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The knight and ninja
« on: October 07, 2008, 06:42:07 pm »
Here is a story written by my friend Ross. He asked me to post this here for him to get feedback
   The two stood in a stalemate. Both were perfectly still as the wind rustled their armor. The ninja kept his eyes on his surrondings, looking for a way to use it to his advantage. The knight looked nowhere but the ninja. His reaction time would have to be fast to stop the man's quick attacks.
   Both circled each other, neither gaining or loosing ground. As long as the knight kept him in the open he might have a chance. His adjusted his shield and swirled his blade in a circle, showing that he was ready.
   With lightning speed the ninja ran for the meadow's edge. The knight did not move to follow. He had to stay away from object that the ninja could hide behind. His eyes went after the ninja as he disappeared into the bushes at the edge of the clearing. No sound was made after his entered them. The knight took up a battle stance, ready for ranged attack.
   Suddenly a dagger flew from behind the knight. With great agility he turn just in time to hit it to the side with his massive shield. It landed in the ground not far from him. He made no motion to retrieve it, that would only leave him open to attack. He returned to scanning the bushes, waiting for the ninja to emerge. There was no indecation of him. The only thing that could be heard was the tinkle of his mail in the summer's breeze.
   It was starting to get dark. If the sun fell then there was no way he could beat the silent foe. As the sun came close to the horizon the knight began to sweat. No matter, he continued to stand at the ready. He wasn't going out without a fight. His eyes just kept looking around for some trace of the ninja.
   In the bushes, the ninja moved quickly and silently. Avoiding sticks and branches he easily made his way around the meadow a few times. He tried to detect flaws in the knight's defense, but there were none. It was obvious that he would have to strike fast if he wished to win. He decided on a tactic that involved mutli tasking, attacking with both daggers and trying to get around his shield. The ninja then noticed the sun, moving slowly down and covering the land in darkness. Nah, he thought, if he waited for darkness then it wouldn't be a challenge. It had been a long time since he'd had a good fight. He wanted to make this one last.
   Within only a second or two, four daggers flew from different sides of the meadow's edge. The knight was so suprised at the ninja's speed that he barely had time to block the attacks. He spun, throwing he shield up to stop the daggers. But before he could think more came from a bush behind him. He didn't have enough time to turn with his heavy shield, so he dropped it. Spinning as fast a possible he batted the knifes away with his sword, but on the last one he missed. He was able to dodge the knife enough so that it only cut his shoulder. Damn, he thought, the daggers must be incredible sharp to cut through his tough mail.
   Not a second after cutting the knight the ninja dashed from the bushes. He ran towards the knight, throwing daggers as he went. He zig zagged to avoid a common attack point. His speed was unhuman as he managed to cover the long distance in seconds. As the daggers flew towards the knight he dropped to his knees to avoid them. As they got lower he bent over backwards, so he was flat with the ground. He picked up his shield and put it in the ground in front of him so that the daggers bounced off of it. As the ninja drew closer he dropped his throwing knives and puled out his two daggers, preparing to battle.
   At the very instant the ninja got to the shield he jumped, hoping that he might fling himself over it. The knight would not be fooled though. In one motion he stood and slammed the shield into the leaping ninja. It sent the ninja flying backwards, but he still somehow managed to land on his feet. As he hit the ground his feet slid backwards in the dirt, leaving a trail of mud in front of him.
   Both stared at each other for a moment. The ninja smiled, "I must congragulate you! I've not had a foe of your caliber in quite some time. It will be a pleasure to kill you." The knight just stared into the ninja's eyes and said, "We shall see."
   The ninja's light cloth flapped in the wind. There was only a little bit of daylight left. Just enough time to deal with the knight. He might even get home for supper!
   Beginning to feel bored with just standing there, the ninja twirled his dagger in his right hand. As he did this the knight watched his hands closely. Ninjas were known for attacking when you least expected it. The ninja spun his dagger in his hand and then threw it up about a foot in the air, playfully. The knight's eyes followed the dagger into the air. In a quick move the ninja pulled out his last remaining throwing knife, with his free hand, and flung it at the knight. Caught off guard, the knight stumbled backwards as the knife met his leg. With little hesitation the ninja caught the dagger he had thrown into the air and began his on slaught.
   The knight recovered from the blow just in time to take up his defensive stance. The ninja attacked him from the front, then the side, then the back. His attacks were quick and powerful. The knight knew that he couldn't win unless he attacked. He thrusted his sword forward but the ninja easily dodged to the side of it. Then when his sword was in the stabbing motion the ninja went around his arm and jammed his dagger in the knight's side. He clenched his teeth as blood ran from the wound. The ninja appeared in front of the knight and tested the shields strength by hitting it a few times with his dagger. It was solid. The knight swung his sword around his a circle, spinning his body. Bending over backwards the ninja was grazed by the blade's sharp edge. It cut open a small wound on his chest. He quickly jumped back away as the knight came around a second time.
   He stopped spinning and chuckled at the ninja. "So you can bleed." The ninja took one look down at his shirt and then ran back into the battle. This time the knight was ready for him. As the ninja appeared on each side of him he quickly turned and hit away the strikes with his tough metal shield. The ninja moved behind him and acidently hesitated in his attack. In one powerful move the knight turned and smacked the ninja right across the face with his shield. Stunned, the ninja was forced to duck and dodge as the knight followed up with repetative sword attacks.
   The ninja tripped on a rock while moving away from the attacks and fell on his back. A paniced look appeared on his face as he stared up at the charging knight. Running at him the knight yelled and slammed his sword down as hard as possible. A cloud of dust flew up into the air as his sword met with the ground rather than the ninja. The dust quickly disappeared to reveal the ninja crouched on the ground right in front the sword. He must have somehow rolled over backwards to avoid the sword. The knight tried to stand up, but found that his blade was lodged in the mud. A worried look crossed the knight's face as the ninja realized what was going on.
   The knight was leaning over with his hand on the sword in the ground. At a fast pace the ninja stood and ran to the knight. He ran straight up the blades sharp edge that was sticking out of the ground towards the knight. Noticing that he was in serious trouble the knight took his hand off of his sword and removed his dagger from his belt. He stabbed it upwards at the on running ninja. The ninja was just barely able to grab the knight's arm and fling himself over the dagger and the knight. In mid air he twisted to turn towards the knight. As he landed on the ground he ripped the knight's helmet off and put a dagger to his neck.
   He pulled him up right and spoke, "It seems that I am the victor of this conflict. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to kill you now." He smiled at the thought. Then, he slit the knight's throat. He chuckled as the knight died. But as blood poured from the knight's neck he mustered up his last strength. With a vengful scream he ripped his long sword from the dirt and plunged it into his heart. The sword went through his body and into the ninja's already sliced chest. The ninja's evil smile turned to suprise as blood streamed from his mouth. The ninja's limp body slid off of the sword and fell to the ground, dead. The knight fell to his knees and then went face first into the dirt, his sword still sticking out of his back.
   Both died there in that meadow, neither winning nor losing. And as the sun finally set that day many things happened. The world mourned for the loss of their heroic knight, their savior. And even the thieves guild gave tribute to the ninja, one of their finest. Their homelands were never quite the same. Everything grew peaceful and calm. All was good, until the wars of later years, but that, is a story, for another time.
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Re: The knight and ninja
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Re: The knight and ninja
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Well, I can't really explain it but I had a lot of Deja vu moments when reading this story. Still, it's not bad, it should just be drawn on paper! :P