Author Topic: Tobias' Spores - also kicking of (more of) the landmark spores!  (Read 1144 times)

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Here are some of my spores:

- a template for the split / float glitch, using thanren's method.

- a dragonfly with a frogman rider

- the "orange/dutch lion" - but the EK's (almost) over. :)

- the 'butterflower' - cross a butterfly with a flower

- the giraffe eater - there are SOOO many giraffes around... :)

- a mix between a lobster, a wasp, and a nightclub bouncer. I like the way this guy walks!

- a mantis-like creatue with really big mouths - on his knees!

And, in the 'existing landmark category', something for people who've been to Rotterdam: the euromast.

LMK what you think!