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PNS - Pax Noxia Synthetics - Currently just a Story
« on: September 18, 2008, 02:28:30 pm »
((This is just a breifing right now, it'll be important in some way when I finish it, later))

Pax Noxia is a former Union Colony, unimportant, and made simply to gain a foothold into some area of space which is literaly empty. During the Galactic War, a rich company bought the colony, this was ata point when REDSTAR was desperate for money to fund their ever ceasing grip in the Union. The company was a harmless Research Centre, or so it seemed, filled with genetisists and ecologists which would be normaly on some industrial world trying to save the Havern Blooper from extinction, the Galaxy was in the middle of a war, and inspecting the Company's work seemed like a waste of money.

Like many Criminal Masterminds, Rogue Empires and James Bond Villians, Pax Noxia gained funding from mobsters and pirates. Most of the people funding Pax Noxia thought they were making some kind of weapon, or designing some super-efficiant ship. But what they were actualy doing was making a type of Super Soldier. Unlike most Genetic "Super-soldiers", the PNS clones were built from scratch, rather then just putting the muscle of a Torpal, the reactions of an Omic and the left pinky of an Urshan in a cauldron and chanting while they stir it up and hope that what they make doesn't go crazy. No, PNS sythetics designed the genes themselves, each cell and chromosone is designed to save and create as much energy as possible. Instead of brains, they made Hard Drives of infinite capacity, and installed them into the clone's nerves.

Testing showed the Origanals to be efficient, cheap to produce, and powerful, but, the fact they couldn't work a gun properly caused many investors to stop funding. It was made known to Pax Noxia that if they wanted beasts to charge the enemies, they'd pick one off of a nearby planet. Annoyed, and low on money, PNS gave the project one more shot. They put the genes into Urshan DNA, and managed to form a fetus with Synthetic qualities. The Project's Codename was "Nox", and that name was passed onto the new Urshan super soldier. While the scientists at PNS tried to install the DNA into Yuminius and Torpal fetii (lol fetii), it appeared that only Urshans were compatable.

Nox could handle weapons, perform CQC well, had extremely good reflexes, and could take on a Full grown, Enraged Torpral (though it was mainly speed rather than strength). One of the few funders left, a smuggler, was intrested in Nox, very intrested. Smugglers make a few enemies, whether they be the audthorities or crimanal, and this one wanted full control over the local market. He forked over a good One million Credits for an assination, which was completed promtly.

PNS now wanted a whole Army of Noxs, but the market for Mercanaries was dying down, REDSTAR was gone and Pirates in the Galactic North were being eliminated by Union forces. With so little criminals, and so many Empires getting their own damned armies, PNS was going bankrupt. They rufused to go onto the open market, as a Stock Crash was possible in the near future. So instead, they took their chances with invading an independant Planet. The forces of a small, pirate owned colony was overrun instantly. The populace started to become PNS employees, they grew food, which was sold to the public under Alter-Egos, and Urshans donated gametes, volentaraly or not. PNS was now on it's way to becoming a major faction in the Galaxy...

With the fall of the High Command in Union Space and the birth of the Galactic Trade Federation, two potentaly opposing alliances were formed. While no hostility existed at that point, many of the members of both alliances had fought against eachother at some point. Some Colonies and planets in the Union still hated the Kratair for the REDSTAR wars, while this was mainly old Veterans passing on exagderated stories to their children, much of this hate dissapeared during the many, many civil wars. Still, some hick worlds not involved in the High Command wars didn't forget Alliance attack. The Galactic Trade Federation was a trading alliance, thus a rush for colonies was inebitable, especialy with all the young races joining it.

Since the GTS was trade based, there was only one thing Rivaling it, Gal-Ex, while mainly neutral, it was Union funded, Wexxian supplied and Built by the Senate. Pax Noxia understood that profit for them came from war, and if they could trigger a war, then money would come to them. More money ment more synthetics technology, more cloning funding, and more ships. That meant more spoils of war for them, and that meant more money. War would only start if tension began between the two Alliances.

Gal-Ex at the moment was weakened, they were forced to cut off Union trade due to hostilities. All it took was one market crash and GTS would be in control of the Galactic Economy. That would put Union economic power down in the gutter, what's more, PNS would pay crooked Dealers to break the GTS market through Union contacts, making it seem as if the Union was sabotaging the GTS. While this may not start a war, tensions would start between the two. All of this was just the planning of High up PNS officials, deep down in the PNS HQ.

They would cause a lot of hell, and there was a chance that the plan would backfire and cause both GTS and Union investigations, but backup plans were being devised.

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