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The First Contact of the Vykusi
« on: November 23, 2008, 10:16:18 am »
  Things were going well for the Vykusi, a ship was ready to make diplomatic contact with another race.  But as the ship activated its engines, the explosion of a quantum singularity in the area caused a massive quantum shift.  The entire system got pulled out of space and time, with the ship acting as a form of tether.  They cut the engines on the ship, which continued forward in a loop, settling back into their original galaxy.  The system itself stopped immediately afterward, lost in time and space.  Upon entering this new realm, a quantum shock wave rippled out from their point of entry, attracting the attention of the neighbors.

  On the Milika home world Ju, a scientific mission was being carried out.  A small one man scout was sent out to investigate a space-time disturbance.  The discovery he made shocked the whole population of Ju.  A whole new system had come out of nowhere!  The Chief RE notified his delegate to the GTC, who in turn notified the Chairman of the GTC.  A ship, more equipped than a simple one man ship was to be sent to the newly formed system.

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