Author Topic: The Keijha Chronicles - A history  (Read 1825 times)

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The Keijha Chronicles - A history
« on: February 02, 2009, 07:53:57 pm »

By the end of the second millennium of the Keijha Confederacy, the loose collection of cultures that thrived upon their respective planets was in a state of complacency.  All mechanical projections showed the seemingly fragile STL system of government to be eternal, without error, and without decline.  The machine minds had prevented all revolution, and ensured the continued expansion of the Keijha races.   But the Xiha had one more projection to make.

With the introduction of FTL transport, their “empire” would crumble without question.  Without a sense of unity or an effective army, a government that had persisted for over 500 years would be rendered obsolete within days.  Without even a rudimentary FTL communication system, a hypothetical war fleet could attack whole systems at their leisure, outracing the warnings from the planets they had conquered before.

The Xiha managed to suppress these technological advances within their own spheres of influence, but they lived in constant fear of outside invasion.  Little did they know that the fall of the Confederation would come from an unexpected source.

Two unexpected sources, actually.  Two inevitable events, completely unpredicted, that coincided within the same century.  Originating from within the Xiha itself, these revelations would change the course of Keijhalian history forever.

Finally started.  Sorry I've been gone for so long  Had school stuff to do.

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Re: The Keijha Chronicles - A history
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I was wondering who that blue fellow in the sporepedia was...

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Re: The Keijha Chronicles - A history
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