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The Rising Star Achievement Thread
« on: January 14, 2009, 08:06:02 am »
I was looking through threads here, trying to get the Rising Star achievement (have 5 sporecasts subscribed to by over 10 people each), when I noticed that, well, there isn't one! So...
To put it simply, this thread is for posting five Sporecasts of yours so that people can sign up. In return, the person should also subscribe to other people's sporecasts in the thread too, presuming that they're below 11 subscribers. A "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" thing.
Once you get the achievement, I strongly reccomend you edit your post to say to.
Even if you don't play the game, keep in mind that you can easily subscribe by just logging in online and clicking the 'subscribe' button. Do it out of kindness.

So to start it off, here's my 5 threads. I made them only have 1 creation each so that you lot don't need to delete any crappy creations that would be in them otherwise. Nobody else needs to, I was just doing it out of generosity.
[#1] - [#2] - [#3] - [#4] - [#5]
I'll delete them when I get the badge, so no need to unsubscribe later.
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