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Re: What is your favorite STAGE?
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2008, 02:58:39 am »

In order favourite to least favourite;

1. Creature (Love this stage because you get to design your creature and see everything up close and personal).

2. Cell (simple but very polished and fun, short and sweetie).

3. Space (could raise to number 2 in my list if they fix the micromanagement of planet defence I should be able to put defenses in place to ward of most attacks).

4 Civilization (Because you get to design so much, the game itself is slightly too simple and easy to be really great, also there is no real sense of the technology of your civilization advancing, all in all could have been done so much better).

5. Tribe, what can I say about tribe, very simple, poor controls, no freedom to design anything except the rather poor tribal clothing editor. It has all the negatives of civilizations x 10 and none of the good points. I like to play all the way through from cell but I tend to blow through this stage ASAP.

My over all score for spore would be about 80% I'm afraid despite the fact it's very innovative and the editors. Civilization & exspecially tribe drop the score because they aren't great games at all, space is good but could easily be improved. Cell is perfect & Creature is great. But over all I still love spore.

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