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The Xajorkithians
« on: September 22, 2008, 12:12:31 pm »
The Xajorkithians


The Xajorkithian species is believed to have evolved from a species of cliff-dwelling mammal from the warmer temperate regions of Xajorkis.

Type                 : Oviparous homeothermic carnivore
Appearance           : Furry, bulbous-thoraxed hexapod with brachiating arms

Gravity preferences  : ~0.7G
Temperature pref.    : Warm
Atmosphere breathed  : Nitrogen-oxygen mix; significantly elevated halogen content compared to Terra
Body cover           : Smooth fur
Body color           : Fur ranges from pale blue to indigo and purple. The lower legs are usually darker, and a bright stripe of a contrasting colour (usually shades of red, orange, or pink) runs down the centre of the thorax and the front and back of the neck
Hair                 : Feather-like crest extending from the back of the head and upper neck
Hair color           : Generally matching fur-colour
Eyes                 : Six eyes
Eyes color           : Usually black, occasionally brown or very dark red
Body characteristics : The Xajorkithian thorax is almost completely armoured by its sub-dermal skeletal plates.
Diet                 : Carniverous, with very occasional vegetable intake
Mouth:      Three jointed mandibles with triangular teeth along the inner edge extend from a small circular mouth.
Sexual reproduction  : 2 primary genders, females generally larger than males.
Reproduction method  : Egg-laying
Limbs pair n 1 : Two arms, splitting again into two at the first joint. Four long, thin, three-fingered hands with short claws.
Limbs pair n 2 : Six single-jointed legs with simple jointed foot

The average Xajorkithian is roughly equivalent in height (from toe to top of head) to the Terran Arabian horse.

History and Culture

The dominant faction on the Xajorkithian homeworld of Xajorkis arose from a civilisation which consolidated power during the Unification Scuffle of 600 years before the present day. Unlike its more militant confederates, this faction concentrated on supplying goods to the other squabbling factions. The revenue thus earned funded research and development of new technologies, which included mass-manufacturing techniques and standardisation (which led to the still-prevalent religion of The Standard, detailed below). Although the trade faction was forced to engage militarily on numerous occasions, it was for the most part its slow, steady acquisition of capital within rival factions which allowed for the eventual unification of Xajorkis.

The ruling government evolved from an industry group within the trade faction. Banding together to establish a set of minimal standards for product quality, this group has evolved and grown, producing state and religion. The official mechanism for discussion between the standards body's members and other interested parties formed the pattern for the extensive civil bureaucracy.

Government and Religion
Government: The ruling government, the Xajorkithian Uniform Steering Committee, is formed of a number of Standards Groups (such as the Research and Investigation Working Practices Committee, the Manufacturing and Production Directorate, and the Special Interest Group for Social Development and Procedure (commonly referred to as "Civil and Legal"). Each citizen is nominally considered a member of one of these groups, and is eligible to attend all meetings and vote on all decisions pertaining to that group. In practice, only about 60% of citizens vote on any given issue, through a combination of proxy and remote voting.

In general, very little gets done in the XUSC without extensive discussion. This can make them slow to act in matters of urgency..

Religious beliefs are varied among the Xajorkithians, but the two most common are a form of animism and ancestor worship, and the philosophy of The Standard, which arose during the successful mercantile period of the trading faction, and which attempts to apply standardisation methods to all aspects of life. Both of these religions have been significantly integrated into the secular life of Xajorkithian society, with festivals from both traditions declared official holidays, and sayings, rituals and minor superstitions from both a common part of everyday life. For the most part, actual adherence to these religions is fairly low-key, with about three-quarters of adherents claiming association with the religions without practising them to a significant extent.


The Xajorkithians have a technology between levels 7 and 8. Colonies are established on all the rock worlds in their home system, while terraforming efforts continue. FTL drives are in an early prototype stage, with significant 'explosion' issues in their current phase.

Special twiddlies
Microscopic sense - vision (close up)
Poor hearing
Heavy sleeper
Wall Climbing
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Re: The Xajorkithians
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2008, 02:01:26 pm »
I love how you successfully combined the creature sheet with paragraph form.  I see nothing wrong with this creature, and I'm looking forward to Xajorkithian/Milika dealings, which can be started right away by joining the GTC RP, if you can RP.  If you are new to RP, read the stickies in the two RP boards, as well as the older RPs, found in the fanfic index.  Plus, if you read the older RPs, you'll understand better the history of the OG.
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