Author Topic: Botmaker: The Revival!  (Read 1270 times)

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Botmaker: The Revival!
« on: December 18, 2008, 05:21:33 pm »
So, I was looking through The Time Traveller's old posts.  I'm pretty sure he's banned and can't continue this.  So I thought I'd start up one of his old metagames again.  We're on level 8 so we can do 8 point's worth of actions.
In Mars OrbitMega-Spaceship that can fly, shoot bullets or lasers, see, manipulate, build, clone, store animals (1 Dragon,), and move in space and on land with Dragon, Well Monster, Firetrooper and Human DNA (unmergable with any bots that aren't in Mars orbit)
Movebots (18)

City Hall with:
3 male humans
4 female humans

Underground House with:
1 male humans
1 female humans

3 standard holding rooms
3-room Hospital
Well with well monster

Level 1 Actions you can currently do:
Create Movebot
Create Eyebot
Create Manipulatebot
Create Buildbot
Merge 2 Bots
Move movable bots South, North, East, or West
Reactivate a bot
Ask humans something

Level 2 Actions you can currently do:
Create Gunbot
Merge 3 bots
Build a room.

Level 3 Actions you can currently do:
Create Digbot
Merge 4 bots
Dig underground.
Dig Well.

Level 4 Actions you can currently do:
Create Flybot
Merge 5 bots.
Send Hawkadilebot flying
Build City Hall
Build House

Level 5 actions you can currently do:
Create Rocketbot
Merge 6 bots.
Launch Rocketbot.

Level 6 actions you can currently do:
Build Stabilizerbot
Merge 7 bots
Build Hospital (required to heal and reproduce humans)

Level 7 actions you can currently do
Build Boosterbot
Merge 8 bots
Try to launch spaceship

Level 8 actions you can currently do
Build Butlerbot
Build Doctorbot
Build Drillbot
Send Human DNA to MegaSpaceship
Send TREX DNA to MegaSpaceship
Send Bronto DNA to MegaSpaceship
Send Hawkadile DNA to MegaSpaceship
Clone Well Monster
Clone Dragon
Clone Human
Clone Firetrooper
Get Mega-Spaceship to Breathe Fire
Merge 9 bots
Send Butlerbot to spy on Humans
Make Butlerbot give humans a nonalcoholic drink
Make Butlerbot give humans an alcoholic drink
Send Firetrooper down

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Re: Botmaker: The Revival!
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2008, 02:26:49 pm »
drill bot
No, no, he did. In the everything else section, at least. Officially, this makes him king.