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Hello all... I am 'new' here... in a way... I've been a guest lurker for some time - probably since mid-2006, but never registered for fear of becoming *too* addicted to Spore and all the speculation here at GS... A little about myself: I am a recent graduate with a BS in Meteorology (hence the name) with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics...

Also, here is my spore page:
The link is also available in my sig

Now that we are through with that, onto the creatures:

Clicking the name will link to a bigger picture. Clicking the small png will link to its sporepedia page.

The Taranisians:

The Taranisians are going to be my 'avatar' in my first game of Spore (and probably quite a few other times as well). The one seen here is a little over midway through its evolution into the tribal stage. It will eventually end up as a tri-pod, with two arms on a more upright body... best way I can describe it is the same general styling queues as it is now except resembling the general stricture of a pseudo-centaur-thing.

I will play it as a very independant, war-like race, which fiercely protects is lone mate (monogamous race) and offspring. The species is named 'Taranisian' as Taranis is the Celtic god of Thunder (and Thor is overplayed ;)). As such, this race is fascinated with the weather (hmm, wonder if their creator had a hand in that) and has an eye located between its shoulder blades, directly behind the main horns which always looks towards the sky to monitor the weather.

The Grazel:

The Grazel is a 'cute' creature I made that has its inspiration from a cross of cows, elephants, pigs, and the 'flower creatures' created in the pre-cambrian sporepedia. Grazels are a pack creature which likes to soak up the sun while mowing mother nature's lawn. If you get Grazel in your game, domesticating them would be wise as they make delicious steaks! Grazel as it appears is probably at the end of its evolution, although it is one of my favorite creature's I've made, I am not sure I will ever play as a Grazel because I made it towards a good creature to populate other people's games (and possibly my own) but not as an avatar.

The Parakrat:

The Parakrat is another 'cute' creature I made when I wanted to make something very small and that could fly. The Parakrat's personality is polar opposite of a Taranisian, being a highly sociable creature that prefers to hide instead of fight. This Parakrat is probably just beginning its evolution, but is in the same situation as the Grazel, made to be a great galaxy populator, but not really something I could see an my avatar.

Thus concludes the creatures I've 'finished'. A couple works in progress which will be tweaked a bit and then uploaded soon (soon being ~2-3 weeks since I have 2 weddings coming up):

The Skoppy:
A creature I created for my fiance's younger brother, combining his favorite earth animals and hobbies into one. I will make a better summary when it is finished. It is toward the end of its evolution in this pic.

The sET:
No real story with this one... just a creature I had a lot of fun making, probably about a 1/4-1/2 done with its evolution in this pic.

Thanks all for reading this!

Questions, comments, accolades, and especially constructive criticism is always appreciated!

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