Author Topic: How to exceed the complexity limit for spaceships and get them to share (maybe)  (Read 2149 times)

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I have not tested this as much as I would have liked to. In fact, although this has consistently worked for me, I have no idea if it will work for you. Furthermore, if this was already known then just disregard this.

My game specs that may or may not be significant:
Unpatched game
DD’s cell part morph arrow mod installed (Doubt this matters, but do not know for certain)

So… I have been able to make and share over complex spaceships without cheating in the conventional sense… however, you absolutely need the ASYMMETRY MOD for this. But not at first,

How I did this:

- Make a spaceship the normal way, to max complexity. MAX. Non-max might work, needs to be tested (I cannot test for now)

-exit and install the asymmetry mod.
- go back into your game and open your saved spaceship (or an old one, I guess)

If it worked the complexity meter should have gone down to below max by a few notches. One time I had it go down by ~25%. How much it goes down seems dependant on what parts were used. The expensive space parts seem to make it go down the most.

-   fill in the remaining complexity while on the asymmetry mod. Recommend that you complete all the major symmetry work before hand.
-   Save
-   Share while on the asymmetry mod. I have been successful in sharing spaceships well over the complexity limit. [it will say so on the card if it is too complex] Its so easy I cannot believe that I have not heard it before.

If this works, you should now have shared a spaceship that is too complex, like so

(lots of little detail parts, not that obvious in the thumb)

So... just what you normally do, sort of.

Catch- the game will not let you select spaceships to play yourself over the complexity limit. They do not appear on the screen when selecting one for game play. You CAN, however, still play those ships.
You must start a new race with a ‘my creations’ (or whoever’s creations have the ship) theme, then select RANDOMIZE when selecting your spaceship. When it will show up is… random… and difficult if you have many ships. However, the randomizer WILL select ships over the complexity limit. It just takes a few tries. I got mine on the 4th randomization. You can then go back and select what theme you want to play as.

This worked for me, consistently. I hope it will work for you too. If anyone tries this, please note your success/failures. If it turn out this was just something that was unique to my game I will ask the mods to remove this to avoid confusion.
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I had noticed the complexity thing myself but I wasn't sure, thanks for sharing :)
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I've shared an above-complexity ship before, using the Freedom cheat. It saved and shared. ::)