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Posts by category (Looking for help?)
« on: September 17, 2008, 05:12:33 pm »
While there's frequently a good reason to start a new topic on a subject, we don't need 5 terraforming topics about the same thing everyday (For Example) Please try checking here first! Also, the search button is your friend.

For Tips and Tricks:

-Installation/Registration & Technical Problems-

SPORE: Help thread for problems *please read before posting*
Spore did work, but now it doesn't
Invalid CD key,you do not have privledges (RESOLVED)
EA Download Manager Install Problem, Please Help

If you were having trouble getting achievements....

-Piracy & DRM-
Spore set to be the most pirated game ever.
EA might have to take the DRM/install limit out of Spore

-Sporepedia & Sporecasts-
Gamingsteve Avatars
Problems using Sporepedia?
Sporpedia vs. Buddies... Deliberate change or glitch?


Confused about Achievements
Fifty hours

Asymmetry Mod for all editors..

Wheels going backwards

No Use for Clothes in Civ/Space??? Psssh!
No Point to make Civilization Outfits?

Question about Space stage - holograms.
Space phase trading lacks depth?
City Ruble (Nukes)

Objects In Space:
Have planets always orbited?
How to use black holes?
Your galactic coordinates - Now with map

Trade Routes
I want it all! But... it's expensive!
Get Massive Amounts of Spice

Sick of being attacked every five minutes? You can fix it! Spore mods work!
How do YOU kill pirates?
Space stage IS broken.

Planet Sculpting
Fantasy Land Formations
Terrasculpt Lag? (or not)
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Re: Posts by category (Looking for help?)
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2008, 05:12:53 pm »
(may need additional space)