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The Acroslong
« on: October 01, 2008, 04:42:37 am »

The AcroSlong are an ancient race more advanced then any other. The AcroSlong came into existance 15 billion years before any other race, and were originally a seafaring race. They created underwater cities, hotels, and were a peaceful race. However, after a strange disaster on their planet (Oklon) occured, most water dried up, so they had to evolve to land creatures. After a whole 2 million years a freak amount of asteroids hit the planet, releasing the water in the core, thus refilling the oceans. The AcroSlong soon devoloped spacecraft and started colonizing planets.They soon were the most powerful race... Soon the Grox were born, and they quickly decided to challenge the AcroSlong, The Acroslong swiftly defeated each one of The Grox Ships, and soon developed "Sun Busters" Nukes that triggered the energy in a sun to explode, wiping out several star systems.
However, they soon Devoloped robots, which was their downfall. 200 years after that, the robots rebelled, destroying many AcroSlong colonies.
This was the start of the AcroSlong|Robot War, which lasted a whole 1000 years.
The Robots were soon allied by the Gro, who used the Technology to be the supreme beings they are today... The AcroSlong fought back well, until,As a Final Weapon, The Robots used a prototype Worm gate to teleport the Entire AcroSlong to another Universe.

They Left one last transmission saying "Captain Kliggornar here. At 3:47 PM Today, the Robots Revealed their Worm Gate and prepared to use it againt us.
We've sent several armed AirForces carrying nukes, we can only hope thta they manage to destroy the Worm Gate Before It's too Late. If you're receiving this, You must destroy The Grox. They are a threat to the Universe. We have managed to send some of our technology away on an aircraft. We Can only hope that it will be used by the forces of good. AAGH! THEY'VE UNLEASHED THE WORMHOLE! AAAAAAARGH! IT'S TOO LATE! LISTEN! IF YOU MANAGE TO GET THE TECHNOLOGY, YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO PUT TOGETHER OUR WORMHOLE PARTS! THE COORDINATES FOR WHERE WE'RE BEING SENT IS: A00B34C41! IF YOU CAN RESCUE US, WE WILL HELP YOU DEFEAT THE GROX! YOU MUST FIND THE WORMGTE PART--- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"