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(spoilers...obviously) Quick Badge: Frequent Flyer
« on: September 06, 2008, 05:10:44 pm »
If you want to unlock the interstellar drives quickly and get the option to get an ally spaceship with you, do the following:

Find a star near you. Rotate the view so that the starsystem icons are next to eachother.

Now start clicking on one system and then the other and repeat. After 150 turns you will unlock Drive 2. 400 for Drive 3 + Right to bring along an ally ship.

Note, the problem with this is that it draws energy. From time to time you have to return to your planet and refuel (and possibly repair).

If you have found any other fast unlocks, please tell.

I for one would like to know how to quickly unlock the "make planets warmer/colder" and "increase/decrease pressure" tools that are mounted on the spaceship (not the things you buy). I have unlocked them myself, but it took a while.

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