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spiritofcat's gallery
« on: September 24, 2008, 12:01:58 am »
I'll post the things that I consider my best creations.
All the pics are links so you can easily leave comments on them in sporepedia if you want to.
I'm including both size of pictures because you can only drag the small ones into the game to import, but the big ones are nicer to look at.

Creatures I made in the Trial CC before Spore was released:




Green Tentacle

Purple Tentacle

Most of the spaceships have a lot of details that are obscured in the sporepedia thumbs. They really need to be seen in 3d to be properly appreciated.

Inspired by SD Gundams.

TIE Advanced x1 AKA Vader's TIE Fighter

Enslaved Space-Manta
This majestic interstellar creature was captured and enslaved to serve as a transport. Its actions are controlled by electrical impulses delivered directly into its cruelly exposed brain.
This one is definitely worth seeing in 3D. It has eyes that follow you.


A creature masquerading as a plant.

Creatures in clothes:

Tribal Naowlytaurs
As a tribe, the Naowlytaurs did not seek a great deal of interaction with other tribes. They mostly lived off the land, eating eggs from their domesticated livestock and supplementing their diet with fish caught fresh from the ocean.

Civilized Naowlytaurs
When the Naowlytaurs started to develop cities they became quite infatuated with the idea of looking pretty. Anything with frills or bows was highly sought after.

Naowlytaurs, IN SPACE!

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