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About Creature Size
« on: July 01, 2008, 12:41:57 pm »
Hello again...

i posted this on the EA forum... i thought i'd post it here as well to see what you guys think...

i've just thought of something... as i see it, the whole 'size doesn't affect stats' issue might get worse as you progress along the creature stage

it costs dna points to extend the spine, which ultimately affects the size of the creature... so when you start off, you won't have enough points to make an enourmous creature right from the get go

also, better parts cost more dna points as well, so you will end up choosing whether you wanna spend it increasing the size of your critter or buying new parts for it

the issue there is that in the end, you can either have an enourmous creature that has virtually no defenses and no attack parts, or a really small creature that is armed to the teeth... which throws the balance of big vs small even more to the wrong direction....

now i'm really concerned... this could potentially render the creature stage completely flawed... i REALLY hope the maxis team will implement some work around for this... doesn't matter what, as long as they do SOMETHING...

the bottomline is that SIZE MUST AFFECT STATS... or else the game will be laughably unrealistic, not to say extremely frustrating

it isn't even that hard to implement it... simply measuring the size and number of spine segments and the size of the metaballs would be a good reference of creature size... for attack parts, simply measuring the size of the parts would also work perfectly

i would also suggest a 'weight' stat to be added, based on the size measurements, which could be used as a muliplier for health stats, and maybe even to reduce the speed bonus of feet, making for big and slow creatures

of course, increasing the size of a part would then need to cost dna points... which IMO is not a problem at all... remember this is the creature stage editor we're talking about... it is completely game-oriented... there is the sandbox editor as well if you want to make a creature without worrying about points and stats

just my 2 cents here


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Re: About Creature Size
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2008, 12:46:45 pm »
There is a thread for this already.
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