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Re: JKalenad Tower [16 new creations as of 9-28-08, including Bronzong]
« Reply #90 on: September 28, 2008, 12:25:58 pm »
Okay....almost 20 days since my last update (which came the day before I got Spore). I've been busy with classes and...Spore...
So, let's get this show on the road.

Torkoal (Factory):

I've made so many things for my playing Empires that I don't plan to share, unless I feel they were worthy of sharing.
I'll probably just share the stuff I made in editors from the menu from now on.
Anyway, about the Torkoal Factory. I obviously made it a factory so it could spew smoke. It was a real hassle making it, but it turned out very well.
Once I was done I thought that I'd might as well make


I didn't make Torkoal with fake smoke for the same reason I left out Blaziken's wrist-fire. I didn't see the point. Torkoal moves a bit too quickly for a fire turtle, but at least it moves decently. I think it turned out really well.


Psyduck's small enough that I can do that with the pictures.
Psyduck was one of, if not the first Pokémon I made once I actually had Spore. I figured it'd animate better in Spore for one and I wanted to finish up the Evolutionary line. Once again, I went for realism and functionality. Psyduck would have feathers. Golduck wouldn't; it swims too well. That's what I think, anyway.


Leaving the realm of Pokémon creatures with the first creature modified with the Creature Tweaker. The Cylatardo, modified by the Cylafah Empire. It's based on one of Maxis's straight-out-of-the-Cell creatures. Blatardo I think it was called. I made sure to make it at least resemble Blatardo while still making it a decent creature. I like how it turned out.

Togekiss (Spaceship):

Togekiss was rejected as a creature because I didn't feel like I could do it justice. I could try now, but I don't know if I'll make Togekiss as a creature.
Anyway, SC Togekiss here was one of the first (if not the first) non-creature Pokémon things I made. I made sure to make it look like a Spaceship based on Togekiss, rather than a replica of Togekiss. Certainly worked out.

Bronzong (Spaceship):

Another Pokémon as a spacecraft. I knew I couldn't possibly make Bronzong as a creature, even back when I had the Creature Creator. I left it in the cupboard until I could make it as a Spaceship. It was kind of tricky to get the wings right, but I got it in the end. Very happy with SC Bronzong.

Poké Ball (Colony Land):

This turned out very well. I actually almost gave it little drill propulsion or make it look like it was hovering, but I decided to just stick with a plain old Poké Ball. Not much else to say.

Master Ball (Spaceship)

I've wanted to make a Master Ball Spaceship for a while. I know I could've made it look more like a Master Ball if I mimicked the Poké Ball, but I really wanted it to look like a Spaceship, rather than a replica. It turned out really well, I think, even though it looks a bit awkward sometimes. Not really.

Pokémon Center:

I didn't take any in-game pictures of this one because that screenshot's basically what you get.
I wanted to make a Poké Mart and a Pokémon Gym, and I'm sure the Gym would be Entertainment, but that just leaves the Mart as a Factory. which makes little to no sense.

Latias (Military Air):

Latias and

Latios (Military Air):

have the same story. I didn't feel confident making them as creatures because of what I've seen of them. plus, they look durn good as jets. In Space I actually ran into a civilization with Latias as their air vehicles. Also, I ran into a star randomly named Latios. I have a colony there now. very happy.

Magnezone (Spaceship):

Another Pokémon as a Spaceship. Magnezone was actually the first Pokéship, and it deserves to be. At one point, it was the most common spaceship in my game. I encountered it in three different Empires. I'm really happy with it.

Feraligatr (Space):

I guess Feraligatr (but it's in Space!) didn't upload to Sporepedia, so I uploaded its .png to imageshack. Just as I promised; a Space-adapted Pokémon. Not much else. For some reason it looks like it's constantly dumbly smiling.

Registeel (Space):

Similarly and more comically to Feraligatr, here's Registeel in Space. Its armor is colored red because that's how it's colored. Gray, black, red. I actually shifted it to gray while outfitting, but I decided to jsut keep the original coloring (just like all my outfitted creatures)


I actually rejected Ho-oh initially because I felt that I couldn't do it justice. I never attempted it. I decided to try it because I saw that my 250th upload to Sporepedia was imminent. It turned out as well as any of my other Pokémon and I can really see it flying as an Epic. pretty cool.
Since Ho-oh was my 250th upload and it turned out really well, I figured I might as well try another one I had shied away from and tie another number:..


I made Celebi just as I've made any other Pokémon. Practically, realistically. It may not look as much like Celebi as it could, but it animates very well. Even when it flies. Heck, especially when it flies. I'm happy with it.

And, as a bit of a treat, I have the evolutionary lines of two of my Empires (one started in Tribe and the other had no member that uploaded to sporepedia), starting with

Evolution of Cylafah:

--From left to right:
Cylaf, Cylafa, Cylafab, Cylafac, Cylafae, Cylafaf, Cylafage, Cylafah,
Tribe, Space, Civilization--
The Cylafah (SIGH-lah-fah) Empire. My first game. Very happy with how everything in it turned out. It's also the furthest along. Very nice. There is no Cylafad apparently. my nomenclature got messed up somehow.

Evolution of Toissagh:

--From left to right:
Toissaa, Toissab, Toissac, Toissad, Toissae, Toissaf, Toissag, Toissagh,
Tribe, Space, Civilization--
The Toissagh (TWAH-sahjh, with hjh pronounced like the J in naranja.) or (TWAH-sahg)
My latest Empire. They just made it to Space. Unlike the Cylafah, who are peaceful herbivores, the Toissagh are sort of aggressive omnivores. Once they gained wings, I really liked how they walked because it looked like they were about to take-off gliding any moment, their step was so light.

That's that. Whew. I have plenty more to share, though, and plenty more I want to make.
Keep an eye out for a Lugia vehicle, as well as a Colony Sea Great Ball and a Colony Air Ultra Ball (as well as maybe Spaceship versions of every Pokéball ever, including Generation II Balls, to be released like the Unown or Kecleon; by request only), the Pokémon Gym, Poké Mart, and some more Cylafah and Toissagh stuff, like buildings and vehicles. Especially Toissagh. Their stuff is pretty cool.
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