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EA Forum Polls
« on: September 05, 2008, 06:13:17 pm »
Interestingly enough, EAs forums have a whole sub category for polls. Most notibly for the limitations on installions being removed. What is funny is that it is 100% in favor of removing the limitations. The following is the link. Please vote and let EA know what you want!

Have fun!

Edit: I should add that I am not against limited simultaneous installations and activations. I just want the ability to deactivate an installation if I decide to update hardware or get a new machine and reinstall the game. My AV software has 3 activations which I have on my 3 computers and I will deactivate one when I get a new machine and reactivate it on the new machine. It is no longer useful on the old machine, but I am still able to use the product on the new one. Anyway, I dont think that is unreasonable.
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