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Creatures for profit.
« on: August 02, 2008, 07:22:44 am »
Many creatures are made with the purpose that they will eventually gain intelligence and rise up to be a major galactic power... but not all of them.

There are some creatures that remain just that, creatures.

That doesn't mean they are not without use to the highly advanced races.

With the development of the interstellar economy and the trade between different systems, there has emerged a new class of creature that has had the fortune, or misfortune, of being very very profitable.

This thread is to highlight the galaxy's most profitable creatures.

I'll start us off with two creatures.

CreatureCreator's Skitter

Leveraging its cuteness, this small cute package is big bucks in the galactic pet trade, leading to a new line of pet shop, specializing in the trade of the adorable little bundle.

The second is the Terralyte

Being labeled as one of the fastest creatures in the Western wing of the galaxy, the sport of Teralyte racing has become big bucks. Having a successful Teralyte can make you a fair amount of credits. Knowing who has the fastest Teralytes and betting on them will net you even more. While most Teralyte racing is legal, several illegal 'private' racing rings have cropped up, mostly to avoid the taxes on gambling wins levied on legal racing.

A second market has also developed for the swift creatures.
Young, swift and strong Teralytes make horrible pets. They have almost limitless energy, making them very destructive if not given a chance to expend that energy. Older Teralytes, having spent their energy on the racetrack, are calm enough to make good pets.

What other creatures make for big business? Post them here and what sort of footprint they leave on the galactic economy!

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