack.


Ahh, The Loxus.
This creature is a very inteligent being.
They always form squads, with squads patrolling the area, even before they invented tools.
As a tribe, they built advanced underground tunnels, and tall towers.
As cities, they had gotten nukelear weapons by the time the first other city appeared.

The clawratter

This Jungle predator is known to use it's sharp feet to quickly kill enemies.
It also uses them to stick onto trees.
However, it never managed to win at hide and seek...

That's all for now...
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Re: Insani's Completely Custom Universe Project
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2009, 12:36:27 pm »
I noticed a typo in the entry for the Loxus. It's not nukelear, it's nuclear. Not nucular, not newclear, but nuclear. Pronounced NEW-klee-or.