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hey all in the exchange i just felt like making one of these threads feeling a bit left out and unfamiliar, ive been lurking(did i use it right?) these threads for about two years popping in and out of conversation and thought i should make a thread about mah spore creatures since thats why i joined. i dont know how to post pictures yet so your going to have to make due with a link until i learn how( could someone pm me about that? ty). please post positive things so i don't go sadface 
finally learned how, need to be bigger but theeir heeere ;D

Faction: Pabren Empire

the pabren are the leaders of the pabren empire(duh) these fishlike species arent very special but have an extremely large regimented army that could crush any foe with their sheer size.

jadits are an older race that have sided with the pabren eons ago when their numbers were dwindling now with the jadits far from extinction their dept is paid by the pabren as warriors and tactical officers in the pabren empire.

a close relative to the Raqualle this species are used in the Pabren Empire as pilots and navigators.

foot soldiers of the Pabren Empire very reliable and fast, mesto practice guerilla warfare tactics.

Faction: Tunda Familiar

the tunda'er are snowy birds that posses the ability to manipulate gravity, their wings begin floating from the body at the age of 30 signaling the presence of this power. tunda'er that posses the ability are sentenced as a Defender of the Peace within the universe.(not meant to be a star wars Force rip-off)

unlike the tunda'er, tunda'mal are trained as Sorcerers of Light to all who wish to lean the archaic ways of crystal manipulation, they mainly use the crystals to make strong bursts of light that are capable of blinding and burning enemies.

a relatively new member to the Tunda Familiar, all tunda'nesh are born with their ability to control many aspects of the ground, whether creating quick sand or summoning crags to propel enemies in the air and
into their floating maws.

i will post more stuff(maybe another faction) once this thread reaches 50 views k? k
we officially has fifty, new faction
Gelurian Empire

the leaders of the gelurian empire warring with the pabren empire. gelurians are very inteligent and generally weak, scientists have developed coils that produce electricity using their own energy converted from nutrients. 

jal'er are a small birdlike race that are very useful snipers and spies in the gelurian empire

small, weak,and flightless birds utilized as engineers and technicians in the gelurian empire, though they are technically savvy they dont even know how to use weapons and have to have their own brand of weaponry, for protection.

used as pilots because of their ability to individually control each of their four arms. when not behind the wheel these four armed creatures enjoy surprise attacks and tearing their enemies limb from limb.

these lobster-pig mutants were genetically engineered to be a perfect warrior, clearly this went wrong and are now being used as meat shields. they cannot wield weapons due to the lack of hands and have very poor vision because their eyes keep moving around and bobbing.
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