Author Topic: Can't upload - says my race is "Maxis-created content"?  (Read 1030 times)

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Can't upload - says my race is "Maxis-created content"?
« on: September 09, 2008, 02:27:50 am »
Edit: Er, sorry about this. The thread right next to this one is currently discussing the exact same issue, and I was unaware when I posted this. :P Feel free to ignore/merge/delete.

My master race was auto-shared at a time when I didn't want it to be.

Stupidly, I thought deleting it from the web Sporepedia would be fine.

I continued through my game, and at a later, date, decided that I did infact want to share it. But wait, my ingame Sporepedia says it's already shared. Except it's not, because I already deleted it earlier.

So I try making a small modification and re-uploading. Now, I've tried this a couple of different ways, and I always end up with one of the following problems:

1) My creation is labelled as "Maxis-created" and does not appear in my web Sporepedia, or
2) I cannot upload the race at all because there is already a green tick on it/the 'share' button is greyed out because it thinks Maxis created it.

So I'm at a bit of a loss. Is there ANY way to share my space-age pirate lizards? Because I can't find a way, and it's really disheartening to think that this all happened because of that STUPID auto-sharing "feature". :(
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