Author Topic: After Earth: Several sentients beings evolved after globalwarming  (Read 5769 times)

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Re: After Earth: Several sentients beings evolved after globalwarming
« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2008, 07:01:00 pm »
ok then, that's the last.

2 Actually I think it's alot more in proportion to Earth. If it was equivalent to just 1% of Earth's atmosphere, I don't think you'd have the haze you've got there. You'd probably be able to see the stars at day. But I'm open to links to prove me wrong, always enjoy more knowledge.

3 Isn't there a crap load of water already there? The only key issue is when it goes into the gulf stream as cold water. If it goes in warm (or maybe that's the other way around), then it's ok. And going in as fresh water anywhere else on the planet doesn't have as much as an effect.

And seeing as when the last melt down happened it didn't flood Africa like earlier melt downs, I doubt anything bad.

4 You do realize sidewalk weeds, farms, etc are all plants and although not equal to trees, still do their part?

5 not only eruptions, silly me forgot natural gas leaking like in China.
6 As if that CO2 wouldn't eventually find it's way back? The Earth's geography is very out of wack too. Little thing called continental drift.

Also, I'm not sure how we know the weather paterns back then besides what had more wind due to erosion, etc.

Also, there's several other things to think of such as the existence of cow-like dinosaurs not doing any harm for such prolonged times. They say cows and farm animals are a major factor. Well with herds of 10,000 roaming across the world for a good few hundred million years, grazing dinosaurs somehow did nothing. Ambiguous evolution and digestive remains shows that they were close to our cows and sheep. we only see normal temperature patterns though.

to continue on the species shown here, I think I'd like to know how a gold fish developed a big bran.

By acknowledging him, you merely encourage him to keep saying it. He said the same thing in the WALL-E thread; and we all fell for it and took the thread on a tangent.

But before I go(@Robert & TT)...
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Anyhoo; I like the battletoad. How far in the future is this though?
Spore! Star Wars! Dinosaurs!

I blame what I call the Scopes Law (When discussing evolution in the presence of a creationist, the discussion always becomes a religious debate).

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Re: After Earth: Several sentients beings evolved after globalwarming
« Reply #16 on: June 24, 2008, 09:13:25 pm »
really wish I didn't shoot a paint ball at my sound card.

doesn't justify much.

Yes, please explain the goldfish.
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Re: After Earth: Several sentients beings evolved after globalwarming
« Reply #17 on: June 24, 2008, 09:56:38 pm »
pure imagianation
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