Author Topic: Glitching the creature creator to see what it can do (pics of weird glitches)  (Read 1361 times)

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I have been trying to figure out just how grandpeep has been able to make his asymmetrical creatures with the ultimate goal of re-creating the noog from way back.

I have been taking apart this

It has two different hands and each arm has a different thickness.


I dont know, but I was playing with it and managed to switch one of the hands by combining/dividing the arm they were on, removing the small one and adding another that immediately cloned itself to the other side. I combined both arms into a single limb then. When I split it after many tries, the new hand floated. I picked it up and moved it, then added it to the limb without a hand. That hand will not clone to the other side now, so each arm has a different hand.

The thing is, I dont know how he was able to manage to get the first hand not to clone in the first place.

So I tried replacing one hand with one of the spike weapons, so I started a new arm because I had not figured out how to place a asymmetrical piece at the limb’s end. Eventually I came up with this

Where the glitches hand is attached to another joint on the arm that is not the end joint. It looks cool but the game will not save the file (a good thing probably) so I took this picture.

Eventually I figured out how to add the asymmetric weapon onto the end of a arm, something that many already know... anyway, I want to add feet to the old set of limbs, and look what happened

the feet float! Hah, no the game will not let me save this either.

Thing is, as of yet I still dont know how to create a asymmetric hand and limb from scratch but I just wanted to show everyone the glitches I found along the way.

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They don't have mouths, so you can't save them. That was my first reaction anyway.

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I was thinking about where to place the mouth on my Propagator, I was making its neck and head out of arm parts and i attached the mouth to the split I had made. The mouth only got placed on one of the splits, there by making the mouth part asymetrical. I have no idea what happened but I thought it was neat.

Propagator from Final Fantasy VIII