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Shadowgandor's Creatures. (First vids are up)
« on: June 25, 2008, 12:14:26 pm »
I've been using the creature creature trial for about 4-5 days now and there've been a couple of creatures that I kinda liked and there will probaly be more with each passing day, as I'm finally starting to get the feeling, despite only having 24% of the parts :P
By the way, comments would be appreciated, I'll add them to my creature notes.

Well, I'll start with my favorite: The comabull

Although small, this creature is a serious threat. With its middle horn, it pierces its prey, killing it and eating it. Its bigger horns are mostly used for defence and for impressing females.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Notes: This was my first 'detailed' creature, my third creature I've made anyway.

Comments: -

The Faloopa:

This strange creature was dropped by the holy visitors. The reason however, was unknown, as these creatures don't seem too aggresive.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Notes: My first attempt to create a creature for a planet other then the green one and also my first  creature that could be sentient I'm satisfied with.

GoreyFeldman commented:Thu August 21, 2008
Nice design. Looks like some sort of space anteater.

Capt-Casper commented:Sun August 10, 2008
good job

Rubric commented:Sat June 28, 2008
I like this guy. The stooped posture makes him look friendly and passive.


Lurking in the dark, this creature stalks it's prey until it is alone. At that moment, this creature charges at his prey, slowing it down and finishing it with its mouths.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Notes: This creature was basically a test to see how multiple mouths sounded. I liked the result so I made up a story around it and uploaded it.

vonboy commented:Mon July 28, 2008
cool, he has heads for hands :D

The Barimo:

The Barimo is a packhunter, plain and simple. It works with others of the same species to kill medium-large sized creatures. There have even been reports that this creature uses tools.

Notes: I made this creature the way I would most likely have my first creature in the full spore game.

Comments: -


These cheeky creatures are incredibly curious towards everything that moves. Not very agressive, although its bites can still hurt.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Notes: One of my most simple work, yet one of my most populair one as well :P


Hydromancerx commented:Sat August 16, 2008
You have some great creations. You should check out and make some here.

Yosoff commented:Wed August 6, 2008
Cool creature! Thumbs up.

vonboy commented:Mon July 28, 2008
simple yet nice.


Despite it's size, this creature will most likely be the last thing you'll see before you die.

Notes: Basically, I tried to make the ultimate predator in terms of damage dealing. Only problem is, I forgot to made him big :(

Comments: -


The Mobassian is a creature that lives on the vulcanic planet of Mobassa. They tend to hunt in packs, but shouldn't be underestimated when a single Mobassian has it's eyes set on you.

Notes: I'm pretty satisfied with this creature, although I'm hoping that if you encounter it, it will be on a vulcanic'ish' planet. I wouldn't like seeing it walking in a bright green valley :P

Comments: -


These small and harmless creatures tend to clean the land of carcassess. However, when in huge numbers, these creatures do pose a threat when threatened.

Notes: I made these creatures to fill in the lower tier creatures. I wouldn't call them fodder as they are carnivores (I only have the trial CC so...:()
Also, anyone who's been following spore for a while will recognise this critter :P

"ha, very cute and simple. Nice one"
Sleepy commented on Miniopolis at 11:59AM 08-21-2008

ps: Vids to come.

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