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« on: March 30, 2008, 07:04:03 pm »
The Formidons -Formid(s)

The Formid pictured above is a worker.


Height: 5 feet from the ground up

They also are encased in a chitinous exoskeleton that protects their organs. Molting takes place frequently during growth, but slows down until it stops completely when the individual has reached adult size.

Breathing mechanism: Spiracles and Tracheae with air sacs

Diet: Omnivorous, mostly carnivorous due to environment

Senses: Eyes, Antennae which are ears/olfactory sensors, sensory hairs on fingers and toes. Antennae can sense vibration, but nothing else, so Formidons are tone deaf.

Locomotion: Quadrupedal, in addition to two upper arms which are used for higher tasks.

Reproduction: Sexual. There is little/no sexual dimorphism unless one is a queen. a population consists of a single hive, ranging from 5 million individuals, to Hive Formid (for which the species is named), which consists of +10 trillion individuals. Each hive has one reproductive female, which stores the sperm of potential males. Hive Formid has several queens, usually a handful on each planet.
small hives are maintained by nymphs, larger ones by more  queens, and the larger still maintained by the revered matriarchs (the sole surviving hive and matriarch are those of hive Formid, as they out competed/killed the other hives.)


Before developing a society, their behavior was governed largely by their baser instincts, namely to protect the hive they belonged to, to gather food, and to secure other necessary resources. The reigning female produces many, MANY offspring, approximately the same number of male/female, but all offspring are sterile, until fed the queen's haemolymph (blood), at which point the male/female becomes fertile, and thus a new queen/drone. Sterile individuals are the bulk of the work force, and perform most menial labor and domestic jobs. However, due to the number of offspring produced, the number of mutations in a queens progeny are relatively high, which lead to the more specialized formids. Soldiers are produced by a mutation which causes the excess production of a growth hormone, which makes their exoskeleton thicker, spikier, and makes them have muscle tissue that is more dense (a single soldier is capable of withstanding  arms fire, can sprint at high speeds, jump long distances, more coordinated overall, and is capable of flipping a mini cooper with its bare hands). However, soldiers are somewhat rare, and while all are destined to the legion, the vast majority of the soldiers are made up by hordes of levied workers (in other words, soldiers are the elite). As well, another mutation can cause increased intelligence, but these mutations are more common. The mutation is polygenic (governed by multiple genes) so intelligence varies from slightly above average, to absolute genius. The more intelligent formids usually find themselves in administrative positions, as advisors to the queen, or as academic, scholarly types. Queens express all the mutations they have, because all mutations are dominant. Matriarch Formidon for example is unmatched in intelligence and martial prowess.

More on them to follow.

(Also I don't mean to impose, but if someone is available to provide a better sketch of my creature, that would be appreciated)
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Re: Formidons
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2008, 11:59:50 pm »
Wow, nice guys you have there. :)

The reigning female produces many, MANY offspring, approximately the same number of male/female, but all offspring are sterile, until fed the queen's haemolymph (blood), at which point the male/female becomes fertile, and thus a new queen/drone.
That's what caught my attention the most. Thats quite a revolutionary idea. No one's ever done that yet here, as far as I remember.

Overall, great work. Hope to see more great concepts for the Formidons.

Oh, before I forget, Welcome to the Forums! ;D 8)

I hope you enjoy your stay here. It's usually quite nice here in these part of the forums. :)

Good luck on the Formidons, hope to see them in RP. ;) :)

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Re: Formidons
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2008, 05:59:58 pm »
Fan Art!
* Gunner runs away after throwing art at him
Also, Gunner is one of the children.
It's true.

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Re: Formidons
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2008, 06:04:28 pm »
Awesome use of Creature Editor! Keep up the good work, you've got some good stuff going on here ;D

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Re: Formidons
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2008, 08:24:59 pm »
Thank you for the positive feedback, and the picture!

This stuff has been mulling over in my head, so here it is.

Some additions to Formid physiology:
Since Formids are tone deaf, their communication consists of 4 variables:
1.   The gestures that they make with their antennae
2.   their posture
3.   pheromones which are exhaled by their spiracles
4.   the clicking that they make with their mandibles
5.   and their vocalizations

Life-spans (not including unnatural causes)

Workers =30-70 years
Soldiers =90 – 150 years
Counselors (intelligent ones) =100-175
Drones =120-170
Queens =750+*
*The most genetically fit of queens have been known to live in excess of two thousand years.

Mandible clicking is an especially important aspect of their language. They can click together at extremely high speeds, to the point where all that is audible to the human ear is a buzzing sound. But the vibrations that it produces are picked up by antennae, and the intensity, frequency, and the placement of clicking can change the context of its meaning.
As well, in groups, Formids sometimes engage in mandible clicking to help coordinate their action, because one Formid clicks his mandibles, then another, and then so on until all are clicking their mandibles, until the intensity, of the clicking is enough to bust normal eardrums, and disrupt sonar equipment. This behavior is usually seen in rallies, royal addresses, battles, and celebrations.

Now on to the Formidons as they evolved and reached sentience.

    The Formidons’ home planet is that of Uzas, an arid, reddish ball of rock, scoured clean by the Formidons in their insatiable need for resources. Fossil records indicate that Uzas was once a lush, green and blue planet, teeming with life of all varieties, fish, invertebrate land and sea organisms, mammalian types, etc. However, fossils of proto-Formids start appearing without any context. The fossil record does not seem to indicate that the Formids evolved naturally on the planet Uzas (hint). Within the next million years, the Formids soon out competed most other forms of life, except for small mammals and other arthropods and plants, and became the dominant species, sucking the planet dry of biomass in the process.
   However, as the Formidons started to reproduce exponentially, the mutations I mentioned earlier, especially the intelligence genes, started to appear with more and more frequency. Given the nature of population genetics, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that they just arose as the species got larger. Over the next million or so years, the species became more and more intelligent as a whole, until they reached sentience.
Society Overview

   Formid society was and always will be monarchic, and the emphasis is largely based on the queen. She shares power with her drone consorts (albeit unequally) as she is usually the more intelligent because of her genes. Because of the undisputed control exerted by the royals’ pheromones, the hives are always EXTREMELY industrious.
If a queen bisected a worker at the waist and told him/her they were a mess, the worker would try to re-attach themselves. Not to be confused with stupidity however, Formids are just obedient to the point of blindness. The workers value diligence, and reliablility, the soldiers value strength and bravery, the counselors value intelligence (duh), ingenuity, and meticulousness. The royals value unity in numbers, oneness of purpose, and keeping one’s duty, in addition to all the other values. Expect more on the individual castes to come.

Actual History

   Soon after reaching sentience, many hives arose on Uzas, and competed with each other, directly or indirectly. At this stage, the Formids are extremely numerous, but somewhat lacking in technology, (basically at the transition between tribal/city). But one hive stood above the rest. Hive Formid, led by its mighty warrior queen, D’keshet.  Within the next one thousand years, Hive Formid dominated the planet.
   After attaining planetary dominion, the Formidons entered a period of intense culture growth. As a result of the resources and manpower (bug power) freed up by this new peace, they could focus on advancing themselves. Their technology reached an impressive level of sophistication, consisting largely of highly advanced projectile weapons (due to the penetration required to wound a Formid), new economic prowess, and revisions to Formid society, largely in favour of the worokers.  The Formid Dominion, as it came to be known, was looking stronger than ever. Except for one thing: the control exerted by the drones was starting to grow very quickly. The drones of Formid were suggesting that the queen be subverted and reduced to a mere baby-maker. As the insurgents gathered recruits and procured weapons, they waited for D’keshet to die. The drones passed down the responsibility to the newer ones, waiting for D’keshet to die, as they were preparing for the day to strike.
   Sure enough, D’keshet dies approximately 100 years after the stage is set for the revolt. Within moments of her death, the drones, and their worker cohorts storm the palace. The loyalist soldiers and counselors fought valiantly. It is said that when the soldiers ran out of ammunition, they used the limbs of the insurgents as clubs. Counselors devised traps that killed scores of more workers as the loyalists were forced further and further back, until they reached the royal chamber, and D’keshet’s corpse. 100 soldiers and 20 counselors killed approximately 200000000 workers. But they kept coming. The drones had won the day. The drone leader at the time, Sa’tek then drank and ate the haemolymph and flesh of the queen, gaining her martial prowess and cunning. For 1000 years after, the Sa’tek ruled through a cruel and evil period known as the Time of Haemolymph (read as blood).
   The queen during the Time, Formidia, was reduced to what was essentially a tool. She was imprisoned, and forced to produce the offspring of the drones. She was raised entirely in an isolated chamber, so she had no knowledge of the outside world, until one day, when the worker that always brought her water, a juvenile at the age of 10, was stricken down in front of her by a drone for dropping the water container. She had resolved to do something about this. She was just as strong as D’keshet, and every bit as wise, so she resolved to break her shackles and escape. Then, she witnessed what was Sa’tek’s royal address: He was eating the workers, and ordering his soldiers and counselors to do the same. She was incensed. From what the little worker had told her of the outside, these things were evil, and they should be changed. She did not understand until that moment.
   Then and there, she stepped out of the massive crowd and challenged Sa’tek to a duel. In a ritual that has to this day become known as The Binding, or Formid marriage, the female that wishes to mate with a male must defeat him in a competition of some sort.
But back to the story. Sa’tek, outraged by her impudence, immediately obliged, and challenged her to a fight. Though hard fought, Formidia mortally wounds Sa’tek. In his lasts moments, Sa’tek asks Formidia the riddle “what is lost when you gain it?” she replied, “gametes.” (Gametes are sex cells that are used up right after conception; understand that the focus among the royals was to reproduce, as they were the only fertile Formids) she goes on to ask Sa’tek her own question, “what is the worth of a hive measured in?” Sa’tek does not answer and dies. She says to the crowd, “The minds of counselors, the mandibles of soldiers, and the hands of workers. She is subsequently crowned queen and rules to the present day.

-note that she bests Sa’tek in all aspects of Formid life, the riddle (mind/counselor), battle (strength/soldier) and creativity (composition of riddle/worker) the more well-to-do workers often become artists.

-as well, when drones mate, their immune system becomes weakend temporarily, and it is not uncommon that drones die right after they mate. So during the binding, drones are fighting for there very lives quite literally.

Modern Formidons

Instead of writing in paragraph form, I think that I will just list facts now.

Queen: Formidia the Exemplary

Population of Uzas: 50000000000

Level of Technology: early space as well as laser/ion/and plasma. Buildings and vehicles are made of a steel/carbon blend.

Music: consists entirely of bass as the Formidons are tone deaf (think “The Real Song for the Deaf” by QOTSA as an example)

Power comes from particle fission

The Formidons are just expanding beyond their home planet as their population exceeds what the planet can handle.


   Formid society is xenophobic by nature, and very hive-focused. Everything is for the benefit of the hive and queen, and everyone MUST do their duty on pain of death. However, Formidons are quite nice once you get to know them. They are more than willing to cooperate if it suits them, and they do not simply kill other species to free up more space. By far the largest thing that the Formids have to offer is manpower. A single Formid is hardy, strong, capable, and willing to work. Supplied in ridiculous numbers, they can do all sorts of things. As well, Formids are extremely skilled in genetic manipulation. As a result of their highly complicated genetic code, there was a strong push to decode it. Having done so, the DNA of other creatures should be a piece of cake. Each caste is capable of doing its job effeciently and quickly, but the race as a whole is more inclined to think out problems logically, as this is more effecient, and the Counselors have become very wise over the course of Formidon evolution.
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