Author Topic: MAJOR error in Space Stage  (Read 6500 times)

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Re: MAJOR error in Space Stage
« Reply #15 on: October 09, 2008, 06:37:20 am »
Three times (not counting the numerous restarts to try again) now I have been blocked from exiting my solar system by one incredibly annoying bug;

1. I enter Space Stage, fly through the orbs, scan, collect, deposit, and kill the selected creature... OK, fine.

2. I buy the interplanetary drive... Ok still.

3. My homeworld gives me the mission to find the crashed ship. But hold on a second, something is wrong. Instead of an ordinary planet name, it spits out something like <ufo_crash_planet_unknown>

4. I shrug off this oddity and go to the planet where the crash is supposed to be (the spiceless T3 planet with only plant life). The moment I leave my homeworld, I get thousands of little info chirps, telling me that my homeworld has a new assignment for me. Another problem.

5. I ignore this and go to the crash planet anyway, but get no cutscene or radar pings. More trouble! One time I even located the crash and scanned it, but it did nothing....

6. Frustrated, I head home. The "Contact Aliens", "Expand", "Find Rares", "Terraform" missions are all open to me. However, if I try to take them, I get "We're sorry, but that option isn't open" or something simmilar.

7. So now I sit, stuck....

Note: I have tried this as a Warrior, an Ecologist, and as a Shaman. I have reached Space sucessfully as an Ecologist before, though.

Has anyone found a cause or a fix to this bug?

Nope, sorry man, can't help you.  However, I can commiserate, I guess, because I have a similar (though it seems less serious!) problem in one of my recent save games.  I'm at the very beginning of space stage, and I've saved right after they've told me to go scan the planet for te ship.  Once I get to the planet, it does the whole 'something is coming up on the radar' message, or whatever they say, and then instead of the usual dark green scanner screen, it turns a plain bright green without any image, while the music plays.  It does this for longer than it should, and then the message comes up that there is a ship to scan on this planet.  However, once that cutscene clears and I'm back in game, there is no ship to scan at all!  None whatsoever!  So I'm stuck in my solar system in that save game (which stinks, cause I was really looking forward to playing Space with that species....).  This is my only savegame that does this, all the others are fine, and I've only had Spore crash 1 time before, without any problems.....I don't understand why its doing this!!!!

I'm back peoples. Yes, me, the lurker. I have for long Lurked on these forums, but not bothered posting. Now I am, for I am helpful.

To fix these bugs (both of them, I think!), start a new game, in space with that species, then delete the original game. Voila! FIXED!!!!


that wouldn't work, cause then you'd be a Wanderer, i.e. no bonus abilities granted by the first four stages.  Also, you would have to change planets, and that's no fun!

Right, sorry for the nested quotes, etc., but my solution does work, at least for me. If you use a race you made before, the game remembers what path you took, and keeps that, even if you start with that race in space.  ;D
Wait, seriously?  I didn't know that!
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