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Galactic Civilizations 3?

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I know it's a wacky theory (and would probably never happen)... But how do you think a Galactic Civilization 3 would work with Spore technology? I mean the core game would have to be designed from scratch but the pollination/procedural technology seems to me to be a PERFECT fit for the GalCiv 'franchise'. I heard that other companies are looking into using the Maxis technology for their own uses... This combo seems a no brainer to me as you would be able to design your own races, ships (much easier than the current GalCiv2 ship designer), buildings and even wonders. Of course it would have to be tweaked and customized to Stardock's needs. Imagine if you could use the spore tech now with the current GalCiv2... SIGH I can only dream...

Me, want, now

Lol, great idea, space stage with way more depth, I would love to see it in action.

I mean theoretically Maxis could DO it's own GalCiv type game as an expansion for the space stage... But Stardock does it so well... Flawlessly actually. This could even be applied to Master of Orion or even STAR CONTROL! God I love that series...

Isn't this the wrong forum for such discussion. I mean after all there is a general Games forum.

There's a General Games forum? Since when?


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