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The NEW Post Apocalyptic RP OOC
« on: July 10, 2008, 06:46:53 am »
It's five years after the Last Nuclear War. Most of mankind has re-organized itself into settlements. The total global population is around a billion(More? Less?). Many major cities were destroyed, so most people rely on farming in small settlements for survival. Radiation plagues the land, and even farming is difficult due to the burnt landscapes. Huge amounts of infra structure have been lost and people know next to nothing about the rest of the world, everyone focus on themselves and try to survive. A big part of the population lives in an anarchy manner, and everyone is telling stories about the dangerous Preta. Preta means "hungry ghost" and that is exactly what they are. Pretas live in a nomadic kind of way, looting things from before the war, and some even raid villages.

But a shining beacon ignites hope in the hearts of some. The town is called 'Everlasting' and it has a population of 200,000. It has electricity, and running water(both of which are rare on such a large scale, although many people outside of Everlasting have invidually hooked their houses up to generators and water systems on an indivdual scale). Everlasting has an economy, a iron mine, and public transportation(in the form of solar powered buses). The city is a major supplier of goods and manufacturing, and even though many people look at its government in a "whatever" way, since few believe it will last life seems to be returning to the usuall here.

Everlasting is basically the hub of humanity, and is a democracy. However, all are not pleased with this. Everlasting publicly denouces the neighbouríng bigger settlements and nations for their dictatorship, their neighbours being an authortian and militaristic group of cities, known as the Skull Cities, launch a devestating attack on Everlasting, using weapons recovered from a military base. The final weapon deployed is a small tatical nuke, which obliberates huge parts of Everlasting, killing of big parts of its population. A mysterious man that people know was asociated with one of the leaders of Everlasting puts a bounty on the leaders of the Skull Cities with a almost unbelieveable reward (we have to work out what this is). The word is that the person who brings the heads of the leaders to this mysterious man known to most as Whandeego gets the reward, so everyone that is interested in the reward are bringing more than just one gun.

We are going to start just before the last tactical nuke, where the first real even is going to be when the nuke has been detected heading towards the city. Basically, the characters would try to hunt down the leader(s) of Skull Cities, and attempt to bring the main leader/ruler to justice.

Start to sign up!


Kcronos - Justin D. Sheppard
Andrew Ryan - Ron Erpegiao
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Re: The NEW Post Apocalyptic RP OOC
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2008, 08:52:32 am »
Name:  Justin D. Sheppard
Occupation:  Cultist
Age:  16
Gender:  Male


Justin was born into the streets of one of the skull cities.  He never knew of his parents, and often resorted to stealing and pickpocketing to stay alive.  When the bombs finally fell, he was unaffected.  He looked upon the panic of the people with indifference, and the new regimes that were recreated only made his theivery even more easier.  But one day an odd man in a white robe found him stealing from his bag, and took pity upon him.  He took Justin into his flock, and showed him the way of the the Cloud Bringer.  Justin learnt from the Brotherhood how the Cloud Bringer brought the Light to humanity, and how humanity was punished for not accepting it.  Within the next five years Justin grew in prestige within the brotherhood, and converted many himself.  Those that did not convert willingly would do so eventually.  Those that lived through the initiation ceremony always did...

He is now currently in a mission to the city of Everlasting.  His purpose:  To bring the ways of the Cloud Bringer to the opressed people.
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Re: The NEW Post Apocalyptic RP OOC
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2008, 09:23:19 am »
A billion? Pfff.
Much much less.

I'd say a total global population of no more than 5 million people should be about right.
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Re: The NEW Post Apocalyptic RP OOC
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2008, 12:31:33 pm »
I was going to say exactly that. At our current age that's about 1/6 of the population surviving almost 1/7.

But i would go even lower than 5 million. While the actual explosions would kill many, the radiation would be the huge killer, and would probably spread around the area and continue to kill people that have wandered into infected areas.

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Re: The NEW Post Apocalyptic RP OOC
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2008, 01:14:27 pm »
Name: Ron Erpegiao
Occupation: Former Geologist turned local crackshot
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Bio:   Ron was born in 20XX to two middle class parents in the town of New Abalon. He grew up what one would think of as a normal American childhood complete with a new car at sixteen and a shaving razor at seventeen. After completely High School at the top of his class he ventured out into the world and eventually managed to get into the University of Colorado at Boulder where he trained to be a geologist. After working and straining for 8 years he finally managed to earn his masters degree in Mineralogy and soon after was contacted to work at the U.S. Geological survey. Soon he was out in the field, assigned to locate and map mineral deposits of the entire state of Nevada. And this is where he was when the bombs fell. Of course he didn't know anything had really happened. He was to busy studying mineral deposits in the Valley of Fire State Park to really notice the loud boom and the bright flash. To him it was just thunder and lighting from a storm that never came. A couple days later, Ron finally wised up to the truth of what happened when his Geiger counter started beeping like crazy. Discouraged and alone, he wandered about in the Nevada wilderness until he came across the remains of a dead man with a hunting rifle. At first Ron was cautious about the gun but before long he found that he had a knack for making particularly hard shots with it. Before he knew it he was an unofficial expert on all things involving a rifle and soon found a small city of which to put his skills to the test for the eager populace. This city of course was named Everlasting.

  He is currently a refugee from the city and has since settled down in one of the skull cities, content to a life of doing the occasional gang hit and spending the rest of it curled up under a dead tree with a bottle cream soda in his hand.
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Re: The NEW Post Apocalyptic RP OOC
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2008, 09:52:20 am »
Its looking good so far :)

I will be posting mine tomorrow I think :P